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Thursday, March 30, 2006

A positive development: Abdul Rahman's out, and receiving asylum in Italy!

Good news to quell a day of dismay! Seriously, there is nothing like a truly good piece of news that’ll suppress one’s nihilistic contempt under its soothing and reassuring undertones. Indeed a good piece of news was to be had, and it had a personal impact on me.

Surely, you’ll recollect the case of Abdul Rahman, the Christian convert who was on almost on trial for a death-sentence under the barbaric Islamic law on apostasy. Well, he has been released, though under the exploited loophole of 'mental-instability' via which they’ve deemed him incapable of withstanding the trial; I think the mad cocksuckers responsible for conceiving such an officious law that kills for renouncing Islam should be deemed insane - psychotic fucks! Anyhow, that’s not where the news ends, however, because the true good has yet to be realised.

In the true essence of optimism, not only does Abdul Rahman get his freedom; there is also news now that he has arrived in Italy, and is in the process of being granted asylum, as announced by the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi (CNN). This is great news indeed, because it really does put a great deal of my past concerns to rest; as you all recall, I had expressed my concerns for this man’s well-being inside that fuckin’ fanatic dog-pound that is Afghanistan.

“Oh but, but, why are you still flaming Afghanistan?” -- Some might ask.

[The excerpt from, which would ideally justify my stance:
There had been some doubt about whether Rahman would be allowed to leave Afghanistan, after the country's parliament voted earlier Wednesday that he should remain there, a member of parliament told CNN.]

“I’ve already studied cases of quite a few more individuals who’re stuck in that country, and other nations alike, struggling to get out; or already out, but profoundly scarred.” -- My response.

Anyhow, this is a great piece of news, and one that I’ll value, personally. Because, as you all know, this is a sign of hope on an issue that hasn’t picked up enough attention in the west; probably because they take their civil freedoms for granted, but whatever. No, no! It’s all good! Anyhow, let’s just hope others in a similar predicament don’t end up in a grave before getting their chance at a sober and free existence. Here’s to hoping that everything else works out [Drops a sack of horse shit atop the head of a fanatic].

"Now this, is what asylum should be about!" -- Closure.

Stay cool, fuckers.


Link to the full, unadulterated article on
"Afghan convert arrives in Italy for asylum" -

Friday, March 24, 2006

Rahman -might- be released? What the fuck?

Today’s little debacle stems from the following news piece, courtesy of CNN.Com:

Well, isn’t this nice; Abdul Rahman’s freedom is becoming prospective. Of course, people are trying to keep a positive outlook on the matter, and it is positively interesting to see the international response to this ordeal; people have done well to highlight this issue. So does this mean that Abdul Rahman’s gonna’ get confirmed freedom on his plate? Does this mean that after this disgusting saga is over, Mr. Rahman will have uninterrupted prosperity? Sorry, folks, but I know firsthand that this is a case of getting out of the frying pan and into the fire!

“Oh, dude! C’mon! Be grateful! At least there’s talk about getting this guy out!” -- Demand for gratefulness.

Right on! I will certainly be pleased, once I am absolutely certain that this man is out of prison. However, will I stop viewing this atrocity that is Islamic justice in positive light? Hell no! Seriously, this whole fiasco is a fuckin’ crime; those involved in perpetuating creating and perpetuating this ordeal, should be jailed inside an ultra tensile titanium chamber, and hurled into the mouth of some black hole. You see, another crime has already been committed, people; a man was imprisoned, chastised, and possibly tortured over exercising his fundamental human rights under the international law, completely neglecting the whole trial over apostasy and potential death sentence. Sure, you could release him; but what about the hell that he has endured this far? Shouldn’t some cocksuckers be beaten silly for that? I think we need deal with those that played a part in this perversion; we need to reprimand some of these filthy, officious bastards!

“Punish the bastards responsible for this ordeal… Oh, and the implications don‘t end there!” -- My immediate thoughts.

That proverbial sword hanging over the heads of freedom of religion is still a looming threat; after all, do you think the agony ends with the state’s exoneration of the so-called apostate? Not a chance in hell; of course, it’s one part of the problem, but still a fraction of a much greater problem. This also brings up some critiques about the so-called moderates in the Islamic omelette that the west is so eager to love and cherish. Allow me to quote the actual source on this, because I just cannot articulate this thought without resorting to some stomach-turning profanities.

[Excerpt from’s article titled, “Afghan Christian convert may be freed”:
“Even moderate Muslims are incensed by Rahman's conversion, as top clerics on Thursday called for his execution.” -]

Yeah, that really gets me all warm and fuzzy in the liver region; I could spit out acid bile just about now. Fuck any moderate who concurs with that line of thinking, because not even I had just view of moderate Islamic thinkers. I mean, sure, I considered them witless wimps trying to come to terms with the savage nature of their religious ethos; clearly, the moderate dynamic has also become considerably complex. I think we will need to differentiate within the moderate bracket, because if ass-fucks like Abdul Raoulf, the Afghan cleric, are considered moderates, then the moderate bracket has officially been corrupted by the reactionary-cock-sucker syndrome. Of course, I need no longer waste words, and profanities on this bullshit! Fuck this society, if these are the principles to which it so officiously subscribes. And truthfully, one will never know of the mavericks, because of the damned laws; most lack the courage to speak up against this shit within these totalitarian religious monoliths because of fear of persecution and alienation - a fact I know firsthand.

Therefore, in closing, I will part with a somewhat ambivalent note. Indeed the prospects of Rahman’s freedom are a refreshing piece of news, though not entirely realised. However, I really cannot rest well on the matter until the man’s well-being is authenticated. Why worry about the government, when you have charismatic religious clerics, rallying an entire nation of idiots into persecuting one innocent man. What the fuck do you think the Afghan government’s gonna’ do? They can’t even protect their own politicians; now, imagine the hell that’ll ensue once this man has a significant fraction of reactionary populace, gunning for his head. Sorry, folks, I think more needs to be done here, because this man isn’t just threatened by some religious laws; he is also threatened by an entire populace of dogmatic morons, being rallied by their herders, their lords, the reactionary clerics.

[Excerpt from
"Rejecting Islam is insulting God. We will not allow God to be humiliated. This man must die," cleric Abdul Raoulf told The Associated Press. Raoulf has long been considered a moderate and was often at odds with the Taliban, which jailed him three times before the hard-line group's ouster in 2001.]

“Firstly; only a fuckhead would dub such an officious punk, a moderate. Abdul Raoulf cannot be a moderate! I refuse to identify this waste of human sperm as a moderate. You wanna’ talk about insulting deities? Abdul Raoulf’s testicles are an insult to all fundamental tenets of creation. This sordid twat, having his reproductive organs intact is an insult to nature’s prosperity! Yeah, this motherfuckin’ cocksucker’s nut-sack is an insult to Mother Nature; to all the gods and their prophets - all so-called deities are tainted by this son-of-a-bitch and his ability to procreate! Why hasn’t this bastard been neutered yet? Purge this bastard’s seed from the face of this planet! Roulfy ‘The Cocksucker’ should be neutered, immediately!” -- Closure.

Once again, I would like to request that people sign the petition in support of Rahman’s rights to freedom of religion. And of course, stay cool, fuckers.


Link to untainted article on CNN.Com:

Link to petition:

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Generalising all religion? Fuck no!

I apologise for leaving the introductory part out of the initial post; stupid fuckin' copy/paste routine! You see, this particular piece is a somewhat poorly knit rant against clumping religious ideologies into one fuckin' category. This column/blog is a twisted attack against those apologists who seem to be bleeding tears over the so-called lashings that organised religion has been taking at of late. Of course, this is driven by my recent anger stemming from another internationally resounding case, regarding the persecution of Abdul Rahman; an Afghani Christian convert, who's being tried for the death penalty under the fuckin' archaic law of denouncing Islam and thus, committing apostasy. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but this is really not the time to clump all religious ideologies into one pitiful category, because there's no fuckin' chance in hell that I'll ever respect the aforementioned dogma, which seems ideally suited to some murderous cult. Anyhow, I shall let those that are interested, delve further into the details.

A few-weeks-ago, I had an unpleasant ordeal on my hands when a certain community member in a certain gaming medium that I shall not name, decided to get a little blasphemous in his approach. Well, to be really blunt, the guy tried to pass off a character as a Jesus Christ wannabe, known as Jesus Christo; however, the creator also stated that his character’s merely a devout fan of Jesus, and not an insult or mockery of the Christian faith perse. Hell, the profile information even states how the character was a near bastard offspring of two parents who were born-again Christians, who were saved by their conversion. Anyhow, this profile became the vortex of a lot of bullshit to come, most of which would hit the fan and get my domain dirtied.

All the analyses became redundant, as the community populous just had a massive ball in denial, protesting the entire ordeal. Many of them demanded that the guy reform his ways; hell, one catholic expressed his distaste and offence from the profile. He was however, very humble in his expression, and even apologised for coming off as shrewd; the guy wasn’t behaving like a reactionary.

I was surprised, because the real people whining, bitching, and abusively moaning, were the so-called atheists. It almost seemed as though the pillars of their beliefs were being rattled by this ordeal. Hell, if I wasn’t able to read the rare, and very fine off-hand references to the individual pledges to atheism, I would be under the impression that I was confronted by new-age Christian fundamentalists; of course, many of them argued that the reaction was strong because they wanted to keep the whole Christian culture out of their business, as well as any of the political incorrectness. Oh, and all this while, the catholic and occasional Christians were actually being humble; indeed, my universe had seriously turned into a twisted episode of the twilight zone.

“So much for NOT believing in something, yet pissing away as though this dude had just defecated on their parental graves. Now let me get this straight - you fucks don‘t believe in something, which is why you react like soft-shit versions of Islamic conservatives when someone brings up a challlenging anti-religious reference? What the fuck, man? These guys are certainly under the influence of something; so from hereon-forth, I dub these morons, ‘believers in denial, under the influence of demons’!” -- Intermission closure.

Just for good measure, I told some of them that this is what free expression is about, and that whether this individual in question was intentionally mocking religion, was really just a question of debate. However, more complaints arose; more demands for reform and imposing political correctness over a matter that was only 'assumed' to be a product of blatant disrespect. So I explained to the morons how the essential drive behind their dogma was not differing very little from the Moslem world’s reaction to those Mohammed cartoons. It was then that a certain devout believer, a Jew, would attempt to dress me down, and I would react in blunt fashion.

The whining subsided shortly thereafter, as the debate progressed into a shitty conflict being headlined by this so-called religious Jew individual, claiming that religion has been bashed far too long, and it’s about high time that people start showing organised religion some respect. He even went so far as to claim that the Moslem’s world reaction was justified; a fact over which he made the aforementioned calling for general respect of all creeds. Bloody hell, man, this guy was really making a dangerous clump out of religion in general, and the stupid fuck wasn’t even aware of it, because his intentions were genuinely pure - I actually agreed with him in spirit. He closed his cliché of an argument with a contention about how democracy was about civil debate.

“Well then, dumb ass! How about this little news piece! Religion, contemplating death sentence for poor-sorry-sordid dude who converted from Islam to Christianity in Afghanistan (CNN.Com)! So, still up for that whole thing about respecting all religion, you dumb fuck! Can you respect that? Or can you respect the fact that Islam generally breeds a negative image of Jews? I know your heart was in the right place, but where the fuck was your brain, man?” -- My bitter rhetoric.

Yeah, I ain’t respectin’ any law, or better yet, dogma, that dictates individual will and freedoms within the public domain of expression and religious freedom. Idiots like the aforementioned dude should just shut the fuck up and actually evaluate the world for what it is rather than what their idiot tube presents to their narrowed perception; this is what religion is generally doing to the world when you lump all creeds into one category. Really, sometimes I can’t believe how these naïve believers in the west demand that all religions as a collection be respected; for fuck’s sake, individuals are being set up for fuckin’ death penalties over denouncing Islam. As for Afghanistan, the so called 'free nation' (Bullshit!); the specific case of the Christian convert, and their government’s urging for patience and understanding on the west’s part, I just have a very profane closure on the matter.

“Each cocksucker responsible for that innocent Christian’s persecution and prosecution should suffer testicular leprosy! These bastards should get their heads out of their asses, and give this man his due rights! These motherfuckin’ whores have been robbing essential rights for generations; they’ve been corrupting pure and positive individual will for eons! For once, I’ll agree with morons like Pat Robertson; there’s certainly something demonic behind such theocratic governments. Oh, and if some theocratic punk comes across this, and has a beef with my bone of contention… Well, chump, FUCK YOU! Eat shit, and jump into a snake pit, you theocratic whore! It’s people like you, who’re destroying religious progression and general respect for religion! Free Rahman! Amend the fuckin’ theocratic mire that is Afghanistan along with most other Islamic states and their fuckin’ inhumane laws against apostasy - shit like these laws deserve nothing less than burning contempt! Again, free Rahman! Amend Afghanistan!” -- Closure.

As for the ordeal regarding all the atheists having periods over the religious angle on that gaming forum; that was just fuckin' hilarious, and the response from the Christian bracket was a hell of a lot more composed, I guess religion is really working out for certain people. Seriously, kudos to the Christian folk who made their points without turning into dogmatic pricks. Meanwhile, the so-called atheists just continued contradicting their so-called state of disbelief; pathetic, yet funny - atheism just dropped a couple of points on the grand spectrum; more idiots are turning atheist, and this bothers me to a great degree. Yes, indeed I have digressed to great lengths. You see, there's multiple morals to be had in this contention; firstly, all religions and religious dogmas cannot be lumped up into one pitiful category, okay? It just doesn't work like that; you're creating a fuckin' inter-schism! I'll consider logical pleas for respect of specific sects of creeds; but all fuckin creeds, including laws that actually answer apostasy with death - oh, fuck no! There's a better chance that I'll shoot you in the nuts with a cow turd at three-hundred-and-twenty miles/hour. In closing, people, just stop generalising! I know your hearts in the right places, but generalising is just stupid; learn to accurately discriminate, instead.

Stay cool, fuckers. Oh, and sign this petition; I COMMAND IT! C'mon! Let's at the very least, make a feeble attempt at putting this insanity to rest.

Petition for Abdul Rahman's freedom:


Link to the full article:

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Gory movies, and stomach disorders!

I enjoy a good movie, but I don’t enjoy a defeating brainteaser! And I certainly despise insurmountable brainteasers that leave a bad taste in my mouth, or worse yet, turn my stomach inside out. I had some spare time on my hands, like try personal spare time of boredom, so I got to watching two movies that had been recommended for over a year. Yeah, the DVD’s were collecting dust for over a year’s period, because I am that fuckin’ lazy.

“I slack to such a fuckin’ degree, that I achieve the paradoxical feat of slacking AT slacking itself!” -- My philosophy.

Now, we started with Timecop2: The Berlin Decision, which a friend of mine’s been hounding me to watch for quite a while. Now, I enjoyed Timecop 1, but of course, my tastes have changed over the eras, and let’s face it, Timecop 1 was a long time ago, fortunately, the person who recommended Timecope 2, had already factored my demonic cynicism before making a recommendation that could potentially have him on the wrong end of my verbal flack for years to come. Indeed the bastard did do his homework, and I was confronted by a movie that left me defeated on many levels; I usually suck with time-based conundrums, and the experience probably ruled because my own comprehension sucked. This was a worthwhile flick, and I regret not seeing it earlier, when my brain was still relatively intact; my attention span at least on par with that of a toddler’s. I certainly found this movie to have been better than Timecop 1, and besides, Jason Scott Lee rules the martial arts pit! Therefore, if scientific challenged tainted with philosophy don’t satiate your lust of brawns, then there’s plenty of action, and even a substantial bit of blood and gore, parts without which I could’ve done better. This of course, was just one-half of a very odd story that even I didn’t see coming.

Now for quite a while, I’ve heard people bitch about this movie called ‘Dreamcatcher’; the film based on the epic novel of the same title by Stephen King. Fuck, when I saw the cover, etc., I thought it’d be some sophist art film, delving into the realm of the metaphysical. “Yawn!” was my immediate reaction, though I must say, them dream catchers look fuckin’ tight! Anyhow, I got to watch this movie, which started off with some initial and somewhat humorous signs of psychic phenomenon, and then grew into something far more, ominous. What the fuck was going on? I am serious; I was fuckin’ lost! I was under the bland impression that this was just some sappy insight into the bond between these four buddies who were exceptionally gifted psychics, or dudes with some kinda’ internal psychic bond. So clearly, I was relieved to think that I could keep my stomach intact; oh, how wrong I was!

“Hold on! This is looking good! Intriguing but hardly gross. Perhaps I’ll guzzle down all this diet soda while I am at it… Oh, hey, look, a fat man just entered the plot line. Oh, what’s up with all the flatulence, man? Heh, that’s gotta’ stink. Hey! That massive swelling in the fat dude’s chest just wiggled its way down into his abdominal region! Hey, it jiggled sporadically! Ick! Blood! Oh, that’s gotta’ hurt… He must’ve dropped a big one from his rectum… RECTUM!?! GAAAH, WHAT THE FUCK?” -- The follow-up torture and the official death of my digestive tract from watching an unforeseen segment in this movie.

Ten minutes of gagging, and throwing up nothing but water content-later, I return to the unravelling of the plot, where the ‘alien’ theme of the movie is introduced. Yeah, now I recall what all the hype was about regarding the book back in the days. Yes, folks, I am not much of a reader! Nevertheless, I can appreciate a good plotline; I just cannot appreciate vomiting. So clearly, this plot was -much- bigger than what I had anticipated, and the movie certainly kicked me in the ass, because not only was I having a hard time digesting the plot, but I was actually having a hard time digesting my own fuckin’ stomach secretions while watching the gore at hand. Oh, and what joy, I had a whole fuckin’ glut worth of stomach churning obscenities to endure!

Finally, I embraced the ending which was a relieving plot arc, and of course, coupled with a disgusting squash. So, did I enjoy this story? Well, it was certainly somewhat challenging; though not entirely new to me, and I have no idea as to why I feel that way; perhaps I’ve read a similar plot before, somewhere? Anyhow, what else was it that I learnt? Well, one thing’s plausible, I think I may’ve experienced one of the longest spells of perpetual stomach regurgitation in all of fuckin’ history. Oh, and this ‘rant’ shouldn’t be interpreted as a spoiler! So don’t fuckin’ hate me on the premise of spoiling the movie, I’ve tried my best to keep the details to myself; lucky for you bastards that I lack the intestinal fortitude to recite this experience in its entirety. Yes, laugh it up you nasty bastards! Laugh the fuck up! I got a sensitive stomach to certain kinds of gore, and that’s all that I can say on the matter. The movie was good, but its uniquely executed take on a very rectum and bowel-gore got the better of my bile!

“Good movies! Timecop 2’s a somewhat annoying conundrum, but a great effort! Dreamcatcher is also a somewhat odd repackage of an old theme, though it’s also a fuckin’ instant bulimia kit inside a DVD box, or so it was for me! Now I shall be off to procure therapy, because not only do I feel stupefied, but I also feel like molten lava’s being siphoned right through my fuckin’ gut! Oh, and keep your children away from the film, Dreamcatcher, until and unless you wanna’ instil in them, a fear for toilet-WC units.” -- Closure.

Stay cool, fuckers.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Right to verbal profanities!

I find myself crashing and burning from another conversation with a pompously opinionated individual, once again, a very defensive parent. Oh, bloody hell; if I had a dime for every parental minefield that I’ve… never mind, I know some of the readers are proud parents and that I value my existence. I can psychologically tolerate the idea of a fascist priest wanting to kill me; but I don’t think I have the resources to alienate good liberal parents. Getting back to the point, however, I didn’t entirely disagree with the ‘passion’ that this lady was exuding, but her expectations where a tad bit unrealistic, perhaps even unreasonable when analysed. A whole conversation ensued over my question about the level of censorship employed by most private radio stations, which sparked a very powerful response from the enterprising lady, whose parental pride got the better of her common sense and judgement.

“What’s the point of it all? Why resort to this? I just don’t get it,” she said, as I sat there and began to poke my temples in hopes of numbing my own mindset. Why do I enjoy metal? Why do I get horny? Why do I like violent videogames? Why do I hate boring art novels? I mean, many questions could be raised regarding many countless quirks and inconsistencies with the mainstream of humanity. I told the lady that it varies from person to person; hell, some of us might actually enjoy the profanity, while the artist might be aiming for relief, much like my own catharsis. As a matter of fact, this very lady was heard saying, “it’s needed, and we shouldn’t bottle up things that we must say!” in a rave against government regulations and censorship. Alright then, the point was already killed before being made, but I wasn’t rude enough to refer to that critical contradiction; I let her have her rave as she denigrated many acts, and stated that guys like Eminem have stepped over the line one-time too many.

Now, I am not Eminem’s biggest fan, but this issue, this entire debacle was now bleeding into the greater issue of ‘freedom of speech’ and another little regulation that I like to call, ‘gritty censorship.’ I’ve said this before in a politically correct article that I wouldn’t bother posting in this hellhole of a blog, that life itself is a responsibility. The lady expressed the desire that she didn’t want her child to be exposed to any of this; so then don’t allow it. Certain individuals have started to view this whole parental status as a privilege to exercise their political desires, wrong, because this is more of a responsibility than an expectation for the rest of the world to bend over to their whims. I said this about video games; I spoke of how the public domain should be left as it is; let the fuckin’ artistic freedom breathe, people.

“Oh! No! No! Nohohoho! Noooooo! Not another rant about freedom of speech!” -- Scream certain readers.
“Bahahahahahaha!” -- I exclaim, with full pride!

If I don’t like something, I can easily change the channel. If I don’t like an album, I can avoid buying it! If I dislike a certain cartoon, I can cut it out and burn it, or just ignore! In my own personal space and private domain, I can make sure that my protocol prevails over all else; the public domain however, is not my backyard. I was rather disappointed to have this experience, because all this heat came from a very liberal, super feminist; further proof that in certain parts of this world, despite the cosmetic changes, the so-called democratic champions are still engulfed in the idea of treating the public domain like their own backyard of dogmas rather than a shared and open forum.

“Oh, but Stormy boy! You crazy twit! She was merely expressing an opinion!” -- Obvious observation.

No shit, Sherlock! I know, and I am fine with the opinion; all I am pointing out, is the subtle implication that even some of the strong liberals in the developing world are still entrapped in that amateur’s paradox of dealing with post-modernity, while unconsciously following some of their own cultural taboos. Like I said, I am just pointing out an observation. I tried to tell her that sometimes, profane verbal and artistic expression could be essential, and some of the listeners are actually able to relate; I told her that it’s certainly a much better options when puts on contrast to actual, physical acts of violence and desolation. She agreed, but then she brought up the critique that people like Eminem just go way over board. Basically, she used the whole, “too much of anything can be a bad thing,” argument, and I decided to avoid further exacerbation, and chose to shut up.

“Yeah, let that be a lesson to you butchers; Kade is actually a humble pacifist… Y’all may take five minutes to laugh now… cold bastards!” -- Digression.

We ended the note on the mutual agreement that too much can be a bad thing, but that at least it isn’t the end of the world in brutal fashion. It was then that she reiterated her dismay over Eminem; I decided to add by saying that his lyrical works aren’t really designed for edification, but rather, architectures of his own emotional turmoil--ubiquitous elements of his scathing hatred. Naturally, it would be somewhat personal and very heated for anyone else to digest.

“Oh, you bastard, couldn’t you have just shut up?” some of you must be thinking. Yes, I should’ve, because then she responded with a very taunting, “Well if it’s personal, then he should keep it to himself!” This comment sent my freedom of speech alarms blaring at full force, and I was once again burning with the need to explain how the public domain is free forum, and if they don’t like it, they can always utilise their freewill, which is an ‘effort,’ and filter the offensive stimuli from their existence.

“It’s not like some religious ombudsmen pinned the entire Eminem discography into every fuckin’ home; seriously! It’s not being imposed on you, in your personal space! Don’t like it then don’t buy it! Pick up a little responsibility and learn to shelter your sensitive side, children included, from the ‘unacceptable’ aspects of the public domain, rather than expecting the world to adjust to your morality. Hell, if we follow that logic, then I think the news is a tad bit violent; perhaps we should censor that! Politicians and leaders making false, yet very direful claims is also a strong moral contaminant, so let’s censor the fuckin’ news! That was a joke, alright? This is more reason as to why people should just leave freedom of speech and the public domain out of their personal lives, and learn to distinguish between the two rather than imposing their morality over non-physical expression, and reacting as though the non-physical expression is being imposed in their personal sanctum… the public domain is not yours to dictate! Eminem's personal shit is free to loom out there, you're the one that determines whether it enters your domain! So instead of telling him to keep it to himself! Why don't YOU invest some effort into keeping it AWAY from yourself! You’re free to express, but you’re not free to encroach--you’re not free to impose any rules! NOW GET OVER IT!” -- Closure.

Until next time, or then again, until the next moment of liberal thought tainted by cultural hypocrisy, which has become a common anomaly in modern times. Stay cool, fuckers.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pro-Choice: Impractical?

Another day, another quirky inspiration; I met with the ‘Philosopher’ a few days ago, y’know, that friend who’s likely to become a regular cast member in the Storm ventures of abstract mediocrity. This is the same dude who guest starred in my nasty episode where I ruffled a reactionary Koranik’s pride; he came off as the miracle protagonist who saved the day with his rhetorical questions.

Anyway, the philosopher came over, and we were talking about different things and jumping topics faster than a couple of socialite chicks jumping through different fashion items during a massive clothing line sale. I don’t even know where it began from; I think ‘game development’ finally had us devising sick ways of pissing off dogma fascists. Now, I am not gonna’ get into the blissful blasphemy, because that would just be too good, and probably the perfect evidence to execute my ass in sharia court by a bunch of reactionaries, the fuckin’ theocratic whores!

Engrossed in our digressional sessions, we ended up talking about that one episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, y’know, the one dedicated to Avian Influenza--Bird Flu. We got to this subject matter, when during a very rare exhibit of powerful exception; the philosopher announced a very strong opposition to Oprah’s stance. Now, seriously, this guy is so fuckin’ passive, it ain’t funny! Seriously, he’s a friggin’ alien! He certainly lacks that zealous opinionated nerve; he’ll debate you from time-to-time, but this guy is hardly ever one to express strong opposition, even if he’s dead sure in his views. Therefore, to see him bring up that reference with contempt did intrigue me; it’s rare that I see philosopher-boy exude a bit of human nerve!

Naturally, I probed into his dismay, and asked him to explain his beef with the issue when he referred to Oprah’s views during that special segment on avian flue. According to him, being an even greater pro-choice advocate than I am, this was just not the done thing. He didn’t like the idea that Oprah was somewhat ‘promoting’ the idea of military enforcement of the vaccine. I could understand why a mainstream media spokesperson would promote such an officious approach, but I also found myself empathising with the young Philosopher’s stance on the matter.

“Oh Kade, you twisted fucker! A crazy, counter-progressive twit refusing vaccination might endanger the rest of the population and perpetuate infection if this virus were to achieve human-to-human transmission status!” -- Very blunt critique.

I ain’t gonna’ argue against this logic, I myself agree; so don’t any of you dare to quote Spock from Star Trek by retorting “Duh! The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few!” because I get the point. It‘s just that as an idealist, I still value the sanctity of each individual; if the person endangers the pack, give them the option to conform to the safety protocol, or leave the domain. At least this was the general tone of my thoughts at that point, when I very casually asked the young man about his views on the matter; I asked him how he’d protect the healthy bulk of his populace from such a threat. His response was rather similar; one’s gotta’ draw the line, don’t violate the individual’s liberty, but just ostracise the said individual from the rest of the pack if their lack of conformity posses an actual threat to the pack’s physical well being.

“You cruel bastard! You’ve just unleashed the flood gates of ultimate criticism! How dare you simplify such a serious issue?” -- Immediate rhetoric.

Hey! Hey! Back up there, reactionaries! Get a steel-piper-ectomy, and get that pipe outta’ your asses! Yeah, I know that this is a rather quirky point-of-view on an issue where the greater well being is on the line; but what do you expect? This is not a perfect solution or answer; so stop viewing this as some kinda’ grand reassured endorsement. I am merely trying to have it both ways; just trying to retain some of that individual sanctity in the middle, considering that it’s a ‘priority list’ topper. I am not against combating a threat; I just feel that the choice of vaccination should still go to the individual in question, and if they don’t conform, give them the option to leave. Bringing in military to force vaccine like a medication onto a fuckin’ toddler is just a tad bit domineering.

I guess this issue borders on the sensitive topic of authentic ‘pro-choice’ idealism. Truth of the matter remains that freedom doesn’t really exist anywhere; Bob of Manic World said it best himself in the ‘Manic World’ self-title track. I also realise that this topic borders one some very ethical concerns where pure liberty might compromise the good of a collective world, where the group well-being is in major danger because of a population explosion that is engulfing this mud ball of a planet. Therefore, I know there is not clear answer for the pro-choice idealists.

“Yeah, we’re screwed!” -- Defeating closure.

Stay cool, fuckers.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gah! I don't get it!

Dudes, I am just beaten to a pulp, contemplating the following piece of news.

You all must be aware of Tom Fox’s body being discovered near Baghdad; he was one of the four individuals kidnapped by a group of Islamic extremists in Iraq (CNN); I couldn't be bothered with their group name because to me, they all fall under the grand umbrella-term of 'Demonic Cocksuckers'. FBI identified the body, and of course, the whole autopsy protocol has yet to be done; but they’re sure. Condolences were forwarded to the family, and the Christian Peacemakers made their response, and it was this transcended response that left my wits utterly demolished.

Rev. Carol Rose, one of Christian Peacemakers team co-director responded with an utterly passive public tone; she went so far as to forgiving the bigoted bastards who kidnapped and most likely killed Mr. Fox. Of course, this was also used to plead for the lives and well-being of the other three kidnapped individuals. A colleague told me that perhaps this is just a strategic ploy to sustain the lives of the other three individuals; I wasn’t one to disagree, though I was pissed as hell. Also, I didn't quite feel secure with the idea of critically analysing this piece because of the overwhelming fumes of hate.

Whenever I hear such news, Daniel Pearl’s tragic and brutal murder comes to my mind. The thoughts regarding this ordeal were so scathing that I felt contempt for the entire region. After all, I am the mad man that fights the urge to crush faces into a bloody pulp whenever defensive dickwads try to stereotype western folks - bastards! Yes, I realise that I might also be generalising a bit.

Anyhow, I finished my little introspection session on the matter; all that came out of me was blunt hatred. I just don’t get it; but then again, I am told that people like Gandhi actually walked this planet not so long ago, so I guess my perception is just too narrow at this point. Should I have more faith? Fuck no! Moreover, this very stubborn scope limits me from truly fathoming such complex acts of forgiveness, though it doesn’t stop me from pondering the potentially instrumental motives behind such acts.

“Yeah, I am a bitter cynic, and I just don’t get it!” -- Current thoughts.

Excerpt from CNN.Com:
"We forgive those who consider us their enemies," Rose said.
“I can appreciate the pacifist approach and spiritual ascension and all! But bloody fuckin’ hell! The bad, sordid, bigoted fucks continue to live and piss away on all remote progression! On the other hand, the good folks regularly die in the process, while the ones that remain, continue forgiving and turning the other cheek! Argh! I just don’t get it!” -- Closing thoughts.

Stay sane and cool, fuckers.


Link to full story:

Friday, March 10, 2006

Thriving in personal chaos!

If there’s one thing that agitates me above all fuck ups, it’s my personal fuck ups, instigated by my very own flaws. Yeah, I guess people do have trouble facing up to their own follies; after all, there’s rarely much that topples the relief brought on by satisfaction of avoiding blame. Anyhow, in my case, I can’t do a good job at executing a biased rationalisation of events; the attribution theory doesn’t hold up well against my case, because I’d probably be one of those rare cases that contradict the well-established theory. Therefore, I often find myself handicapped in the craft of ‘blame displacement’; I fuckin’ suck at it, and so all I can do is melt my conscience over my screw ups, and achieve minimum closure.

“Oh, man! We all fuck up! Most of us hate it! Now shut it with the abstract talk and get to the point!” -- The common expected reader-feedback.

You see, when I screw up, I screw up big time; if there’s one thing that the different variety of folks have in common about their opinion on me, it would have to be this common opinion of my so-called ‘destructive nature.’ An old friend of mine claims that I’ve been an extraordinarily destructive individual since childhood; another recent acquaintance, who I’d consider a very sound natural analyst, claimed that I create a destructive dynamic with other people, and even my own psychological state. So the common opinion rides on the premise that I am generally destructive, both physically and psychologically; and in true psychological terms, this would be contiguous trend, anyway. I have to be psychologically destructive on some level in order to be physically destructive; and if I am psychologically destructive, then I most likely thrive in chaos, which implies the possibility that I enjoy non-physical chaos as well. Yes, this is what most of the observing folk try to express; they just aren’t able to sum up the ordeal in such a quantitative manner.

“Do you believe any of this?” some question, and as did I not so long ago. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple, because I myself have gone through a similar analysis of myself and this is probably gonna’ remain an issue. I agree with the dry essence of the analysis; on the other hand, I don’t agree with the hypothesis that this analysis is being used to support. I acknowledge that I probably do have a somewhat destructive nature; I reject the notion that this effectively locks away my fate into an eternal profile of being some sorta’ destructive misfit.

“Yeah, yeah! Denial could be a good definition of your state! Now get to the point; what the fuck happened?” -- Demand the impatient folks.

Well, as you all know, in this modern-age of cell phones and other techno junk; most of us are found indulging in a fulltime relationship with these handheld communication devices. Hell, I happen to be one of those folks who's had his cell phone battery explode, quite literally a conseuence of my usage. Many of my daily and sometimes pertinent correspondences take place over the mobile phone, more so than email or anything else. Just four months ago, one of my units popped just inches away from my fuckin' ear due to some freaky battery overload or something; so yeah, my dependence really takes a toll on these things. Up until recently, I was taking this fact for granted; I wouldn’t acknowledge my need and dependence on the mobile phone. Now, one night; an important appointment and a pending meeting with an old friend; I realise that I had misplaced the damn thing! Hell, I wasn’t even aware of the fact that I had misplaced the phone, seeing, as I was sitting back and waiting for the damn thing to ring; I was -that- oblivious.

Following morning, the unit is returned to me, and I realise that I had entire artifacts of messages and calls to sort out, which I am still sorting out; I had upset a bunch of people. Over and above all, I had missed that personal meeting, which is probably one of the few ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ things I find myself doing. So what the fuck am I getting at? Quite simple, really; I think I owe this lil’ bastard, known as my cell phone, a good deal of credit. Despite the agony and annoyance that it brought unto me in the recent times, I must admit that I took its somewhat indispensable nature for granted.

“Fucking brilliant! Another fraction of my life span, wasted over senseless ramble! What does any of this have to do with ‘being destructive’ or ‘thriving in chaos’? You’re a mad bastard who should be committed!” -- Bitter rhetoric.

Well, I think the chaos and the misery from this situation really got me riled up on a number of levels. I went so far as to messing around with my PlayStation 2 (PS2), which I touch like once a year, quite literally. Not just that, I ended up messing up the poorly constructed piece of trash; and then for the first time, actually dedicated more than an hour to the unit, agonising myself over attempting an amateurish repair of the console. I mean, I got figgin’ irritated with the console's lens, and proceeded to work towards cleaning the damn thing, when the entire top of the unit just fell off, and with it, its clip-like cable strips were disconnected. I tried to dislodge the DVD-rom, to find a way to hook back the strip because the console seized to work, and I only had one centimetre of space to squeeze the damn strip through in order to get it lodged back into its hidden socket. Naturally, I began to question my sanity all this while; for fuck’s sake, I was trying to repair a fuckin’ eletronic mess, which by the way, I think was built very poorly. I got so frustrated halfway, that I felt like smashing the top side of the casing, or at least dumping it in the toilet! I chose to stick with the former, and found myself smashing the top cover onto the side of my writing desk; I was driven to my wits end with this shit, and just having one centimetre of space to jab in a fuckin’ strip! Yes, I was temporarily insane.

Now, the loss of my cell phone had led to this immediate tampering and destruction of my PlayStation 2 by my very own volition; suddenly, I found a need to tackle with a console that has been sitting on my shelf collecting dust for over two years. The temporary dissonance in sanity resulted in me damaging the videogame system, and actually got me motivated enough to interact with this console for the first time, ever! In addition, as a result of loosing the damn phone, and then receiving it a day later with all the missed calls, etc, I ended up sorting out all my contacts and commitments. Underneath all that chaos, I was actually motivated and functional in a constructive manner, yes, Kade of all the morose fuckers out there, was motivated.

“So much chaos, so much disarray! And that’s when I get my dejected, zealously slacking ass decides to get in gear and function! Irony just gave me a fuckin’ kick in the ass!” -- Closure.

"You just destroyed your console! Hah!" -- Critique.

"Yeah, I did! Now, please donate so Kade can have another console stationed beside his television, doing what it should be doing: collecting dust." -- Asinine request.

I am probably doomed, with my very psychological survival being the primary contingent. I guess it’s the fundamental dynamic of my entire psyche; find stability and solace through sheer instability. Enough with the stupefying talk! The mind grows numb and bored without its share of chaos, so I better get to work on creating more chaos.

Until then, stay cool and thrive in chaos, fuckers.

Kade -- Your Chaos Addict!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

WWE - No Way Out 2006: KILLER PPV!

Oh, fuckin’ hell! Today was a day that debunked the notion of humankind’s ever increasing creative redundancy. I finally experienced joy and thrill in watching a spectacle; a feat that I last achieved somewhere in the summer of 1999. So before I proceed, lemme’ be the first to say, “Oh, bloody fuckin’ hell! Graaaa!”

“Graaa?” -- Bleak observation.
“Don’t be killin’ the buzz, you buzz kill!” -- Response.

Some of you must be wondering what I am goin’ on about with all this enthusiasm shrouded in riddles and abstract anomalies. You see, alongside many of those less than aptly defined ‘interests’ of mine, I forgot to mention another vague source: wrestling. Yes, folks, I used to enjoy my share of good professional wrestling, and it’s been years since I’ve had a truly positive outlook on the industry.

“But dooode! It’s fake!” -- Critique.
“How about I pile-drive your ass onto a flexible mat; make you move about as though nothing happened and then have you determine whether ‘fake’ would be the ideally appropriate way to describe this somewhat physically challenging form of sports-entertainment.” -- My finality on the matter, because I don’t wanna’ get into debates on fake vs. real vs. perpetual human stupidity. I don’t give a shit about its status; I just enjoy what I see, or I used to, once. And no, it’s fuckin’ tough! Planned, but tough!

I haven’t enjoyed a good pay-per-view (PPV) for eons now, and I felt that this was the product of not one deterioration, but rather the product of a complex chain of developments and changes in this plain that we identify as the ‘physical reality.’ I came to the sound conclusion that I am probably not as amused or drawn for many reasons ranging from my own aging process, all the way to my very profound and somewhat demonically-dark metamorphosis; add to that the fact that professional wrestling has turned a tad bit ‘commercial television’ in its façade and with that, rather sterile, and as a result, you have ‘Dull Boy Kade.’ Anyhow, I didn’t know why, but I did often bitch about how boring and pathetic the industry had become, especially the WWE brand; I would rarely enjoy even single aspects of a pay-per-view. Often, I’d find myself thanking the wheel of fate over happening to watch events with even one worthwhile match.

Now, I bitched about Royal Rumble 2006 to those that know me; hell, I watched the PPV with a friend as we teamed up to predict its mediocre outcome. It's also known that I've bitched about most pay-per-views despite the odd occurrence of a good match from time-to-time. All this changed when I got to watch the re-run of WWE’s No Way Out 2006. Fuckin’! Hell! I was intrigued, drawn and surprised even; this PPV had me reacting in an enthusiastic manner, which is significant proof implying that I might not have ‘outgrown’ my taste for professional wrestling after all. This pay-per-view kicked my ass to the farther reaches of the Nether realms and back to bland reality; I was sufferin’ from ‘ass kicking lag;’ I was literally thrown out of sync with time. It should be factored that such contentions are coming from a hard-assed traveller who’s been flying for most of his life-span, and is immune to jet lag, even the most pragmatic forms that can be induced from a rigid flight itinerary. So I was sufferin’ from ‘ass kick lag!’ and damn it felt good. For once, I didn’t feel like a fuckin’ bored shmuck with no hope in sight; media gibberish actually amused me to a degree of lulling my conscious cynicism into a state of childlike joy.

This pay-per-view was plain unique; and it didn’t need fuckin’ glam and highlights to ascertain such creative achievement. I’d be turning this rant into a spoiler if I elaborate any further, which I don’t want to because I know three mean shmucks who actually read this blog, and are wrestling fans. All I can say is that WWE managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat, especially when they themselves didn’t intend for things to get blown -that- far out of proportion, and in a flattering capacity. This pay-per-view was gripping; scintillating; it bested my often accurate predictions; hell, it even ousted my well-established cynicism and reminded me of how I felt when I used to watch wrestling over six-years-ago.

“What the FUCK was THAT?! You just wasted our time with a sappy rant about a wrestling show?” -- Rhetoric.
“Hey! At least it’s different. Besides, I shouldn’t have to justify any of this shit… and it wasn’t sappy!” -- Response.

I’ll close on the note of my stubborn belief that this PPV was in fact a fluke, and probably a ‘single wind’ at best; I know that WrestleMania XIIII (22) will not match up to this in terms of that subtle charm and true appeal; it’ll kick our collective asses with a glamorous booty-load of effects and fireworks, but that is about all it’ll do: offer us lots of fancy fireworks. Of course, WWE are free to prove me wrong, and I hope they do just that: prove me wrong. No Way Out 2006, was a no way out, blissful ass kicking for me, and I am pleased by the product.

“As for WWE! Heh, I don’t think you’ll be pulling out another one of these for -quite- a while! You see, unlike your other disasters; this wasn’t predictably morose; or annoyingly sappy; or just second-rate with lots of glamorous fire-works concealing its mediocrity. This PPV, was just right, and forged a true chemistry between the aforementioned elements! I don’t believe you can execute such chemistry with conscious deliberation. However, I will dare you bastards to pull it off, all over again!” -- Final comments.
As for the rest of you, stay cool, fuckers.

Kade -- Temporarily sane, and actually pleased with fate.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Mr. Broken Record

As of late, I’ve been getting some offline, and private online flack, but it’s not for my petty and bitterly coated two-cents. I’ve been executed for sounding like a contemptuous broken record that could condition a fuckin’ baby smurf into kicking Freddy Cougar down to a bloody pile before ass raping his demonic carcass like some necrophilia-ridden psycho on crack. Therefore, it’s been established that I bring out the worse in people, especially lil’ blue fable babies. However, it’s also coming to light for the readers that I often repeat on the same fuckin’ point, over and over again; they raise issue over the fact that I make multiple posts about small, single issues.

“And today’s fuckin’ news flash - Yesterday’s bitch session, but with twice the additional profanities, repackaged for your eternal disdain! We like to call it Bitch Session 01 CP, professional edition!” -- Cheap tagline.

Indeed, I do repeat on the same painfully repetitive subject matters without any end in sight. Believe it or not, shmucks, I actually realise that this whole ordeal over freedom of expression, and Islamic fascism has become a mini-novel smeared across the walls of this dark abode of a blog. I realise that I’ve only been finding motivation to bitch about more issues regarding freedom of expression, and well, it’s just been my personal kink.

“Who’s your daddy? Who hates oppressive fascism? Say ma’ name, bitch!” -- Another cheap tagline!

Now, last time I checked, I was composing gibberish about things that would rile me up. It’s not some organised approach towards providing you lot with cogent and refreshing concepts that’ll forge your perception and standards for worthwhile information; I got CNN and BBC to do that job for the apathetic masses and me. I rave away like some sorta’ crazed lunatic; a couple of ghosts read up on the nonsense; have a hearty laugh; burp themselves and dose off to a trivial slumber. If they feel this way about the state of affairs on this ghostly chronicle, then I am not stopping them from voicing their say; hell, those that personally approach me should also offer something a tad bit constructive. Pointing out an obvious ‘repetitive’ streak isn’t exactly a conducive dynamic to be used against me; this doesn’t tell me anything that I don’t already know.

“Oh fuck, he’s gonna’ go off on another tangent on religion… He hates organised religion - we get it already!” some must certainly be thinking. Bloody, hell, no! I do not ‘hate’ organised religion, and this is exactly another reason why I must always repackage the often abstract and irrational tone of my opinions. Before I proceed, I’ll avail the fruits of this digression and reiterate my point that I do -not- hate organised religion. What I hate, and will hate for all of time and beyond, is religious fascism and dogma over the lives of those of us who do not desire to have anyone - dead or alive; or any cultural/religious doctrine - current or redundant, encroaching our personal life styles and space. Next person to accuse me of ‘hating’ organised religion will personally be added to the ‘Storm’s mail-list of doom!’ which entails a daily email reminder, informing the sorry ignoramuses that I am in fact, the enemy of religious laws, esoteric state legislations and good ol’ fashioned religious fascism; this has very little to do with organised religion on its own.

Of course, I should get back to the point of other subject matter, and perhaps there is something else that certain individuals think I can rant away on; I am certainly listening. No, I am not gonna’ take the time to serenade so-called greater entities, like thanking the grand cosmos for whatever it is that I should be grateful for. Not just because I don’t want to, but also because I actually have trouble serenading things, it just ain’t my thing! You don’t want a crippled person attempting a hundred-metre dash; shut up with the “apples and oranges” comparison! It’s just a very rough comparison; you sharp fucks get the point!

I will however, also defend this repetitiveness; don’t let this somewhat progressive stance fool you or deceive you into assuming that I am insinuating some kinda’ reform. I stand by the idea that these are merely the ravings of a humble lunatic, and considering that, these are projections of a twisted mind; redundancies repackaged should be expected. Everything is a repeat at some point, anyway. Global conflict is a repeat; religious conflict are repeats; conflict between progressive thought and rigid conservatism is a constant; human beings are a redundancy… hell, life itself is one large repetitive nightmare. Therefore, in that respect, y’all should know that I couldn’t give a shit; if the ass of a fly bothers me tomorrow, I’ll attempt to articulate my dismay. If the same fly’s ass bothers me two days later, you can bet your asses that I’ll bitch and belch about it, again.

It should stick in mind that these are maddening and somewhat amusing raves, and their goal is to achieve catharsis, for myself and to keep my psychotic shell of a demon as sane as possible. It’s all good, because some of the few readers believe that this’ll ultimately lead to my doom at the hands of a very hostile and angst-ridden world; tough luck, I couldn’t care because I consider this essential to my existence. Now if some productive good does come out of all these exhibits through purely unintentional fluke, then well and good, people! However, I am hardly the educator and modulator of creative thought. If you lot want real, pure, and well-presented educational reform, go visit Sphinx’s Soul Shadows blog, which has been a cogent edification for me, through and through! Want up-to-date political views with a unique spin? You should then give Moxiegrrrl’s blog a visit; after all, it’s replaced my CNN bookmark. This also reminds me; I must get access to these blogs again, or I’ll start loosing that salvaged sanity at an exponential rate. Getting back to the point though... Yeah, I ain’t the sombre educator here! You want endless, psychotic drivels? Now, that's when you visit 'Mad Man Storm.' You see, I am just that rowdy bastard who needs his vent, and a vent he shall have through this exorcism that you all identify as some cheap dark blog!

“Dude! Does that mean that you’ll subject us to more repetitive trash?” -- Query.
“Hell yeah, baby!” -- My obvious response.

Anyway, stay off my ‘repetitive case;’ and of course, stay cool, you critical fuckers!

Kade -- Mr. Broken Record.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Political Correctness: Another imposition?

I’ve lacked motivation as of late; I think it’s because I am unable to view my blog in its actual presentation; I am such a superficial bastard! Anyhow, recently, human hypocrisy got me riled up enough to muster a single contention dedicated to the fuckin’ self-contradicting twits of the western paradigm. Yes, it really pisses me off to see so-called advocates of freedom and expression, unknowingly, and unwittingly pissing away on that very ideal by literally imposing their political correctness onto others. It does make me wonder; do these hypocrites even realise that they’re pretty much utilising the same principles for which they slam the conservative fanatics in the east?

“Oh, but Kade, apples and oranges! They’re not creating chaos, are they? They‘re merely complaining and demanding a basic form of political correctness.” -- Critique.

“Yes, which is why I am not accusing them of acting like fanatics; all I am saying is that they’ve adopted similar principles! I am actually fine with the extent of their reaction over anti-religious blasphemies; I think the Islamists could learn a great deal from their approach. However, this still doesn’t change the fact that their beliefs are being imposed. Y’know, imposing political correctness for one thing! I ain’t accusing them of having a fanatic nerve; I am only accusing them of imposing their spiritual expectations onto others, and expecting people to wane at the prospects of truly utilising their freedoms to express! I hate to be the one to acknowledge this, but when something hurts these liberal hypocrites, they're also eager towards realising the prospects of suppressing the scathing opinion. Therefore, in principle, their practice doesn‘t vary much from what the middle-eastern fanatics seem to be hung-up on.” -- My response.

Apologists jumped into the ploy, again, claiming justified respect for religion because of all the atheism that has been engulfing much of the world. Well, too bad, really, because this still doesn’t mean that we start imposing political correctness as an ideal, this too is a belief being imposed on much of the western world. In principle, it’s starting to turn into another form of dogma that restricts people from their fundamental rights of expression.

It is painfully annoying to have to confront this issue, because each of us has our designated chain of nerves; we will have buttons that people can push. I would like to abide by a certain degree of political correctness my self, but I am flawed in that department, y'all already know that. On the other hand, ideally, I wouldn’t like to have my patience being pushed to the brink with some wise asser having an intellectual and verbal open season on my ass; I burn very easily. Having that said, I will have to admit that this culture of political correctness is starting to turn into a post-modern dogma in its own right. Seriously, opinions will scathe a few, and please a few; that’s what makes them opinions to begin with. Now, factoring the possibility of me being pissed to immeasurable degrees against the prospects of every Tom, Dick, and Kade having to watch what they say; I’ll have to opt for true freedom of basic opinion over this highly regulated approach of political correctness... it's killing the zest of basic opinions.

“Hey, at least it takes the heat off the actual festering need for violence and demolition! Over and above all, I’ve always stated that I’d much rather scathe in opinion, and be scathed in similar capacity; this is how I see things when gazing at systems that are engulfed in idealistic oppression. I mean really, I’d rather have someone give me a verbal or written dress down rather than fuck me over a hundred times and then suspend my corpse in wet cement for all of eternity. In a truly free world, individualism will prosper, and with it, the plethora of often annoying, and at times humorous opinions! It’s not perfect, but at least we’re ‘not getting along’ in our opinions rather than brutal actions. As for those that seem to go into a bloodied orgasm over religious satire; learn to deal with it! Your faith isn’t any more or less important, is it? Are the opinions of a mere heathen mortal restructing your faith in a so-called superior deity? Does all this bullshit actually weaken your faith? Because if that’s the case, then you have bigger issues on your hands!” -- Closure.

Stay cool, fuckers.

Kade -- Politically trashed!