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Friday, February 24, 2006


100 die in Iraq sectarian violence” read the headline on I couldn’t have much else to say without subscribing to my newfound policy of separating my inflammatory banter from the actual, unadulterated outlook on the facts.

Excerpt from CNN.Com:
“Iraq's most powerful Sunni Muslim party quits talks to form a new government after at least 100 people were killed in reprisal attacks for the bombing of a revered Shiite mosque.”

Note: Another mugshot of dangerous stupidity; and a good reason as to why the right to bear arms should be restricted to only the intellectually sound. Photograph, also courtesy of

The short, yet antagonising breakdown:
Let’s savor the fuckin’ bitter essence of the photograph, above; we should fully explore the taste of human stupidity. This is exactly the kind of counter-progressive, reactionary, ‘giant, spiked, dildo-up-the-anus’ nerve that I wholesomely denigrate with every ounce of my contempt. However, every time I do this, some insect-like life form rears its filthy mug from under a rock or a giant fuckin’ guitar case to question my stance.

I tend to give people a burning rave, but I also offer a somewhat sound grounding to the contentions, and when that happens, the pretentious trump card comes into play. “Oh, but have you seen the beauty of the book, and the greatness of the prophet?” they ask, very eager to actually win me over with that finality that is nothing more than a fuckin’ opinion.

“Oh yeah! That really is a winning approach! Fuck! How could I have been so blind? The beauty and consistency of a boring dull book, and some assumptions about a ridiculously fabled being, rectifies the sheer stupidity in brawn form that we all see inside the excerpt that dominates the upper segment of this column. Suddenly, all the murdered innocents; the bigotry; the wanton destruction on a mass scale becomes valid, or better yet, irrelevant. Yeah, bullshit!” -- My immediately sarcastic response.

Seriously, these idiots must have one hell of a nerve to consider that subjective belief in the consistency of some book; or clearly engineered stories of prophet would actually make up for all the current bloodshed. These idiots are killing one another over their religious pride; they’re killing members of their own religious bracket, and attacking their own mosques now; can one get any fuckin’ stupider? We shouldn’t brand this violence as ‘sectarian,’ I decree that we refer to this brand of violence under the moniker of, ‘Sucktarian Violence.’ However, this isn’t just about SUCKtariansim and the stupefied human capacity; it’s also about the somewhat malicious culmination of reality that is a clear by-product of this very stupidity.

“Duh! Have you seen the book! It’s poetry! C’mon! The poetry makes it all okay!” -- The consistently annoying rebuttal from these annoying folks.

“Oh Yeah? Fuck you! Not in your life would anything justify and or otherwise rectify all these anti-ethnic, sectarian, racial, and just plain anti-humanitarian acts of violence. Not even if your book was actually an inspiring, poetic masterpiece!” -- My constant response.

Shame should befall those that supplement such factors into their debates. They should be tainted with the blood of all the innocents that have died thus far, and think about how they contradict themselves. Hell, the idiots won't even realise that they're being bathed in blood of human-made fatalities! They'd still continue perpetuating the mantra that praises the baseless consistency of their religious ethos.

“Y’know what, you bastards! The fact that you tout your bookish credibility and the subjective history of perfect prophet model, further denigrates the credibility of both entities when you look at the anti-humanitarian, bigotry ridden atrocities that have sprouted an ugly root from those very sources of so-called piety! FUCK YOU, if you rely on that old, pathetic and beaten down, riddled cliché of an argument as a crutch, any longer! I couldn’t give a fuck about books or historical entities! People are dying, and no pro-religious heritage proclamations are aiding in amending this mire! To the so-called apologists - You’ve just proven yourselves to be nothing more than a horde of pretentiously bound morons!” -- My closure for the day.

Stay cool, fuckers.


Link to actual article on CNN.Com:

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