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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Recreation Gone Bad

Edit (2015/12/29): The post wasn't displaying correctly for a good few years. As of this date, on the passing of our true lord and saviour of all things heavy metal, Lemmy Kilmister, this post has been fixed. Perhaps it's my mood on this dreary day -- although highly unlikely -- but it is interesting to note just how much humour I was capable for deriving from such toilet-level news back in the day. The more things change . . .

Subtitle: A hearty laugh about sheer inexplicability!

Man, I heard the news, and I can’t believe I didn’t delve into it long enough to formulate an opinion!

We were busy bitching back and forth about religion, and having to endure a fuckin' Islamic theocracy and nation full of idiots. And oh, fuck! I mean, I read some shit about Cheney shooting someone and automatically thought to myself, “Oh, yeah, sounds like something he’d do! So yeah! Back to the topic, I think you're a book thumping prick!” And with that, we were back to ignoring the news, and bickering amongst ourselves.

Damn, I was a fool not to investigate this rather hilarious fuck-up. Some people just take their feeble recreation, too seriously for their own health; or in this case, the health of their hunting colleague.

Well, I can’t do it any more justice than the following clip; Jon Stewart rocks! Man, the following clip could bleed your gut dry!



Fuckin’ hell! Could such a notion even be conceived? FUCK! Nevertheless, I shouldn’t be making a mockery out of an otherwise very serious scenario, which blew into capricious proportions. After all, what would we liberal wimps know about the psychological side effects of having to endure the robust feat of hunting wingless dodos err, quails! Such a task requires rigorous training of the eye, and takes a great toll on the visual perception of the given individuals; studies have been done in the area. C’mon! It’s known that delusive and otherwise schizophrenic folk tend to hallucinate, and thus picture non-existent visual entities during moments of perceptual stress. To use a completely “made up” hypothetical example - a given individual, hallucinating the false presence of a quail, which would effectively obscure the actual presence of a fully-grown seventy-eight-year-old man!

Delusions can be a bitch! Oh, but wait, this isn’t an utterly stupid, or otherwise psychotic individual that we’re talking about, are we? But it is Cheney!

There’s no fuckin’ way that any expression could remotely capture the distinct absurdity of this ordeal.

“Nice going, Cheney… Ya’ never seize to amaze!” -- Final Thoughts
To the rest of you lot, enjoy! Have a good laugh! I know I did.

Stay cool, and don’t shoot your buddies in the face, you crazy fuckers!



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Post gone bad... No?

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