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Friday, February 03, 2006

Pretentious drama queens!

Once again, all hell breaks lose because generally, the Moslem world is lactating giant splinters of glass from the tight confines of its collective nipples. Yes, the shit hit the fan amongst the realm of the uptight, who’ve clenched their asses so long in the name of religious posing, that their grand children will not have any tailbones to begin with. You all know what this is about, don’t you? The fuckin’ cartoon published in a Danish newspaper, in which the Islamic prophet, Mohammad’s face was depicted in a rather disparaging and satirically funny manner. The offensive soared to new heights when a Jordanian newspaper published the same pictures to explain the controversy, only to spark more controversy. Why all the frustration? Well, this logic of course, goes against the essential tenets of Islam, which could be considered a bloody version of a pretentious drama queen’s codebook; they’re not supposed to publish the visage of the prophet, all in lieu of an ancient protocol to prevent idolatry (CNN International).

“Oh fuck! They published the picture of the prophet! Ouch! Now they‘ll make statues, and every Moslem brain will just explode with the blood of a thousand innocents!” - Sarcastic ‘Mad Man’ Kade.

This gut wrenching reaction is proof that on a general level, the Islamic world is bonded with being pretentious to a point that they now have a sore stick, jabbed up their ass over a fuckin' political CARTOON! Then they claim to be tolerant individuals; this is supposed to be freedom? I would like to pass a decree to donate towards removing this sore stick out of the collective Moslem-Mire's ass! C'mon! The media always takes shots! They took 'em on the Christians; you bastards even had your fun with the Jews. What made you lot think that you were exempt from the beautiful procedure of satirical mockery?

“Oh, but Kade, this goes against their essential beliefs! It's denigrating to their culture!” some might argue, and then I’ll regretfully respond by announcing that the modern world is royally fucked, based on that premise; if it offends them, they're free to respond back rather than murder, and pillage. Sorry, but if this is offensive to the essential crux of Islam--if this mere opinion and non-physical or spiritually altering attempt at spite is harmful to these religious twits, which it actually is! Then it’s established by proxy of reactionary nerve, in stone, that Islam cannot get along with the western ideal of humanistic democracy, freedom, and secular prosperity.

Freedom of expression is fine, and ideally suited; it’s better to imply insult in verbiage and literary works rather than actually annihilating other beliefs, or oppressing them under an iron dogma. I enjoy people mocking religion; I even enjoy the religious world mocking the heathen bracket, provided that the humour is delivered porperly. Unfortunately, for eastern moderates to claim that suck mockery only reinforces the negative perception that the Moslem world holds of the west, is utter bullshit; it even affirms their subtle contempt against western liberties. They claim that this will give the extremists a fact to tout infront of the wild sheep, to convince other Moslems of how little so-called respect the west has for their faith. Y'know what, they shouldn't be learning about a pile of shit doctrine known as the 'Sharia', but rather, learning about getting along, and restricting their fascism to their personal property. These spanks should be told that despite how the world feels, and despite the expressions it makes regarding their religion, such acts don't take anything away from their personal faith and practice, no matter how unintelligent. Hell, western media has poked fun at all sorts of things; it was a mere fuckin’ cartoon! No matter how you slice it, this is proof that the belief system of Islam is fundamentally in conflict with freedom of expression. This is bullshit, and they know that their essential and very cosmetically pathetic tenets are in fact not compatible with free expression. The international reaction, which has basically been bordering on vile death threats, affirms their malicious incompatibility with freedom.

Controversy is constant; opinions are opinions, and without being offensive or pleasing, they’re merely recitations. This is the point; we’re living in a world where opinions are also expected to be regulated by the extreme right, which is sad and pathetic. This is bullshit, man, and we all know it! Opinions do offend, and they do spark a response! Fortunately, they’ve done better at allowing cultural growth (conflict as well), but at least allowed freedom to expunge a non-physical expression; it works in a civil world! This isn’t perfect, but this freedom is the ideal option, because opinions will incite outrage, passion etc. This concept is better than people slaughtering one another, and obliterating actual human existence in the name of pretentious bondage. A person pissing on a holy book, which isn’t always a nice thing, does not equate to the notion of stripping another person of his or her right to belief. “If it hurts, look the fuck away! Until and unless it's taking place inside your inner sanctum!” I say, because you don’t have to watch it! We’re free to control what we expose ourselves to, and that is a responsibility taken for granted by most of the rightists in this world. Pick what you want, and reject what you don’t rather than altering the rest of our freedoms, you bastards! The Islamic world, generally, is at the forefront of this bullshit, because they cannot stand someone directing verbal or literary flack in their direction, pathetic twats! If the images hurt these bastards so much; if watching this shit makes them get horrific thoughts of their prophet appearing on Ren and Stimpy, then they can easily look away, or better yet, plunge nasty pitchfork into the depths of their eye sockets! It wouldn't matter, they suffer from general myopia anyway.

“Gimme that picture! I’d like to post it up! I wanna' piss of Mohammad's retarded lil' minions!” - Kade’s request regarding that cartoon about Mohammad.

Yes, a mere cartoon, which is denigrating in nature, does not in anyway alter the history of this prophet. A history that these fuckin’ nimrods are so fanatically committed to preserving; they’ve reached new degrees of psychosis in their afflicting bondage with following the physical protocol to a miserable degree. Challenge the sanctity of their faith in mere opinion, and generally, they’ll threaten you; bully you; sanction your demise even; of course, all this will be justified through a bland recitation of an archaic custom, which has no place in a civil world of free expression.

“Someone get this truck-sized stick out of the ass of the general Moslem world! They must really believe that this cartoon might be turning their prophet into a giant grenade!” - Mad Man’s truly sane thought.

Therefore, I shall just reiterate my point that this chaos that has been ensuing over the denigrating pictures of Mohammad, the Islamic prophet, once again proves that Islamic tradition is disgustingly pretentious, and is a filthy jism tainting the visage of true spirituality. This is almost a horrific, cult-like obsession and uptight shrewdness serving to stifle freedom of expression; this is wrong! Furthermore, if they say that such animosity and angst are justifiable because of the essential and pretentious bondage induced by the tenets of their religious ethos, then they’ve just proven that they’re in direct conflict with the democratic freedoms of the western paradigm.

“Hell, that was Jordan! People, Jordan! A secular state with lots of Moslems! This is proof that the general Moslem mindset is royally uptight! Despite being a secular state, freedom is a sham for the most part!” -- Mad rant.

In the western world, you have media and artists, constantly denigrating religion, and then religious folk denigrate back; point remains that neither of them resorts to barbaric oppression. On the other hand, in the eastern paradigm, hell ensues over such issues; the livelihood and well-being of many secularists is actually on the line over these events. When people challenge their beliefs, you have virtually state sanctioned murder! Does not the western base realise this difference? If the law doesn't impale you, the people most certainly will! Both ways - we're all fucked. Now can the world dig that?

An excerpt from’s coverage:
In Paris, the daily newspaper France Soir fired its managing editor after it republished the caricatures Wednesday, and in Pakistan protesters marched chanting "Death to Denmark" and "Death to France."

“You don’t want a mad, psycho paki on your case! DUMB PANSISTANIES!... Death to all religiuous pretentiousness!” -- A sober thought.

In the spirit of my extreme commitment to 'civil liberties' and freedom of expression, I would also seriously condemn this overly sensitive stance on the part of the Islamic paradigm; it was sickening having to watch these esoteric fucks, chant death on all forms of civil liberties. Seriously, long live the American culture and spirit; because it is a religion on its own, and one that any progressive minded individual should be committed to! Freedom of civil expression enables individuals to direct non-harmful forms of verbal or literary dissent; of course, the people are free to respond back in a similar manner, without desecrating the physical being of the source, a civility that challenges the staunch nerve of every myopic Moslem. The Islamists take that whole indecency to another level of belligerent threats, and usually physical annihilation--they thrive on intimidation and have proven through the outrage over this recent matter, just how much of a dichotomy they create when trying to co-exist with the rest of the world.

“You’re free to insult them in opinion; and they’re free to do the same to you! Just back the fuck off, and don’t TOUCH! Keep it restricted to opinions.” -- Kade’s recommendation.

Let us all collectively clench our bowels; perhaps the pressure will cause that massive heavenly log to finally blow out of the anus of the Islamic world, and allow its pending bowel movements their due ‘release’. Perhaps then, the world can completely move into the truly secular and non-pretentious mode of spirituality; y’know, a world where writing off someone as a round piece of mule shit, doesn’t actually turn that person, in form and spirit, into a round piece of mule shit! Where opinions are actually allowed, and belligerency only reserved for the psychotic belligerents. Yes, nothing like a dying hope for a world where opinions remain offensive retorts, and nothing physically and spiritually harmful; this is of course, a lot cause with the plaguing 'wahabist' tradition of Islam.

FREEDOM, DAMN IT! Moreover, long live secularity; fuck, it isn’t even alive. You people have no idea how close I am standing to this malicious, and dauntingly monolithic flame of religious bigotry; oddly enough, I never chose this setup to begin with--I am one-of-a-kind for the authenticity of my unique circumstances. "What the fuck, Kade... You're gettin' personal with us?" some might wonder; no I am not. The point is that some of you are fortunate to live and breathe within the security of that western ideal; make that your religion and cherish it with solemn devotion.

- In order to truly, and justifiably hate something; you must come to terms with the ugly, inner-visage of that given ‘something’!
- Flemming Rose; the man has my fuckin' respect!
- Christopher Hitchens; a man who I nominate for position of supreme deity.

Stay cool, fuckers.


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