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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Moment of vigour!

A crowd of approximately fifteen-thousand idiots help another demonstration at Trafalgar Square. Yeah, seriously, the sods are starting to kill the charm of the one city that I actually cared about on a personal level: London. Well, just to keep the facts as distinguished from my filthy banter, I shall refer you lot to the excerpt of the statement, along with a photograph.

Excerpt package from an article on
"How dare you insult the blessed Prophet Mohammed?" asked one placard. "Europe lacks respect for others" said another.

Note: Mugshot of sheer stupidity on a grand yet subhuman and unintelligent level, also courtesy of

I’ll keep this one real short:
Let’s start by distinguishing the two things from each other; lacking just respect, is far less damaging than lacking actual regard for the sanctity and life of another human being. The above excerpt is proof of just how different the fundamental makeup of a conventional Moslem’s conscience is, when put in comparison to that of a modern day individual's; one's hung up on superficial respect, while the other's concerned about actual human rights, respectively. The relatively god-fearin' Moslem community in general is engrossed in the act of whining about fuckin’ respect while some of its so-called religious peers are actually busy slaughtering people like goats and desecrating actual human life, or otherwise just turning a blind eye to the horrid acts while the rest of the world's outrage goes ignored. Seriously, someone get these demon babies a fuckin' pacifier!

Yes, truth of the matter is that we cannot get along. Our fundamental scopes on the world itself, differ greatly; while the Moslem twits give greater priority to a terror-driven respect for their religious pretentiousness; the rest of us real-world dwellers give greatest priority to the physical sanctity and rights of every individual.

“I would much rather take on the role of a disrespectful bastard than be a fuckin’ dehumanised whore, who thrives on the abuse and manipulation of actual human sanctity and life itself! In this case, I am fuckin’ proud of holding nothing short of bitter disrespect for this extreme bracket of the creed; they deserve nothing short of pure disrespect, the oversensitive pretentious whores!” -- Closure on the matter.

Stay cool, fuckers.


Link to actual article on


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