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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Leave their shirts on!

[Starting drivel]
Okay, land of the free! Let’s sample some of that freedom, shall we? “Oh, oh, Kade! Watch it, you psychotic bastard!” some might already be whimpering, muddled in the deep pitch of fear as I merely sit back and laugh due my own lack of competence, considering that my conscience has been effectively hijacked by an inexplicable brand of outrage, bordering on stark-raving disbelief. So to those of you that might wanna’ school me hard for merely nit picking on something that is very relevant, but also something that I find a little sad, and depressingly funny, all I have to say is a kind, casual, and insincere, “fuck you!” Don’t take it all too seriously; just piss off and laugh, fuckers.

It is a given fact, which has motivated much controversy, that certain opinions are not welcomed in modern America; not in times when common sense must be abrogated in the name of a counter-productive, and essentially cosmetic united front. One cannot always get away with a merely disparaging opinion about international affairs, without having the same critique amplified into an aggressively negative interpretation, intentionally channelled in the direction of the one group of individuals who’d evoke sympathy and moral support from all corners of the great nation: the military. Criticising the fundamental elements of a war; or its direction, are automatically assumed as negative, and demoralising flack being fired at the men and women that fight to protect the nation’s well being.

I have a friend, who has a friend in the American military. Now this committed man of the proud military, rightfully so, is more than ready to do his job, but even his opinions aren’t exactly skewed in favour of the current American regime--the guy himself did not approve of the bases for the second war; should this be treated as outright treason? No, people, these are merely opinions, and shouldn’t be treated as the third degree. Hardly anyone’s actually taunted the work ethic or the diligence of the military in general. Critiquing the bases for the war does not reflect on the credibility and standing of the army folk. Making scathing conjecture about the reasons behind a conflict doesn’t challenge the capabilities or efforts of the soldiers. It is merely a fuckin’ opinion, and that’s that! Y‘know that little expression of profound thought that defines us on a deeper level, and even offers us distinction from the rest of our human peers? Since when did this turn into fuel for political manipulation and propaganda? Well since the era of enlightenment, from whence it began to actually challenge all political corners, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Let’s just call a spade a spade, and admit the fact that since negative comments give the administration a ‘doody,’ they decide to re-project such opinions as demoralising slanders at the military. Before you know it, the mean, and often critically correct ‘doody heads’ are now suddenly being irrationally portrayed as enemies of all good will for merely questioning, offering some worthwhile rhetoric, even. The shit has hit the eternal throne! Damn! Is it not the job of a thinking, conscious and composed individual to also keep his/her eyes open to the follies, even if they stem from the actions of one of his/her own people? Fuck no, critical thinking is now a sin; the ability to offer harmless variety in the slew of monolithic opinions is a sin, strictly reserved for the ‘heathen scum’.

- “Doody head? What the fuck, man, are you twelve-years-old? Just call ‘em nasty proponents of dissent!”
- “Fine! The nasty proponents of tru…”
- “Good!”

Now it is no state secret how Bush and his cronies feel about people wearing contentious t-shirts. So much so that sporting any kind of apparel that could be ‘interpreted’ as a demoralising gesture towards the army, or truthfully, the administration’s own ego during their less than eloquent political addresses, can result in a nasty boot out. Therefore, basically, wearing a shirt that might criticise government’s reasoning ala, expressing an opinion, can in fact, get one booted out of range. These wouldn’t exactly be the pillars of freedom and rights to expression, even within civil limits; last time I checked, shirt’s don’t physically attack people. Whatever though, most of the sold-out cronies will adamantly refute such a claim, if not downplay its spirit, and they’re free to. Of course, I’ll also take a slice of that freedom to tell ‘em that their perception is stupefying. This is not freedom, this is bordering on dogmatic censorship; if a contentious t-shirt hurts you, then you have serious psychological issues, bubba!

[The actual incident.]
Recently, something rather interesting happened in this land, which was built on the legacy of freedom and emancipation of authentic opinion from the crux of blind-eyed conformity. “Oh, oh, oh, did a shirt-wielding, dissent freak get kicked out?” some might question, and I’ll take a moment to laugh. Fuck no, that’s ancient news now. Hell, keep it up a few more years, and we could consider stifling freedom of expression a legitimate tradition--an integral part of the ethos (If this is the ethos, however, then FUCK THE ETHOS!). The recent event that we speak of is the very recent ‘State Of Da Union’ address, straight from the unpolished puppet, err, Mr. President.

You see, a certain woman was targeted by the security during President Bush’s address, which by the way, has quite a few liberal minded American’s frightened--I think he’s mastering his own craft of mortifying people. Return next regime for, “War on mortification.” Alright, alright, horseshit a side! Anti-War protestor, Cindy Sheenan found her self on the wrong side of a bully session, as she was booted out of the event for wearing a t-shirt, the contents of which fit the Bush-regime’s twisted take on dissent. Yes, this was rather sad; but who cares, right? In the real world, leaders cannot be questioned, for their capability to offer answers to tough questions should never be challenged. “But mister, what about freedom of speech?” some kids might ask, and all I have to say to that is that it’s all bullshit. If these children want to comprehend this reality, they should go open up a bedtime storybook, because these days, this so-called ‘freedom’ is about as real as any bedtime fable; perhaps a solace can be sought in such sad realisation.

However, another solace was had by most of us, as mere ‘slip’ in security resulted in the booting of another woman. Interestingly enough, this was none other than Beverly Young, the wife of US-Republican Representative, Bill Young.

“Aaaaaaaahahahaha! Poetic justice is on a roll these days!” - The Mad Man (Kade).

Not just that, Ms. Beverly Young was a staunch republican supporter, known for her passionate support for the US-led war in Iraq; hell, she was wearing a ‘support the troops’ t-shirt. Chief Terrance Garner of the US Capitol Police admitted that neither of the women should’ve been booted (CNN International); intelligent utility of political correctness for you lot. Well, for the first time, I don’t find myself outraged at another show of poor bipartisanship; at least they didn’t favour any one of the shirts. C‘mon, this funny little snippet on has to hold a progressive implication. We can forget about freedom of speech; both shirts were booted for that. However, at least both got the boot!

“We oppress your freedom to express! But now we don’t favour… err, make any exceptions! If you wear shirt with words! You’re out! Land of the free - maybe not! Land of the fair - yes, now that’s semantically accurate! We boot you all out!”

Unfortunately, the favouritism kicked in, as Ms. Sheenan was officially arrested for unlawful conduct--boldly questioning, while Ms. Young was just kicked out. Oh, well, that was a short-lived thrill. What the fuck was so unlawful about being able to utilise even a minute fraction of one's own conscience is really anyone's guess; I am pissed though.

This is sad and pathetic, but also carries an underlying humour, because a crony was caught in the same mess that their opposing counterparts often seem to find themselves in for the greater part. Of course, realising that humour also goes on to imply an even further sense of pathetic boredom and sadness, but it’s really out of the bounds of common sense and rational hands. Therefore, I just chose to enjoy the laugh!

[Closing smites!]
Oh, by the way, would we care to take a guess at what the Ms. Cindy Sheenan, the Anti-War protestant’s shirt read? Sure, let’s analyse an excerpt, straight from

Excerpt from
‘Anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan wore a shirt with the message "2,245 Dead. How many more?" -- a reference to the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq.’ -

“Shame on her, really, shame on her! To have the audacity to sport clothing that not only states a mildly outdated statistical fact, but also offers follow-up rhetoric. For fuck’s sake! You can’t paraphrase the truth, and add cynical rhetoric to that; it is right… errr, wrong! Oh the bleeding agony! Maliciously challenging truth! The nerve!” - Vile sarcasm from the evil machine (Kade)!

I know, I know; the official statement from Capitol Police Chief still reads that neither of them should’ve been kicked out ( However, the fact remains that they were driven out on bad spirit; namely Cindy Sheenan. Hell, Sheenan’s own recollection of the event implies a conscious bad spirit, and intentional segregation because of her political stance (CNN International, TV).

Perhaps the cronies should save their challenged cerebral reserves for real issues, rather than focussing their resources on cosmetic protocol, designed for taking down shirts, which has now bumbled to the degree of taking down one of their own; that was just pathetic--funny, but pathetic.

“Leave both their shirts on, man! The words won’t hurt you.” - Kade’s counterfeit two cents!

Yeah, go freedom! Oh, wait... one of 'em was arrested. Hmm, not quite there. Well, I’ve got one better… Go cynicism, because satirical pleasure strikes once again from the hypocrisy of an entire organisation.

Stay cool, you crazy fuckers!


CNN International - Full Story of the event:

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