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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Divine teaser? Bahaha!

Man! My friend and I were talkin’ a day ago about how this one episode of Tom and Jerry screwed with our heads. Yes, we’d be talkin’ about that one in which Tom fucks up big time, and then dreams about ending up in hell for all the agony that he thwarted on annoyin’ lil’ Jerry. That whole idea of burning and hell and getting his ass kicked had an impact on some of us neurotic spanks amongst the viewing audience.

Now, just today, I was watching the stupid tube, and realised that Creflo Dollar was ranting, and further realised that he was ranting against ‘bad habits,’ so I was naturally inclined to change the channel. At that very point, I thought about my friend; the fact that I had told him about one of my stories regarding the Bible; I then recalled the bit about our confessions regarding that episode of Tom and Jerry. Well, with the rather rambling chain of musings, I opted to change the channel, and ended up on Cartoon Network, and what do you know, I landed right on the climax of that very Tom and Jerry episode that played a pivotal part in forging some of me and my friend’s childhood psychological quirks.

I can just picture that Christian/Centrist colleague of mine, wondering, “Oh this guy’s so going to hell!” I bet he’d want to say, “Dude, you’re going to hell!” Damn, it would fuckin’ rock if he did. Yeah, yeah, don’t be getting’ any ideas, lil’ dude! I know! More poetic justice, eh? Or perhaps a lil’ bit of divine tease?

Well, whatever the fuck it was; the true answer is beyond me. I just found it be one of those, rather interesting coincidences and it was both surreal in a daunting manner, but later on became a matter of rather humerous jist. Now, people always get all spiritual with me about this, because they fall under the fuckin’ flawed perception that I am being spiritual! Well, news flash, ya’ crazy fucks! I AM NOT SPIRITUAL! If anything, all these lashings are a symptom of my intense insecurity with spirituality; I don’t claim to have spiritual answers… I just lean on what little humanistic outlook I can offer; and yes, recently I was schooled by another critical thinker who dubbed me an existentialist as opposed to being a humanist. Well, you can be both; that is, a humanist and an existentialist; they’re not two distinct and incompatible categories.

“I mean, after all, Tom certainly underwent both transitions in one fuckin’ episode!” -- My thoughts on that crazy episode, which are completely invalid because it is a fuckin’ cartoon!

Therefore, I will not contemplate the nature of this experience. Was it a divine teaser, or just a fuckin’ hilarious coincidence - couldn’t fuckin’ care about deciphering that fateful conundrum! And yes, that is exactly what it is, a fuckin’ blustered conundrum. There is no cut and dry physical and or otherwise reliable answer. As a result of this rather raunchy perspective on the matter, I will just chose to take it as a feeble event to humour my dull state of eros.

“Dude, you’re goin’ to hell!” -- Says the funny chuckling clown inside my head.
“BOOYAH!” -- My response.

Stay cool, fuckers.


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