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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Digging my own grave!

I’ve allowed the satirical pleasures to sink in; I then let ‘em subside; y’know, the joy that I sought from slamming the entire Moslem commune in general for its dramatic sensitivity over a mere cartoon image of their prophet. It’s just sickening having to hear about these superficial shmucks, but it’s worse and haunting having to feel threatened by their religious neurosis. I also realised that watching their anti-western reaction was actually pretty fuckin’ aggravating, but you don’t see me actually threatening their physical well-being from any angle. I have come to terms with a certain reality though, because the rather quirky scathes that I make are in fact turning into a liability. The battle lines were drawn with the publicity over this cartoon, and I instantly realised that the culture of secularity and true freeom that I was devoted to, was now facing a threatening challenge from the Islamic paradigm, the violent fleck of religious fascism.

Today, I’ve realised that I am starting to grow tired of merely hiding behind a vague blog; these are solid opinions, and ones that also contain a very remote perspective as opposed to being skewed towards a given norm. Over and above all, they are my rants, and I am not the least bit ashamed about them; hell, I am fuckin’ proud! However, I feel threatened about truly exposing this perspective under an insurmountable fear of being literally terminated in a vile manner. You see, carrying on from my last post, I will reiterate the point that I am standing really close to this Islamic flame of bigotry; soon, this fire might just engulf me for my extremely liberal views--I jest you not when I make such claims.

I am not just articulating another contemptuous rant, folks; I am acknowledging a threat, and for real. I could very well end up dead in the coming days, or coming years, because the moment these comments are detected by the relevant folk--the Islamists. The moment links are made and it is realised that a super secularist heathen is achieving his catharsis by denouncing and debasing their dogma from the underground of their own backyard, they will light their torches, and a new-millennium witch-hunt shall begin. To be honest, it's already been happening in every capacity. Worst yet, I’ve also realised that despite my extremely liberal upbringing; American grooming, and alternative façade, I actually have no safe secular haven for retreat - no such thing exists. Globalisation means that any of us can become a target of religious or ideological bigotry, irrespective of the laws of the land. Neo Nazis and Religious Extremists do not abide by such boundaries, and in fact, thrive under the culture of aggression and violence. Many states these days are rules under full or partial theocracy, which could legally sanction the demise of individuals like myself or others of similar mindset under 'blasphemy laws'; what a fucking joke! Laws designed to protect the integrity of a fucking fairytale! I will most likely end up getting turned to a head less carcass at the hands of the religious-faction of estranged and savagely backward public.

Many of these youngsters in America, many of my real-life friends and their younger siblings rant about how life is full of possibilities. I myself tout a similar philosophy; cherish it all and exploit life to the fullest! However, I hope that reading this will also make any of the western readers realise that there are many essential freedoms that they take for granted; I myself used to take these for granted under the security of growing up abroad as a diplomat’s child. Being above all laws, amigos! Now I realise that my mid-western American accent; nasty demeanour, and worse yet--ultra liberal opinions could end up costing me my own life, and I truly have no choice outside of this paradigm. Not whilst I live in the real world!

Therefore, in closing, I would like you all to know that you shouldn’t take your freedoms for granted. This is not saying that some of you should abandon your faith or something because it is this very freedom that has allowed so many religions to co-exist without one malicious side having an iron-fisted control over the others. Pay homage to this freedom, protect this freedom, and remember that there are others like you, albeit, very few. Also, keep in mind that some of them might not always have any other choice; I am included in that mire.

“Kade, you’re a miserable bastard!” you say, but I digress; this isn’t about being 'angsty' because I am probably going to end up dead for my opinions. Clearly, I don’t consider a life outside of basic choice and liberty; it might as well end if one cannot have basic freedom to express and thus, ‘live.’ You're nothing more than a whore if you don't have a substantial degree of autonomy over the course of your existence. Therefore, I will not stop posting shit like this; I am fucking proud of it! My American teachers taught me the beauty of speaking my mind; my British tutors taught me the value of civil liberties; my multinational peers from America to China always made me crave a secular and non-esoteric society. I pride myself on speaking my mind, without necessarily violating the physical well-being of another; I am committed to that premise. Now, in case if I do end up decapitated, pushing up daises; or just dead; remember me for my literary belching! Remember that I remained convicted to that principle of civil liberty! The same, imperfect, but humanistic ideal that made countries like America so fuckin’ great.

“I could be perceived as being worse than Salman Rushdie, or perhaps a wannabe, which is utter bullshit! I greatly respect the man, and that is all that matters. My words are more than enough to drive an Islamic agenda towards sanctioning my death sentence! Well y‘know what? My faith is the secular culture, be it western or be it northern, or eastern. . . whatever! And no death threat is going to change that, but neither will my aggression conserve my own chances at life.” -- It’ll probably remain my final statement.

Perhaps, I've dug myself into my own grave; on the other hand, perhaps, I am just caught up in the concatenating nature of the theoretical framework that drives such insecurity--perhaps I am just over analysing my whole ordeal. I am possibly projecting into a scenario that'll never happen; I'll probably survive to expell even greater amounts of retorts, fused with a literary contempt that always serves as my own spin. Whatever maybe the case and outcome, I would just like to reaffirm the notion that I stand by the essence of my contentions!

“Long live the progressive! For that matter, long live the American way of liberty!” -- Kade’s only -firm- belief.

Stay cool, fuckers!



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