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Sunday, January 29, 2006

THE HOT SEAT: Kade the extremist!

[Ladies and gentlemen, our guest tonight is a sick man who's ready to get his ass grilled on the evil incinerating chair from hell! Give it up for the devil's own! KADE ON THE HOT SEAT!]

Right, I had an interesting experience recently.

Seriously, in the miasma of religion-induced misery, I rarely find positive inspiration. It was a learning experience in two ways... One - I actually have some readers... Two - Some of them have already begun to harshly judge my character through these satirical contentions. Yes, yes, poetic justice! I know!

See, there’s this one person, a reasonably intelligent individual, one that I’d consider smart, even sharp for his age. He also happened to be an archetypical god-fearing individual, and an example of a good Christian. Honestly, though, I have to give him his dues, his policies are productive. You see, as much as you’d all like to believe that all this satire is some sick form of extremism, you should know that even the emotional energy of these blogs should be taken with a pinch of salt. This youngster decided to attempt a polite, but reaffirming grilling of my ass on the matter, and claimed that my stance against extremism is somewhat contradicted by the extreme tone of in which my blog projects my own character.

"Y'know what? Everything is countered by an equal and opposite force. A non-conformist, passionately conforms to the idea of 'not conforming'; therefore, the basic paradox is always present. An anti-extremist, is bound to have a somewhat counter extreme dislike and opinion against extremist fascism! Hell, I once claimed that I am a fanatic against fascist fanatics! Point is: I am not ashamed of having that streak, but rather, proud of the fact that I have the streak in favour of a progressive ideal as opposed violation of human sanctity!" - During one of my many moments of twisted drivels.

Unfortunately, the young dude overlooked the true essence of my notions, which is raves against extremist dogma--religious fascism that we often see as legal means for fanatic dictators to rob individuals of their basic human rights and physical sanctity. Secondly, he over simplified all I rant about, probably out of offence, by putting my extremism in a somewhat disparaging light against other, more malicious forms of extremism, almost lumping the two into one category. Sure, it is 'extremism' in form or the other, but the term itself is far too generic; I'd shudder to have my super liberal opinions even compared to malicious extremism. This is wrong, and can lead to a miscalculated opinion because in my so-called “extreme” ideal, I merely see the right to free choice, and free expression without violating the same free choice and expression of another individual. In my ideal world, I see a person suffering from religious myopia - having his/her way, and I see myself poking the casual fun, which is great. However, I would not want the given individual to lose his rights by proxy of me exercising my opinions or expressing my ideals; that is just wrong, and I take exception to such an implication. Unbelievably, I was actually touched by the young reader’s attempt to take me to school on the matter; he could call me an extremist or whatever--readers can take the easy, and more satisfying approach of viewing my challenging and sour contentions as pure bile. Unfortunately, they cannot change the fact that I actually get along with many modern Christians; respect quite a few, ditto for their progressive Moslem and Jew counterparts. Hey, I even respect the youngster who attempted the grilling, despite our differences!

I can actually respect good, progressive followers of the monotheistic faiths; I have the contacts and friendships to back up that claim. My rants against book works and archaic schools of thoughts should be viewed as generalised, extreme bitch pokes, and ultimately, non-physical expressions ala CIVIL. Furthermore, do you lot not read? “Politically incorrect,” it reads, and the author stands by it. It’s one of those shameless opinions where I have a casual and satirical go, and it’s bound to come off as extreme if you don’t see the cynicism in it. Do readers even consider the essence of all these rants? Why do I rave against Moslems who denigrate the Christian faith and the bible? I say these things because despite having a decent western world where progressive religion is abundant, I still see individuals from the developing sector of the world, just perpetuating bigotry and ignorance through outright physically atrocious acts. Am I extreme? Yes, I am, but only till my opinions and artistic expressions, completely avoiding the physical violation of another, a fact that I pride myself on.

To take a quote from my book (metaphor):
“In the ideal world, I see all the religious people, freely living their faiths; and then I see all the secular people, worshipping satanic life-styles along with myself. Over and above all, I see myself on the sidelines, pointing my middle-finger at the religious-right, and laughing at them!” - The ideal world according to Kade.

Now the latter part of the last quote should also be taken in jest; the only way I‘d be motivated to point the finger, is if the said religious folk behave like Pat Robertson; or the quoted nimrods in my past articles. Ideally, I don’t clash with most progressive thinkers. However, I see a difference between a posing ‘moderate’ and an actual progressive who doesn’t try to condone bigotry to the extent of all out justification and sanctioning of civil violations. I have extreme opinions, and I’d be damned if they were anything more than free opinions, they shouldn‘t be harming the physical rights and well-being of others. I am against extreme dogma, not extreme freedom of expression.

I guess this was poetic justice. The good Christian, who read too much into my satire, and then missed the essence of my work, actually ended up exercising a free response by giving me a stern dress down--poetic justice in the face of my own generalisation and uncompromising political flack. I deserved it, and in the ideal world, I’d like things to be just that way: finger pointing and free opinions.

Though this does bring up a slightly off-topic issue: Now let’s consider this dude’s Christian siblings (by religion), trying to have equal say under the dogma of another religion’s code being amplified ten-folds... my point exactly: authentic freedom to express without physically violating one another, and without being under the threat of being -legally annihilated-. It is this reaosn as to why I think the Islamic bill for Sharia law should be used to wipe the ass of every soiled baby, before being set on fire!

“Freedom for all, people, freedom and space for all.” I say, and I know it’s impossible, which is why I merely attain catharsis through expressing my opinions, which tend to manifest themselves in extreme form because of my sore dismay against the religious fascism. Most of it is by fact, cynical banter: satirical rants! Start taking them with a pinch of salt people, and start focussing on the essence of my message: those little subtleties of wisdom. Besides, I am not all that offended by it any more. I am an extremist -against- extreme religious fascism, used for the malicious purpose of political manipulation; the middle-eastern chaos and suffering is proof of that folly.

I told that young man that everything could have an extreme polarity when viewed in a certain light; I am just glad that my partisan nerve is against fascism.

The young dude’s exact response was rather interesting, perhaps compromisng; it went something like, “Neutrality is a myth, really.”

Damn right! So perhaps we should judge people with regards to the nature of the ideals that they’re partisan towards, rather than just judging them for being partisan: being human.

Damn, now this seat is getting too hot for me.

Stay cool, fuckers.


Final note: Long; hedonistic; satanic; satirical and even politically incorrect!

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