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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cheap blame!

[The following rant contains quotes from an article, the source of which is confidential for important and official reasons. Sorry, once again, it can’t be done any other way… but it’s interesting shit that could incite a rather worthwhile ‘pissfest.’]

Once again, I find myself indulging in the painful snooped out bootleg of an article composed by a so-called Pakistani (Pansistany: Pansy) moderate. Yes, it’s a painful ordeal, but it’s more painful just shutting up after reading some of this bullshit, so I'll act on impulse. Incidentally, the article was composed by the same drone who I denigrated in one of the prior posts; y’know, the one who couldn’t stop barking about the inconsistency of every other faith in light of the Islamist gory… err glory. This time however, the witless twit attempts to put a fuckin' cocktail of boring spins on the issue of suicide bombings. Oh yeah, she really came up with a dirty martini, alright!

Opening quote from the article:
People, who have laid their lives in the name of religion, state or in order to preserve their political ideology or culture, were considered heroes in history but their modern definition nowadays is suicide bombers. Suicide bombers are terrorists who attach explosives to them, and, consequently, die along with their victims in a bombing attack. Often terrorism is supported by organizations which both directly underwrite the terrorist activity, and promise to provide for those left behind, freeing bombers from worry about their families' futures. Poverty and Lack of Education Are Not Reliable Factors according to some psychologists. - Sameena Durrani on ‘Suicide Bombings'.

Yeah, sure, perhaps only grain of this senseless drivel could be considered bordering on remote sense, and that grain being the very bland statement about desperation induced through poverty. If anything, there was never a documented visage of an individual being portrayed as a hero or heroin for killing innocent bi-standards; women and children included. Heroes were individuals who’d on text, be fighting epic battles against armies of blood lusting warriors. Yes, we’ve got an idiot’s brain stem rotting on a stick that could be viewed as an outdated spinal chord; the bitch effectively lumped up epic historical heroism into the category of wanton and atrocious destruction… dumb bitch. Of course, as always, I am just bashing my head against a brick wall having to reason with such sordid shit. Though the quote proves that even these so-called linear moderates are clearly not capable of exuding complex and progressive thought, and that they always try to sympathise with the psycho bombers to a certain degree. Of course, they’ll never acknowledge such a claim as being factual though, but their actions and subtleties will suffice. Yes, in when they want peace, they make more disparaging claims that could result in nothing but alienation. Yeah, it's all innocent emotion... right!

Unfortunately, it’s the later part of the stupefying conclusion that served as an aggravating trip.

Quote from the conclusion section of the article:
The Prophet Mohammed is reported to have said that a suicide cannot go to paradise. Suicide is a major sin in Islam so how can suicide attacks is acquiescence? Islam is a religion of peace and it teaches love and kindness to others not blood shedding and war. It is generally the propaganda of Europe to engage Muslim Ummah in these terrorist activities but they have failed to provide even a single definition of terrorism so how can they associate it with Islam. It is a time for our leaders to defend Muslims and Islam from this blameworthiness before its too late. - Sameena Durrani on ‘Suicide Bombers’.

I don’t know what’s more defeating; the pathetic nature of the contention, or the fact that in essence, it contradicts itself. C’mon, give me a fuckin’ break! If I were going to rave about a certain principle, like say, ‘backing up claims,’ then I’d at least avoid making baseless claims myself. “Oh Kade, what you goin’ on ‘bout, fucker?” some might ask, and the answer is simple: this nut case thinks Europe and the rest of the west are out to turn the Moslems into terrorists. Of course, this isn’t cited, which then makes me wonder how this dumb fuck got the cheek to demand that the Europeans back their claims. It’s a given that these matters are not cut and dry, and it is tarnishing the general image of Islam; but fuck, man, the concern is valid and with ample substantiation. Oh, and if the dumb bitch wonders whether such statements help the cause - No! THEY DON’T! SHUT UP! PLEASE! For the dignity of your own tribe of people, SHUT UP!

In addition, considering that, the nimrod did bring up the subject matter; rhetoric does beg to be heard. Are the Moslems really -that- dumb? Refer to the part about engaging the Moslem Omelette (or whatever she calls it), in terrorist activities. Therefore, the question does beg, are these some programmable robots? Are they a herd of fuckin’ explosive sheep? Actually, the colmnZist isn’t all that off. Yes, these extremists are engaged towards terrorist activities, but not by the Europeans, but rather by actual esoteric religious reactionaries who’ve actually been cited promoting such religious bigotry. This stupidity and segregation is then perpetuated with the added support of idiots like the dumb ass columZist, who promote a very poor and uneducated misconception of the western world. In addition, while we’re on the subject matter, it should be noted that there’s a very negative and degrading implication about the Moslem mindset when a so-called Moslem opinion portrays them as bunch of cattle who’re quite literally being engaged into committing acts of brutal complexity. Such conspiracy theories about Moslems being manipulated in such fashion makes them sound like a flock of highly unintelligent and impressionable sheep, devoid of any fuckin’ conscience of their own--pathetic! This isn't just a poor shot at a defence, but its pot-shot at the western world also implies derogatory volumes about the intelligence of the average Moslem. "Shame on you, dumb girl!" - Kade's immediate thoughts.

You all might be laughing at some of these claims; I laugh at 'em as well. Unfortunately, there’s an ugly ‘whiplash effect’ to such cockeyed belching. It is actually true as already stated, the common, cut off, and ill-informed folk of the developing world are but cursed to be devoured by the monolithic beast of opinions along the lines of what was just quoted--this is what their media and so-called moderate thinkers feed them for the general part of things. Further yet, this is actually an inside look at the ‘better’ side of the ugly truth. This woman’s opinions by typical Pansy (Pakistani) standards would be rated as substantially moderate; now imagine what a remotely stern conservative from these regions might be thinking. It's sad, people, but this is an example of the fuckin' spanks who're moulding a very distorted impression of the rest of the world in the eyes of the apathetic masses in the developing world; these people only have some sources of media-based information, and it is radically partisan and archaic.

Fuck, man, it’s pathetic watching a bunch of grown up twats, who’ve had a so-called education, make complete shit-heads of themselves through their plethora of asinine commentaries. It’s shameful to watch them rave about principles, only to contradict those very principles in the corresponding sentence. And it is just plain fuckin’ infuriation; having to endure ridiculous theories that implicate a group of people who we’re supposed to identify as actual, cogent people, as being an odd breed of blood lusting thugs just open to being brainwashed.

People are people; I am not gonna’ get into group attacks this time, and not because I desire to observe some form of political correctness. I think idiosyncratic jabbering like the one quoted in this post, more than makes up for a justifiable serving of bitter fuckin’ contempt on my part! I have reason to be pissed off, DAMN IT! The detached, and somewhat unaware flock of people have their problems; but with pompous tarts touting utter shit to mould their perspective, they wont be getting very far.

I would like to conclude with the innuendo of conscience or lack thereof, which was implied by the columnZist regarding the Moslem's being geared towards extremism. Now I mentioned how it makes the people that she’s so sorely trying to defend, come off as bunch of fuckin’ psycho toddlers! However, it does make me wonder whether this dolt for a columnist could contend with the so-called fanatic bracket of her faith when it comes to achieving a new apex in 'stupid', considering that in lieu of glorifying their struggle, she’s effectively made them out to sound like a cult of fuckin’ shmucks who couldn‘t think to save their vital organs. I mean, if the stupid coot wanted to blame, couldn't she have avoided making an utter mess of things through her worthless bitching?

"Believe it or not! Plain childish blame works better than a completely asinine attempt at an accusation of a frivolous nature! Of course, it's like comparing horse shit to cow shit; but you should know which is better! (Which is better?)" - Kade's maddening rave.

While I did end on the note of shit, I should add a request; I heard that the US has been bombing the northern Paki regions. Now I doubt that this’ll ever get through, but in case if the American external affairs does get to brush across this blog, I would like to make a request. “Dump a fuel tank’s worth of cow manure over this dumb-bitch’s house the next time you decide to bomb the region! Y’know, so the veneer of her abode coincides with the consistency and credibility of her crazy fuckin’ drivels! C’mon, she’s spewing so much shit… It’s probably the projection of an unconscious desire to realising grand ‘shitdom’! It's cheap, it's funny, and it's productive. Cheers!”

Too many stupid fucks passing around poorly tailored blame; too little patience to tolerate the immense stupidity, with even less practical time! Let their own intelligence (lack of it), fuck ‘em up the wrong end! …And perhaps a hopeful fuel-tank load of cow dung!

Stay cool, fuckers!


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