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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cheap blame!

[The following rant contains quotes from an article, the source of which is confidential for important and official reasons. Sorry, once again, it can’t be done any other way… but it’s interesting shit that could incite a rather worthwhile ‘pissfest.’]

Once again, I find myself indulging in the painful snooped out bootleg of an article composed by a so-called Pakistani (Pansistany: Pansy) moderate. Yes, it’s a painful ordeal, but it’s more painful just shutting up after reading some of this bullshit, so I'll act on impulse. Incidentally, the article was composed by the same drone who I denigrated in one of the prior posts; y’know, the one who couldn’t stop barking about the inconsistency of every other faith in light of the Islamist gory… err glory. This time however, the witless twit attempts to put a fuckin' cocktail of boring spins on the issue of suicide bombings. Oh yeah, she really came up with a dirty martini, alright!

Opening quote from the article:
People, who have laid their lives in the name of religion, state or in order to preserve their political ideology or culture, were considered heroes in history but their modern definition nowadays is suicide bombers. Suicide bombers are terrorists who attach explosives to them, and, consequently, die along with their victims in a bombing attack. Often terrorism is supported by organizations which both directly underwrite the terrorist activity, and promise to provide for those left behind, freeing bombers from worry about their families' futures. Poverty and Lack of Education Are Not Reliable Factors according to some psychologists. - Sameena Durrani on ‘Suicide Bombings'.

Yeah, sure, perhaps only grain of this senseless drivel could be considered bordering on remote sense, and that grain being the very bland statement about desperation induced through poverty. If anything, there was never a documented visage of an individual being portrayed as a hero or heroin for killing innocent bi-standards; women and children included. Heroes were individuals who’d on text, be fighting epic battles against armies of blood lusting warriors. Yes, we’ve got an idiot’s brain stem rotting on a stick that could be viewed as an outdated spinal chord; the bitch effectively lumped up epic historical heroism into the category of wanton and atrocious destruction… dumb bitch. Of course, as always, I am just bashing my head against a brick wall having to reason with such sordid shit. Though the quote proves that even these so-called linear moderates are clearly not capable of exuding complex and progressive thought, and that they always try to sympathise with the psycho bombers to a certain degree. Of course, they’ll never acknowledge such a claim as being factual though, but their actions and subtleties will suffice. Yes, in when they want peace, they make more disparaging claims that could result in nothing but alienation. Yeah, it's all innocent emotion... right!

Unfortunately, it’s the later part of the stupefying conclusion that served as an aggravating trip.

Quote from the conclusion section of the article:
The Prophet Mohammed is reported to have said that a suicide cannot go to paradise. Suicide is a major sin in Islam so how can suicide attacks is acquiescence? Islam is a religion of peace and it teaches love and kindness to others not blood shedding and war. It is generally the propaganda of Europe to engage Muslim Ummah in these terrorist activities but they have failed to provide even a single definition of terrorism so how can they associate it with Islam. It is a time for our leaders to defend Muslims and Islam from this blameworthiness before its too late. - Sameena Durrani on ‘Suicide Bombers’.

I don’t know what’s more defeating; the pathetic nature of the contention, or the fact that in essence, it contradicts itself. C’mon, give me a fuckin’ break! If I were going to rave about a certain principle, like say, ‘backing up claims,’ then I’d at least avoid making baseless claims myself. “Oh Kade, what you goin’ on ‘bout, fucker?” some might ask, and the answer is simple: this nut case thinks Europe and the rest of the west are out to turn the Moslems into terrorists. Of course, this isn’t cited, which then makes me wonder how this dumb fuck got the cheek to demand that the Europeans back their claims. It’s a given that these matters are not cut and dry, and it is tarnishing the general image of Islam; but fuck, man, the concern is valid and with ample substantiation. Oh, and if the dumb bitch wonders whether such statements help the cause - No! THEY DON’T! SHUT UP! PLEASE! For the dignity of your own tribe of people, SHUT UP!

In addition, considering that, the nimrod did bring up the subject matter; rhetoric does beg to be heard. Are the Moslems really -that- dumb? Refer to the part about engaging the Moslem Omelette (or whatever she calls it), in terrorist activities. Therefore, the question does beg, are these some programmable robots? Are they a herd of fuckin’ explosive sheep? Actually, the colmnZist isn’t all that off. Yes, these extremists are engaged towards terrorist activities, but not by the Europeans, but rather by actual esoteric religious reactionaries who’ve actually been cited promoting such religious bigotry. This stupidity and segregation is then perpetuated with the added support of idiots like the dumb ass columZist, who promote a very poor and uneducated misconception of the western world. In addition, while we’re on the subject matter, it should be noted that there’s a very negative and degrading implication about the Moslem mindset when a so-called Moslem opinion portrays them as bunch of cattle who’re quite literally being engaged into committing acts of brutal complexity. Such conspiracy theories about Moslems being manipulated in such fashion makes them sound like a flock of highly unintelligent and impressionable sheep, devoid of any fuckin’ conscience of their own--pathetic! This isn't just a poor shot at a defence, but its pot-shot at the western world also implies derogatory volumes about the intelligence of the average Moslem. "Shame on you, dumb girl!" - Kade's immediate thoughts.

You all might be laughing at some of these claims; I laugh at 'em as well. Unfortunately, there’s an ugly ‘whiplash effect’ to such cockeyed belching. It is actually true as already stated, the common, cut off, and ill-informed folk of the developing world are but cursed to be devoured by the monolithic beast of opinions along the lines of what was just quoted--this is what their media and so-called moderate thinkers feed them for the general part of things. Further yet, this is actually an inside look at the ‘better’ side of the ugly truth. This woman’s opinions by typical Pansy (Pakistani) standards would be rated as substantially moderate; now imagine what a remotely stern conservative from these regions might be thinking. It's sad, people, but this is an example of the fuckin' spanks who're moulding a very distorted impression of the rest of the world in the eyes of the apathetic masses in the developing world; these people only have some sources of media-based information, and it is radically partisan and archaic.

Fuck, man, it’s pathetic watching a bunch of grown up twats, who’ve had a so-called education, make complete shit-heads of themselves through their plethora of asinine commentaries. It’s shameful to watch them rave about principles, only to contradict those very principles in the corresponding sentence. And it is just plain fuckin’ infuriation; having to endure ridiculous theories that implicate a group of people who we’re supposed to identify as actual, cogent people, as being an odd breed of blood lusting thugs just open to being brainwashed.

People are people; I am not gonna’ get into group attacks this time, and not because I desire to observe some form of political correctness. I think idiosyncratic jabbering like the one quoted in this post, more than makes up for a justifiable serving of bitter fuckin’ contempt on my part! I have reason to be pissed off, DAMN IT! The detached, and somewhat unaware flock of people have their problems; but with pompous tarts touting utter shit to mould their perspective, they wont be getting very far.

I would like to conclude with the innuendo of conscience or lack thereof, which was implied by the columnZist regarding the Moslem's being geared towards extremism. Now I mentioned how it makes the people that she’s so sorely trying to defend, come off as bunch of fuckin’ psycho toddlers! However, it does make me wonder whether this dolt for a columnist could contend with the so-called fanatic bracket of her faith when it comes to achieving a new apex in 'stupid', considering that in lieu of glorifying their struggle, she’s effectively made them out to sound like a cult of fuckin’ shmucks who couldn‘t think to save their vital organs. I mean, if the stupid coot wanted to blame, couldn't she have avoided making an utter mess of things through her worthless bitching?

"Believe it or not! Plain childish blame works better than a completely asinine attempt at an accusation of a frivolous nature! Of course, it's like comparing horse shit to cow shit; but you should know which is better! (Which is better?)" - Kade's maddening rave.

While I did end on the note of shit, I should add a request; I heard that the US has been bombing the northern Paki regions. Now I doubt that this’ll ever get through, but in case if the American external affairs does get to brush across this blog, I would like to make a request. “Dump a fuel tank’s worth of cow manure over this dumb-bitch’s house the next time you decide to bomb the region! Y’know, so the veneer of her abode coincides with the consistency and credibility of her crazy fuckin’ drivels! C’mon, she’s spewing so much shit… It’s probably the projection of an unconscious desire to realising grand ‘shitdom’! It's cheap, it's funny, and it's productive. Cheers!”

Too many stupid fucks passing around poorly tailored blame; too little patience to tolerate the immense stupidity, with even less practical time! Let their own intelligence (lack of it), fuck ‘em up the wrong end! …And perhaps a hopeful fuel-tank load of cow dung!

Stay cool, fuckers!


THE HOT SEAT: Kade the extremist!

[Ladies and gentlemen, our guest tonight is a sick man who's ready to get his ass grilled on the evil incinerating chair from hell! Give it up for the devil's own! KADE ON THE HOT SEAT!]

Right, I had an interesting experience recently.

Seriously, in the miasma of religion-induced misery, I rarely find positive inspiration. It was a learning experience in two ways... One - I actually have some readers... Two - Some of them have already begun to harshly judge my character through these satirical contentions. Yes, yes, poetic justice! I know!

See, there’s this one person, a reasonably intelligent individual, one that I’d consider smart, even sharp for his age. He also happened to be an archetypical god-fearing individual, and an example of a good Christian. Honestly, though, I have to give him his dues, his policies are productive. You see, as much as you’d all like to believe that all this satire is some sick form of extremism, you should know that even the emotional energy of these blogs should be taken with a pinch of salt. This youngster decided to attempt a polite, but reaffirming grilling of my ass on the matter, and claimed that my stance against extremism is somewhat contradicted by the extreme tone of in which my blog projects my own character.

"Y'know what? Everything is countered by an equal and opposite force. A non-conformist, passionately conforms to the idea of 'not conforming'; therefore, the basic paradox is always present. An anti-extremist, is bound to have a somewhat counter extreme dislike and opinion against extremist fascism! Hell, I once claimed that I am a fanatic against fascist fanatics! Point is: I am not ashamed of having that streak, but rather, proud of the fact that I have the streak in favour of a progressive ideal as opposed violation of human sanctity!" - During one of my many moments of twisted drivels.

Unfortunately, the young dude overlooked the true essence of my notions, which is raves against extremist dogma--religious fascism that we often see as legal means for fanatic dictators to rob individuals of their basic human rights and physical sanctity. Secondly, he over simplified all I rant about, probably out of offence, by putting my extremism in a somewhat disparaging light against other, more malicious forms of extremism, almost lumping the two into one category. Sure, it is 'extremism' in form or the other, but the term itself is far too generic; I'd shudder to have my super liberal opinions even compared to malicious extremism. This is wrong, and can lead to a miscalculated opinion because in my so-called “extreme” ideal, I merely see the right to free choice, and free expression without violating the same free choice and expression of another individual. In my ideal world, I see a person suffering from religious myopia - having his/her way, and I see myself poking the casual fun, which is great. However, I would not want the given individual to lose his rights by proxy of me exercising my opinions or expressing my ideals; that is just wrong, and I take exception to such an implication. Unbelievably, I was actually touched by the young reader’s attempt to take me to school on the matter; he could call me an extremist or whatever--readers can take the easy, and more satisfying approach of viewing my challenging and sour contentions as pure bile. Unfortunately, they cannot change the fact that I actually get along with many modern Christians; respect quite a few, ditto for their progressive Moslem and Jew counterparts. Hey, I even respect the youngster who attempted the grilling, despite our differences!

I can actually respect good, progressive followers of the monotheistic faiths; I have the contacts and friendships to back up that claim. My rants against book works and archaic schools of thoughts should be viewed as generalised, extreme bitch pokes, and ultimately, non-physical expressions ala CIVIL. Furthermore, do you lot not read? “Politically incorrect,” it reads, and the author stands by it. It’s one of those shameless opinions where I have a casual and satirical go, and it’s bound to come off as extreme if you don’t see the cynicism in it. Do readers even consider the essence of all these rants? Why do I rave against Moslems who denigrate the Christian faith and the bible? I say these things because despite having a decent western world where progressive religion is abundant, I still see individuals from the developing sector of the world, just perpetuating bigotry and ignorance through outright physically atrocious acts. Am I extreme? Yes, I am, but only till my opinions and artistic expressions, completely avoiding the physical violation of another, a fact that I pride myself on.

To take a quote from my book (metaphor):
“In the ideal world, I see all the religious people, freely living their faiths; and then I see all the secular people, worshipping satanic life-styles along with myself. Over and above all, I see myself on the sidelines, pointing my middle-finger at the religious-right, and laughing at them!” - The ideal world according to Kade.

Now the latter part of the last quote should also be taken in jest; the only way I‘d be motivated to point the finger, is if the said religious folk behave like Pat Robertson; or the quoted nimrods in my past articles. Ideally, I don’t clash with most progressive thinkers. However, I see a difference between a posing ‘moderate’ and an actual progressive who doesn’t try to condone bigotry to the extent of all out justification and sanctioning of civil violations. I have extreme opinions, and I’d be damned if they were anything more than free opinions, they shouldn‘t be harming the physical rights and well-being of others. I am against extreme dogma, not extreme freedom of expression.

I guess this was poetic justice. The good Christian, who read too much into my satire, and then missed the essence of my work, actually ended up exercising a free response by giving me a stern dress down--poetic justice in the face of my own generalisation and uncompromising political flack. I deserved it, and in the ideal world, I’d like things to be just that way: finger pointing and free opinions.

Though this does bring up a slightly off-topic issue: Now let’s consider this dude’s Christian siblings (by religion), trying to have equal say under the dogma of another religion’s code being amplified ten-folds... my point exactly: authentic freedom to express without physically violating one another, and without being under the threat of being -legally annihilated-. It is this reaosn as to why I think the Islamic bill for Sharia law should be used to wipe the ass of every soiled baby, before being set on fire!

“Freedom for all, people, freedom and space for all.” I say, and I know it’s impossible, which is why I merely attain catharsis through expressing my opinions, which tend to manifest themselves in extreme form because of my sore dismay against the religious fascism. Most of it is by fact, cynical banter: satirical rants! Start taking them with a pinch of salt people, and start focussing on the essence of my message: those little subtleties of wisdom. Besides, I am not all that offended by it any more. I am an extremist -against- extreme religious fascism, used for the malicious purpose of political manipulation; the middle-eastern chaos and suffering is proof of that folly.

I told that young man that everything could have an extreme polarity when viewed in a certain light; I am just glad that my partisan nerve is against fascism.

The young dude’s exact response was rather interesting, perhaps compromisng; it went something like, “Neutrality is a myth, really.”

Damn right! So perhaps we should judge people with regards to the nature of the ideals that they’re partisan towards, rather than just judging them for being partisan: being human.

Damn, now this seat is getting too hot for me.

Stay cool, fuckers.


Final note: Long; hedonistic; satanic; satirical and even politically incorrect!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Making the devil's job easy!

Another year, and another Hajj; yes, once again, I, the filthy heathen will take my annual ‘pot shots’ against mainstream religion. Sorry, Islam seems to be the trend target these days, so tough luck, nothing personal, and nothing against the actual progressive bracket of this very creed. Unfortunately, Islam provides very easy access to 'critic-ammunition'; being the lazy bum that I am, I enjoy attacking things that are easy to attack. "But that makes you a cold bully," some might argue, and I won't argue back; whatever. Now I’ve been hearing raves about the Hajj for as long as I was cursed with mortality and thus, a physical body. “Must go to Hajj! Hajj good! God forgives you and you go to heaven!” retort many of the dumb ass rightist Moslems; well, they are dumb asses, so that goes in their defence.

Therefore, once every year, I have to find my good news time cluttered with the image of a mammoth fleet of sheep; quite literally looking like sheep because of the shaved heads, wrapped up with a giant white sheet rather than normal clothing. It’s cool; I was always one for alternative sporting. However, seeing a monolithic flock of Homo sapiens dressed up like sheep walking on twos is fuckin’ ridiculous. I have trouble tolerating this image of a thousand, relatively and generally primitive goliaths, stuffing up a small region and further pronouncing their religious bigotry and segregation from a world, which is dying, of lack of cooperation.

“But Kade! You always say that ‘To each their own!’ You contradict yourself, man! Fuck you!” -- Argue the critics.

No, thanks. As much as fucking me would make your day for ya’, I am just not in the mood around this time of the year. Its wintertime, man, it’s that time of the year, when I like to personally jerk off inside a holy book, rather than burn it, and then proceed to snuggle with another warm body. Yes, I realise I am getting off topic, but I’ll quickly get back on topic by saying that I do indeed find that during my winters, I have to put up with the already pompous Moslem projection, blown up into a monolithic beast; more so than usual. The purists would rather have my head sitting in their trophy case, dismembered from my body, of course, allowing the hypocritical fucks the ideal moment to fuddle their genitalia into a guilty oblivion; meanwhile, the moderates would just like to rub their sexist, cruel, bigoted culture in my face by wishing me a good Eid. Y’know what? Fuck you! Fuck both of you! To the purists - You’re not getting my head! On the other hand, you may have a turd of my shit for your trophy case! Blow your own selves to that one. To the moderates - Yes, and a happy ritualistic slaughter day to you fucks as well! Do you morons even realise that you’re actually celebrating the act of brutal slaughter? Was your fuckin’ ignominy mixed into your body’s semen count? Perhaps I could ritualistically slaughter all your kittens, which would hopefully break through your thick membrane of denial, and awaken you to the truly savage nature of your religious ethos. Therefore, before concluding this flaming column, I would like to offer both groups a hearty “FUCK YOU, MUBARAK!” (And no, I fuckin’ hate snuggling! Touch me, and then you die! Grope me, and I’ll kill you then bring you back to life, only to kill you all over again! I am just content wiping my dick wad with the pages of their fuckin’ Sharia bill, period!) Wait, I got another one: You’ve been fuckin’ flamed, Mubarak! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

- “Dude, you’re going to hell!”
- “Oh yeah! And when I’m there, you’re gonna’ be my personal bitch!”

Now this time of the year has both the Hajj and the Eid, don’t care in which fuckin’ order. They should just start stoning people for even following these ideals... or not. However, technically, it wouldn’t be all that off; after all, how many times have these idiots ended up stoning themselves in lieu of stoning the devil? Bahahaha! Ironic isn’t it? As we already know (or will shortly learn), during the Hajj, Moslems are expected to throw stones at this wall that is supposed to represent the devil. Do you know what’s been happening as of late?

“Hey ma! Look at me! I’m gonna’ stone the devil!” says lil’ Hassan, before wildly tossing some flints at the big evil DEVIL WALL (TM of the Mecca Corporation). “Uh, mom! Did you get that? Mommy! Why’s your forehead bleeding profusely? MOM!?? MOM!!! WAAAAAAAH!” -- “Yeah, uh, dude, you and your buddies here just stoned your own mom by accident. You dumb fucks!”

To say that I am making an insidious mockery of an entire race of people right now would be accurate. However, am I completely wrong in my act of mockery? Is there not even a grain of truth to it all? How many of these idiots have died in this act of stoning the devil? We can guess all day, but I’ll give you a hint: we’re talking well over a hundred. Therefore, I think I get to call ‘em idiots for actually giving the devil a good gut laugh by only practicing savage outdated norms, and completely failing to comprehend the spirit of virtues. I can just see Lucifer, rolling about on his massive bone-made dark throne, watching the idiotic religious fucks kill themselves during an act of supposedly fighting against the forces of darkness.

Satan: “Ah, those stupid fuckers! Where would I be without the Moslems! Hehehe! The Christians just bore me now! But look at the Moslems! They’re killing each other while practicing the act of fighting me! Aaaahahahaha!”

Now, Moslems who end up getting exposed to this flame of a column, will generally be motivated towards realising the idea of either putting a bounty on my head, or working towards establishing a black magic curse; to each their own--they can try. Meanwhile, I’ll just curse them with the conundrum that challenges the intelligence factor instilled by their religious legacy: Did you morons win? Huh? Did you? Did you manage to defeat the devil? Let’s look at the score after the feisty game of stoning the devil wall during this year’s Hajj. Devil: 0; Moslems: 345 - dead (CNN International). I guess the statistics speak for themselves; you morons lost, and the big horny prince of darkness didn’t even have to move a finger for it. “At least 345 people have been killed in a stampede during a symbolic stoning ritual at the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia,” (CNN Online) - Ouch! Guess Satan’s not the only one laughing; so am I!

On the bright side, I’ve managed to attain a good result for this obscure study that I was conducting. It is now estimated that a minimum of three-hundred-and-forty-five sample deaths have proven to support a correlation between mainstream religion (Islam), and progressive stupidity to a point of self-immolation. Within the confines of the same research, a second hypothesis was also supported: Moslems are the ideal control for the study of religion induced dumbness.

Stay cool, fuckers.

TDA--“The Devil’s Advocate.”

Spiteful citation of scores for the annual Religious Stupidity vs. Devil’s deviousness:
Team Devil: 345+ Moslems dead because of their own stupidity.
Team Moslem: Just making the devil’s job a hell of a lot easier for him.

- CNN International -- Online: Hajj stampede kills hundreds.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Religious pride - hell no! Disgusting arrogance - OH HELL YEAH!

The following is an article that’s currently in the editor’s inbox of an undisclosed source (don't get me started on it, we just have to do things this way):

A JOURNEY OF THOUSAND MILE MUST BEGIN WITH A SINGLE STEP A PERFECT ROLE MODEL To practice and see our future and present clearly and effectively we should take lesson from our past. Thousands of people have passed in this world and contributed a lot in making human life better but prophets are considered to be the greatest of all. According to our knowledge Allah have sent 1,24000 prophets and amongst them Muhammad (PBUH) was the last prophet. All those prophets were sent for the particular period, for particular purpose and for particular people, every messenger was sent from Allah as a preacher, Warner, a bringer of good news but there is no one who combines these qualities predominantly. The person must have four qualities in order to be ideal and a model for others. The life history of person must be authentic Completeness of life history in every aspect of life It must be comprehensive It must be practical and practicable If we take examples from history, Buddhism, Hindus, Zoroater and Confucius, there life histories are full of contradictions and conflicts, all claimed to be the oldest in the history and admired by millions of followers, failed to give any practical examples and their lives are unauthentic and not more than a fiction, no kind of description about relations, ways of living is found. Even when we take example of Prophets, the best known of prophets is mosses and then Jesus Christ. There are certain events in Quran, which tells us about these two personalities, there origin, birth qualities but again the information is very minute and has changed with the passage of time we only come to know about their specific part of personality. In order to follow a noble principle we need practical examples. Muhammad (PBUH) personality was made an ideal combining thee best qualities of human being to the degree of perfection, his life history is well preserved even the smallest detail from his birth to death, we cannot modify or change them. Mohammad (PBUH) life give us a complete account about relations, how to interact with family, ? What are mother, sister, wife, and brother? What kind of relations should exist between them? He provides us all the examples of leading a simple life, helping needy and poor, hospitality, forgiveness and kindness. He first practices all these principles in his life and then makes them practicable for others. In short he was a complete personality and sent for the universe and his teachings are still alive and in practice. There is no one in the world who can claim to be as great as our holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was.

All right! Nothing better than starting your day with a whole page of whole-grain STUPID!

Mind you, many people can say a substantial bit about Islam's roots as well; even backing the claims with perfect citations. Therefore, you must keep in mind, post-modern thought will always be subjective for self-service and nothing else.

You and the Muslim elites can salvage a substantial bit of inconsistent facts. However, you cannot overthrow the fact that most of these other faiths, are doing relatively fine. History doesn't matter, the application matters more; and the final product matters most. We can learn a bit from history, but revelling in it like some magic trick over a century old, is not going to make reality any more or less acceptable.

Fact: Nothing is consistent, NOT EVEN ISLAM! GET OVER IT!

Fact: Your attacks on other faiths, are actually not substantial! Of course, the fact that it isn't cited is an additional prong; but hey, feel free to shoot your own thesis in the foot before making a public spectacle of yourself. (Mind you, any of the ghosts that read this shit: the quoted article is the mindset of the average, educated, and moderate youngster from the nation of Pakistan, which prides itself on a lost sense of modernity--pathetic, isn’t it.)

Fact: Accepting a faith should not be based on how 'organised' it may appear, but rather, how much YOU can accept its attitude and accommodation towards modern issues of humanism. Part of the brilliance of the human mind that your so called 'God' forged, was its cogency and sensitivity towards higher moral-progression--an intricate ability to adapt with the changing times, and to change in it self. Such is the beauty of evolution; both physical, and psychological. Of course, I’d just be committing a vasectomy blind-folded, trying to hammer this post-modern logic into the skull of an educated Paki (Pansy).

Only fact that I could give a rat's jism about: At the end of all the baseless rants, you still have a world plagued with inhumane atrocities, sparked by the bigotry that is created by such hate-breeding, one-track segregation and school of thought! Yeah, so I guess, the ends ridicule the means; now let us all laugh! C'mon!

- "Oh my god's weiner is bigger than your god's! Hah! Hah! Hah! Die, BITCH!"
- "Hey wait a second, you fool! We were supposed to be prospering as a single grand race!"
- "Yeah? Well fuck you! You insulted my pride! Now I must stone your sista'!"
- "Oh yeah? Well I'll stone your motha'!"

A question does come up though: Do these feeble Muslim elitists realise that perhaps their arrogance is starting to burn thin; the patience of many alien sects? Who’d know? Perhaps the whole smoke screen of following a model human being has pretty much sent these drones into a dementia of parodic arrogance and worship. Meanwhile, the potential observers are offended by the rather condescending religious exhibit; effectively driven to swearing off giving this religion any sympathy. Well, it has already been established how the general, modern Moslem-dolt can unwittingly shoot his/her own point in the foot. Perhaps we should conduct a fundraiser to have these so-called educated youngsters of the Moslem world sent to vocational Public Relations classes.

"Never alienate a potential client with a condescending tone, you dumb fuck!"

This concatenation of facts that the Koran thumpers keep tossing our way, is also getting rather tiresome. Are people sitting here and waiting to be mystified by some magical Houdini show? Are they truly as open to abrogating their conscience and moral centre at the sight of some magical trick? What makes an individual strong? Their ability to stand by their personal convictions or their natural insecurity and willingness to virtually sell-out to the next “big thing?” It’s pathetic how the book thumpers keep throwing prophecies and other various facts from the books, trying to win over a debate or an argument, realising little that perhaps the other party doesn’t care how ‘correct’ the source may be, but rather, how much they find themselves compatible with it. It is that solipsistic attitude, arrogance, and stance, that separates an individual, an enlightened thinker; from a mere impressionable advanced being, eager to follow a set of instructions as opposed to analysing and customising them. This individual arrogance, threatens the neurosis of the dysfunctional group dynamic, which is often found in the form of general collectivism in cults and religious groups. Hence why they exude such a disgusting group conscience, virtually imposing it as a collective arrogance, and denial.

“So you say that your book said some shit that was correct about five-hundred-years ago? Does that justify the thousands of wrongs that are stemming from that very book in the present day? You’re not even worthy of being called stupid! Please, just fuck off!”

Our passionate, yet aggravating columnist above, pretty much exudes the same ‘collective’ arrogance; this is also seen generally in Moslems: even the most docile of the pack can dare to exude such an attitude. Using the same argument, which many could use -against- Mohammad; she pretty much downplays a number of other creeds and groups, for lacking consistency in the past. Could it be proposed that our crack addict err… columnist here, lacks awareness of the current world and affairs? Not quite. These people are aware of what goes on, but they seem to forget that most of the atrocities being committed today, are being committed in the name of the so called “consistent” pacifist, known as Mohammad. The columnist, much like a majority of her group members, is not ignorant to what’s happening in the world, but rather: ignorant to the irony of how so much wrong is culminating in the name of reserved pacifism; even the arrogance in her passionate article serves to reinforce the wrongful alienation and bigotry that’s being bred, and one that’s now having a whip-lash effect on the Muslims. Yet they still revel on the same mantra of how their prophecies are supposedly ‘accurate’, which should be reason enough to justify all the wrongs in the world, and dignify the disgusting arrogance in their stance.

“These dumb fucks actually think that prancing about like morons, and then believing themselves to be better, will actually convert people, and gain their positive trust--how fuckin’ stupid!”

Returning once again to the legislation of this ‘justification’: the implications of the ‘accurate’ prophecies; one would question: Is this reason enough for the world to immediately abandon all direction; get down on its knees, and bend over to get divinely sodomised? “Yeah, give it to me in the ass, you burly hunk of immortal god, you!” Even though right and wrong is a relative question for the sublimed, usually contingent on the higher plane, one can no longer overrule the power and essence of modern-day humanism and awareness. Once again, referring to my past entry, I would present the rhetoric of agnostics and atheists being a generally passive group of individuals; sensitive and aware of humanistic issues; some even tolerant and sympathetic towards the struggling of the third-world religions. So, should they all simply abandon and bow down? Should they take away the one thing sacred to their sense of being: their individuality? The answer is rather obvious and bluntly viable: a firm, and stern, NO! See, in the modern world of critical thinking, we actually put greatest stock in our own consciousness: our commitment to our individual convictions make us relevant. If anything’s keeping the sympathy, and progressive understanding going, it’s the individual thought, conscience, and the post-modern subjectivity, which many are open to. Human’s have successfully evolved to a plane where they can evaluate their own compatibility and acceptance of a religion, as opposed to being shallow individuals that would feel more secure NOT relying on their personal awareness and compass of morality.

“Hell, if it weren’t for those damn agnostics, atheists and humanists! We wouldn’t have morons in our society, willing to cut those Moslems a break!”

All the creeds, and sects, especially the Christians and the Moslems, can wave their hands in the air--waving the alliterating and somewhat aging relevance and prophecies of their texts. However, these aging archaic paper words, can no longer justify and change the faces of alienation, bigotry, and inhumane atrocities that are currently consuming this planet. They have the audacity to consider those that follow no organised school of thought: a lost and misguided group; while ironically, it is only the non-organised, and modern thinkers, who seem to have a passive and less opinionated: and thus, progressive stance towards the growth and evolution of the race. What would one expect? We’re now in a world, which is exceedingly overpopulated, with a wide variety of faiths in practice.

Therefore, the prophecies and magic tricks matter no more towards insuring the progression of the collective population together, because were they to be left to their black and white ideology of being on the right side, they’d pretty much ignite a new dark age of brooding conflict, which we’re seeing unfold in part at the hands of the neo-cons and the eastern extremists. Leave them by themselves, and they’ll move from making mere derogatory comments about other cultures and practices, such as our columnist above, into mass genocide and slaughter. After all, let us not forget, this is basically how Jihad moves from words, to all-out physical assault. Even though our columnist is using mere words to exude the eloquent arrogance of her group, we can still find a bitter connotation of bigotry between each of those lines. The same obsessions with the accuracy of some history, or some book, to justify and establish authenticity in modern day and thought.

It’s no longer about which book has the most accurate of prophecies, but rather, which book can offer and instil the most progressive; tolerant; and evolutionary thought process. A trait, which unfortunately, in principle; contradicts most of the vitriolic dogma that a majority of the mainstream religions are acclimatised to. So the option comes with personal ability, and courage to step out of the subliminal security of some creed, and dare to evaluate and consider the world from a truly individual stand point: the essence of human progression--critical thought.

The human race, despite its flaws, is now well ahead of the times where faiths made people who they are. Because in the enlightened paradigm, it's the PEOPLE who make the faith what it is. Don’t believe me? Just watch -any- news channel for a brief twenty minutes, and you’ll see the glaring implication of how individual actions determine the face of ideals. If an individual, with a solid moral conscience cannot accept a given faith, and chooses to pick up another, or none at all, then that person is far more aware and sensitive than one who blindly desires for a book and relatively 'shaded' history to dictate and discretely guide him/her from solipsism into a pure digressive tenet of serving as a blind cog in a vile breed of despotism.

“I can’t spend time actually thinking, so I’ll let text and others do that for me, and then commit my own conscience for the sake of that thinking! Aren’t I the dumbest one next to dumb and dumber!”

It is a pitiful sight: watching the metamorphosis of the so-called “Islamic Pride” degenerate into a derogatory complex of self-elevation. When one can’t come to terms with their own wrongs, and perhaps misfortunes, then one goes to tear away, and attack others just to attain the small momentary satisfaction of being “better,” which is clearly a temporary fix followed by a miserable denial, and then a dark realisation. It’s high time that this faulty pride be laid to rest, because it certainly comes out as mere arrogance to the external observers--it's not helping the Moslem stance, really.

Buddhism is not admired for some cheap cheesy “self-orchestrated” consistency in history; it is admired for having a vantage that evades most of these arrogant scumbags. It is admired for having a bloody track record, which interestingly enough, is not NEARLY as bloody as most of the famous faith-based track records in general world history. It also stems from the fact that its people are relatively passive, humble, and void of the blind and offensive arrogance, which was exuded in the above quoted article. As already stated, the enlightened mind has now evolved well past the point, where it blindly desires direction from the best “tricks” in the hat; it is now at a new point there it desires to represent a faith that best reflects its own humble take on ideals. Buddhism is reputed, because it’s flexible enough when it comes to its means; adaptive; all in lieu of a healthy and progressive end! The others could glean a lot from it rather than that fanatic nerve tingling at the bottom of their spine from the stench of their anus!

Personal Notes:
“Oh we have consistent history! So bow to bitterness, arrogance, sterility, and most of all, global chaos!”
- I think I’ve found another breed of individuals that I almost hate as much as the fanatics.

“There is no one in the world who can claim to be as great as our holy prophet Muhammad.” - Sameena Shaheen.
- One would not know whether to contend that fact, however, one could come up with another deduction. There’s hardly anyone, who could claim to be more arrogant, and a blindly partisan fool, than you! The author of the quoted article! There is no one who could claim to being a dumber bitch than you, you dumb bitch!

Yeah, I think I've found the contempt earning tier after extreme fascism! Yes, I fuckin' hate linear, baseless, fuckin' shit for intelligence backed arrogance! "DUH! MY HOLY DICK'S BIGGER THAN YOURS! KNEEL BEFORE ME, FEEBLE FUCK!"

Stay cool, fuckers.