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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry-fuckin'-day of capitalist progress and virtually no enjoyment!

Here I am, again, back from the agony of trying something ‘different’, and trying to aspire to the time-honoured cliché of a little ‘change’. Okay, so I tried to shut-the-fuck-up for a good few months; I tried to meditate, deviate, and segregate my inner demons in order to rectify my perception, which was so wrongly dubbed ‘flawed’ by a group of external observers, who could do well by getting their own heads out of their asses.

Yes, I actually listened to a bunch of ‘normaloids’; I tried my hand at being passive, and it didn’t work. The final straw came this Christmas Eve, when I saw people literally pissing all over the place. I mean, seriously, I have nothing against ‘happiness’; it just baffles me how you people keep select days to feel ‘happy’, almost as though you consider happiness a guilty pleasure that should only be experienced in very minute doses. However, I am not getting into this to debate the grand public’s general hypocrisies. I think it’s pretty obvious that if people weren’t a bunch of sad cynical fucks in denial, then they’d be celebrating everyday like calm shmucks rather than manic morons saving up their neurotic desires for specific days like religious events, birthdays, and other assorted bullshit that has served as a concrete testament to humankind’s innate denial, weakness, and subtle bondage with guilt-associated happiness. If you people really gave a shit about the premise of being happy - everyday would be as good as the rest, rather than select days!

Of course, I am not going to argue the above, because my views are prominently affirmed by the perpetuating hypocrisy of billions; nothing refutes the factual actions in the masses. However, I have to wonder what’s happened to Christmas. I mean, to be honest, I could actually stand this holiday, once upon a time. Hell, I won’t lie, I’ve even had my share of Christmas trees, albeit, some odd ones. The first tree I ever got, I placed a small figure of Jason from “Jason goes to Hell” on top of the tree, and most of the tree itself was decorated with various action figures that my dentist used to give me for not throwing tantrums while I was there. So yes, I personally had decent memories of Christmas. Unfortunately, this general feeling has been bludgeoned by some recent revelations.

I mean, I look outside, and I see all these people, sad and happy, trying to bank on this day as if it’s really going to serve as a miracle. It leaves me bewildered to think that on the eve of the day that most of these folks consider a divine day of happiness, they make life ten-folds cumbersome than it really ever needs to be. Shopping like mad fucks, forcing a snowball effect on the rest of us, who start doing contingency shopping a good week before, simply out of fear of being trampled by the Christmas-Crowd! So yes, you’ve got the Christmas Crusaders, jacked up on Christmas spirit and in massive numbers on Christmas Eve, so much so that you couldn’t stroll on a sidewalk without someone or something running up your ass! Ah, but because of this jacked up mob, we’ve effectively forced the so-called ‘secularists’ who don’t celebrate this day, to unwittingly march out in droves, days before Christmas, so they can avoid the Christmas Crusaders. In the end, this leaves me with the insurmountable task of enduring massive droves of both groups, weeks before Christmas. December was an official nightmare for me, and the nightmare reached a cliff hanging climax as I found myself, with not even six-inches of room to move inside Sainsbury’s with people all over the fucking place, and acting like complete idiots, for which I pardon most of them, because I expect nothing better - they’re people, after all!

My only insurance against stupefied posses/people, is the numbers factor; the fewer - the better, and this was something that was empirically absent this Christmas eve, as people were packed like an entire colony of cockroaches, literally permeating through one another, and being every so stupid about going about their business. They weren’t letting things move on! I mean, there was one group of idiots, parked in the middle of a small path, yakking away on the phone! I was overcome with a desire to jump on top of one of the shelves, and then dropkicking the entire group. So I looked at the whole situation; struggled to overcome my psychotic desire for mass punching, and mused to myself: “All this in celebration! All this inconvenience and discomfort, for celebration? There had better be a massive slew of fireworks, world peace, free drug-binge, and sexual orgies at the end of this ordeal!”

Seriously, man, how do these people comprehend self-torture at the cost of some flawed beliefs that Jesus was born on this day, which most of my Pagan buddies will disagree with, and if that doesn’t kick you in the ass, then go ahead and ask the Jehovah’s witnesses. Oh and where would we be without Santa Claus, eh? “Ho! Ho! Ho!” I just love that line! We do need more whores and they should be allowed to be proud of their careers, if they’re truly proud, that is. I digress, however, because there was no ‘ho’ this Christmas aside from the insane rush; people being stupid; me loosing it; people loosing it; dogs loosing it, all in the spirit of celebration! Yeah, right, this Christmas celebration really reworked my preconception of the word ‘oxymoron’.

Oh, and then came the concluding kick in the pants: The day following Christmas. I remember a colleague of mine wrote a small monologue on how the suicide rates skyrocket on that day. Oh, sure, I can see that one coming - thousands of people, agitated beyond measure by being packed in droves; all the money being jacked away into large stores, perpetuating our post-modern consumer culture nightmare. I know if I’d wake up two days later, realise I have spewed away so much money, and probably lost a good few years of my biological life through the stress and abuse of the prior two days, then even I’d consider killing myself. Sorry, I don’t mean to mock death, but this entire ‘quadrant’ of the season is scientific proof of humanity’s bipolar denial. They celebrate Christmas by making themselves miserable, and then closing that neurosis by contemplating suicide, with a few, even taking the daring leap to Death Ville. Yeah, the only people having a Christmas and supplements to celebrate over, are the connoisseurs of this consumer culture: Corporations. I think Zombie chick put it best: “Enjoy the Capitalist day of love and hypocrisy!” Seriously, that one line sums up my exact observations of the last four-days of explicit human redundancy, and a waste of time and sentiment on a grand scale. Congratulations, fuckers; new levels of fail have been achieved!

To our Christmas crusaders, I hope you morons had fun making life as difficult as possible.

To our so-called secularists who have to make as much of a peril out of this holiday; hope you guys enjoyed making your own lives twice as miserable by giving the crusaders the satisfaction through your river of tears and pointless moaning.

To anyone else who might wanna’ clump me up into the ‘secularist bloc’ - FUCK YOU! I MADE PERTINENT POINTS, DAMN IT!

Have a good one, fuckers! Furthermore, when celebrating, try to work towards enjoying yourselves rather than turning a celebration into a fiscal bullet hole, and a fucking obsessive chore; learn from the follies of the masses.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Rant: Mad-man Kade addresses London!

Alrighty, a bit of the lighter subject matter for discussion today. You see, I am addressing the following towards the diversely twisted public of London, whom in large part, I respect, for their no-nonsense lives of secular freedom, crazy pub-antics, and other petty things along those lines. Having that said, it should be noted that I have some complaints with some of the recent revelations that I've had to digest; these social animals that I still respect, have developed some very annoying habitual traits.

Now, it’s no state secret that I am getting awfully impatient with an ever growing world, that is developing a progressive trend towards ignoring signs and literature that’s found on boards and what not else. It really ticks me off, to find people--my own colleagues amongst many--passing a certain turning, and then wondering, “When will that turn come?” Of course, right after they ignore the big fucking sign that just passed overhead, informing the driver of the given turn. Seriously, it just pisses me off to no ends; if people had trouble believing signs, then that still doesn’t explain the negligence. I mean, I can still read a sign, and then make a decision after reading the damned thing; can the rest of the busy world take the time out of their hectic schedules to read a bit? Fuck no! Joe-I’m-A-Fucking-Businessman-Who-Can-Buy-And-Sell-Your-Ass-On-The-Free-Market, spares the time to indulge in his posh collection of novels, but when it comes down to a simple sign that reads, “Keep Left” in the subway tunnels; “Swing and a miss, baby!” The man wouldn’t even know if the sign ever existed, even after using that same fucking tunnel for years.

I, for one, vividly know of the sign found in the Holloway Road tube-station. I know this sign, because it’s come across me so many times that it became well retained as conscious memory; however, the same memory was then burned into a permanently painful reminiscence, as following that sign has resulted in over four (yes, over four) briefcases, being jabbed into my crotch, simply because some nimrod at one of the turns was not keeping left, unlike silly old me, who decided to make the mistake of actually following the civic principle that’s preached by the given sign. What the fuck, man? If I wanted a fucking vasectomy, I’d go to the relevant professionals, and have a painless treatment; I don’t need to have sharp corporate jocks, ignoring signs and hamming their briefcases into my fucking nuts! READ, DAMN YOU! READ! “KEEP LEFT!”

Every fucking time! Ever since I hit fucking puberty, I’ve had luggage drop on me from all sides, simply because some holier-than-thou shmuck decided to supersede a sign over his-or-her self-estimated intellectual awareness.

Oh, and while I’m touching on the subject of the arrogant modern-person, relying on his-or-her intelligence and commonsense; I would also like to use this subject to segue into pedestrian traffic-signal crossings. Yes, you know those cute little zebra crossings where you have a special signal that any pedestrian can approach, and activate by pressing one of those white buttons on a panel, followed by a short wait and then a signal to pass through. Now, I’ve been using this shit for years, literally; I think these signals are too rash for London’s current traffic congestion. I mean, the damn thing flicks on for a mere four-seconds, and unlike ten-years-ago, if you’re not off that strip within another additional second, you’re bound to become something very close to a largely smeared road kill. Ah, but that is another matter altogether, and I’m sure the relevant authorities are trying to come up with creative means to circumvent this problem. London does indeed have a growing traffic problem, and this is affecting a lot of things in the daily lives of us poor pedestrians. However, I digress with all this banter.

As already mentioned, the other focus of my rant was actually to address the so-called common sense of my fellow pedestrians. Now, knowing just how dangerous and short-on-time these traffic crossings can be, one would expect pedestrians to follow a certain code as to allow other fellow pedestrians safe passage, rather than doing something that would endanger one of the other people crossing at the time, like crossing at a fucking diagonal angle. Yes, just picture the following; you’re standing on one side of a crowded signal; you get the green light, and people move, but suddenly, the person right beside you, decides to bisect you by moving diagonally and across - overtaking you and even slowing you down in the process and pushing you further towards the edge of the crossing area. How the fuck does this help? It causes fucking chaos, and it’s almost become common practice in London, now; I am fucking shocked! People weren’t like this before! They used the damned signal for civil passage; they walked straight, and avoided getting in the way of a fellow pedestrian. On the other hand, this time, some nimrod decided to get diagonal on me, as he shot out of the side of the signal while it was changing, and almost forced me right off the damned crossing, right when the busses got a fucking green light! NEWS FLASH, LONDON: I DON’T COLLIDE VERY WELL AGAINST THE FUCKING NUMBER 29 BUS! It just doesn’t make my day, and doesn’t result in a pretty picture! I smear, instead! Yeah? You see, in this twisted world of physics, human beings and mobile busses aren’t exactly toe-to-toe in physical fortitude; normally when a person runs into a bus, he-or-she gets into a lot of trouble. Furthermore, I ain’t no fucking hulk! Okay? I could see the remote possibility of a David vs. Goliath analogy, if I was one of the world’s strongest men; however, I am not! I am hardly of mass; the London winds almost knock me over on my ass, okay? So just picture what a bus would do to me, simply because you had to emerge out of no where, and shoot across a zebra-crossing, diagonally! This is seriously a very dangerous trend, and I am fucking sick of the way things are going for the generally apathetic public.

Therefore, the two points of this rant:
- Read the fucking signs.
- Use traffic-signal crossings the way they’re meant to be used, and walk in a remotely straight line rather than making cumbersome diagonals. Additional subtle point: I don’t collide very well with busses, sorry! I wish I could’ve done better, but perhaps for now, you morons could just try learning how to cross a signal the right way!

And yes, one more thing: Sainsbury’s - Five-visits-in-a-fucking-row, and still no condoms! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUR INVENTORY? TOO MANY HORNY, FAMILY-PLANNING TWITS, PERHAPS?

That’s all for now! Stay cool, fuckers!


Monday, October 02, 2006

Moslems vs. Pope: I see, so the holy man in white's been pushing some buttons! Ha! Ha! Ha!

This one’s coming in real late, but I had some very serious issues to tackle, which included a swift departure from the hellhole in which I was trapped. Also in addition, I would like to dedicate the following rant to Yoku, the bastard who began to question my psychological state when he heard nothing from me on the following news piece; this one’s for you, ya’ picky bastard! Never underestimate the insanity-spectrum that is Kade!

Now, is anyone following the whiplash effect from the Pope’s comments that supposedly offended Moslems? Yes, once again, Islam-o-dumb-fucks blow a vein in their cocks; unable to stomach even trace element of dissention against their hound of a dogma that they insist on forcing the rest of us to call a religion of peace, be it at even the semi-automatic calibre gunpoint of a fucking AK-47. For once, I heart the fuckin’ pope! As much as I’d like to see a mullah and the pope, bitch-slap each other into happy oblivion--my happy oblivion--I’m actually finding myself gravitating in favour of the pope! So you go, big man in white clothes!

As for the Moslem “Ulemah” or as I like to call it, Mushy Omelette; fuck ‘em! I saw the imagery; on one side, we had the Pope, muttering something incoherently, and on the other side, we had ugly baboons bouncing up and down, yelling condemnations and burning effigies of the Pope, on a fuckin’ cross - yeah, real classy! For a bunch of twats who demand respect--which I still think is an esoteric expectation that they have no fucking right to impose on the rest of us--they certainly exude savage double-standards. Keep it up, you idiots! Your stupid duplicity reeks through your superficial dogma like the pungent stench of hog-anus.

Remaining on the subject of Islam-o-hideousness; the contrast that’s created between the pope and the hordes of Islamic dogs-err, rabies-ridden human-monkeys, reminded me of the opposite ends of those diagrams that one can find in books that promote the theory of evolution; one side occupied by the savage, non-composite animal prototype, while the other side occupied by its post modern archetype - a specimen of complexity and cerebral advancement. Seriously, it really seems like the Islamic psychological mythos--in general--hasn’t grown by any margin; if anything, they only seem to be getting dangerously wild, and dumber by every passing day.

Meanwhile, in the realm of dialogue, certain Islamic scholars believe that the Pope’s follow-up comments were different from his comments, earlier on, and is a positive step towards “apologising to the Islamic community,” (BBC). This particular fragment, I consider very amusing. So, in this goal of apologising, how will the Islamic community articulate its own return apology, you know, for burning and defiling effigies upon effigies of the pope; not to mention, making a distasteful mockery of the crucifixion process. From the standpoint of a civic, atheist observer, and considering that most centre-right Moslems are not very good with offering verbal dissent in speech, when their dicks are popping with frustration, I would have to wonder how they’ll “say sorry” for burning all those effigies of the pope; would most of these barbarians offer apology by crucifying themselves? Perhaps wielding a crown of thorns and then bashing their heads against a stone wall might be another alternative. Sorry, it’s sick, but I’m just trying to go by pattern: Islamic twits have a problem with actual, verbal speech; they tend to transmit thoughts like primal creatures through wild, ghastly behavioural traits that even a ravaged-baboon would consider extreme, unsociable, and of course, embarrassing. Therefore, going by this retarded inability to actually resort to dissent in speech, and instead, acting like rabid dogs, would these same twits apologise in a similarly primal manner? “Oook! Oook! Me Moslem! Me make sorry for being barbaric dick!” the charming statement before the disgusting ape would dash its own brains against a wall.

These monkeys want an apology? That’s what they always want, so you know what - fuck the pope; I’ll give them an apology of my own!
- I apologise that these people are such a savage tribe of maladjusted morons.
- I apologise for their inability to grow a mentality superior to even that of a rabidly brain-decayed low-land gorilla.
- I apologise for the fact that due to courtship, these parasitical beings have reproduced to the degree of holding over a one-billion-share stock of the global population; cockroaches are less disgusting, and have more uses under study.
- I apologise for the apologist-moderates who defend scum, and then demand that their religion be revered as one of peace and tolerance, while blatantly defending the idea of stoning adulterers and apostates.
- I apologise that their progressive minority are too impotent and intimidated to give their religion a progressive stride.

Over and above all, a direct word to these bastards: “I am sorry that myself and the rest of the civilised world must attempt to fathom the presence of you sick bastards and your barbaric ways! I am sick of having to tolerate your disgusting tarnishing presence on the canvas of all human progress, while you sit back and threaten that very civility with your heinous ways! I AM SORRY THAT I HAVE TO SHARE A WORLD WITH THIS INSIDEOUS BREED OF RELIGIOUS-FASCISTS!”

Yeah, I’m pissed.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

...still smacking!

As the title reads; I am still at it, seeing as Wafa Sultan has pretty much got the nut-sacks of every Islamic apologist who reads about her, in tight knots. Misleading Media, who I now refer to as Misleading Nimrod, had some additional drivels to spew. Once again, I shall document this crap, on the blog, because crap that it is, it can be fun.

To my last comment, “having -some- beer, eating some pork, and having some sex,” he had the following to say:

"That is your olution to humanity? Getting drunk and getting laid?" - Misleading Nimrod.

My reply:
Ever heard of the difference between drinking, and getting drunk, dumb ass? For that matter; ever hear of sarcasm? And no! It’s not my solution, or the solution for this world; it’s A solution, to get you resolved out of this mess, because individuals like you are nothing more than trolling-spam in such vital debate; you corrode dialog with distractions and useless jabbering - hey, that does serve as a micro-solution towards the greater problem, but I digress. It’s funny, and very typically Islamic-Apologist of you to blatantly stride, in implication, towards misquoting me, entirely!

To the rave about hadood ordinance and the Sharia laws:

"But its nothing compared to your Gay Marriages issue." - Misleading Nimrod.

My reply:
Oh yes, women being harassed, persecuted, and suffering honour-killings is nothing compared to a couple of homosexuals having their rights from bigots like you. Take your esoteric morality elsewhere; in the real world, murderers and rapists are a threat, not homosexuals.

Our apologist also claimed to have an American education; clearly using the notion to earn more credibility for his asinine rhetoric. I had the following to say about our nimrod’s so-called “education”:

You know what you've just proven yourself to be? A waste of American education, if you still insist on defending this mess.

Once again, the twit digressed to the homosexual issue, and made the following comment:

“think about your issues at home." - Misleading Nimrod.

My reply:
Yes, people like you spewing such asininities under the claims of an American education; that really is a problem. Deal with your own issues, you putz! We don’t mind homosexuals, and actually view them as human beings with rights. Stop detracting; you're doing it again, as always. (He assumed me an American drone, and for once, the assumption was flattering!)

In lieu of distinguishing himself from his other idiotic peers, he also insisted that he wasn’t “a typical Pakistani,” to which I had the following to say:

And no! Truly progressive Pakistanis are actually a very decent bunch, because they know their country was founded on progressive, secular norms! It was contaminated by that cock-sucker, Zia, and perpetuated by narrow-minded twats like you, who seem to think that the story of "Sodom" still has more importance than apostates and blaspheming individuals being publicly persecuted to degrees of murder. Therefore, I am going to affirm my stance with an emphatic contention: GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! YOU WON'T FIND GOD IN THERE! And while we’re on the fringes of the subject; you are the reason why the world has a negative stereotype of even the passive Pakistanis, because they look at the extremists, and then they look at the likes of you and muse to themselves, “hmm, that’s all the improvement? Wow, these guys don’t educate very well! They’re still pretty much controlled by archaic dogma as opposed to having a personal conscience of their own.” Damn! You just hurt the negative Pakistani stereotype. We should just call you, “Exhibit A(pologist),” in the case against Pakistan’s damnation as a society.

He (Misleading Nimrod), had also jabbered earlier on about that ancient Islam-o-Dumbass -belief- about how the Koran’s never been altered, and how being an unevolved piece of literature somehow makes it a good thing (go figure). Of course, I had something to say, again...

“FINALLY..The fact of the matter is that the bible has changed a thousand times since its revelation. BUT not a single word has been changed in the Quran." - Misleading Nimrod.

My reply:
It's your belief, monkey! And, once again (fuck, this will never end) - so what? I don't care. I don't care whether your book magically materialised from the turd of a constipated camel, and developed the ability to never change (YEAH RIGHT! AS IF!). Because despite all this BS, your religion has not evolved, and neither has your cultural mentality. Over and above all, from a progressive stand-point, claiming that your book hasn't been changed, can be considered a very negative sign - Free Iran said it best: "An un-evolved, self-serving, DIY manual of death." The bible has changed, and has moderated with the times, as has the Christian faith, you dumb-spank.

People are dying; apostates are being executed; blasphemy laws are in place, and all this moron can say: "D'uh! My bookz iz deh never changed!" - A flawed, and stupid belief, and as though even that would make everything all right.

Oh, and the rest of the critics would be on the mark with their refutes of the Islamist cticism of media bias. There is a reason as to why Bill O'Reilly sits on his show, everyday, and condemns western media for siding with these morons, and going -against- western sentiment! Meanwhile, morons like our apologist, claim otherwise... know what that means? Ah, yes! They're biased, but not nearly as biased as this deluded apologist's ass would want to believe, just like his faithful notion of an unchanged book, which is only used to carry out abuse!

I also had the following to say to the apologist in question, because he made some pleas for freedom, earlier on:

Your life is not a free life, chump! It’s a life where your religious-dictators are free to encroach on the freedoms of all that fall under their rule, at GUNPOINT! You wanna' be free to spill the blood of all that leave your religion, or don't respect your prophet! You’re exuding the cheek to defend a mindset - a political-religious freedom to murder and oppress, and that's when it does become the world's problem, you dumb ass! When real human rights are violated, including the abuse of homosexual; the world wallows in concern and need for intervention. There are people, within your Pakistan who are terrified of such thinking, and want to escape from a country where the extremists exist, and where most of the moderates, are like you! They want to be free from the likes of the extremists, and their apologists! Even Pakistani youths criticised one of their so-called moderate religious scholars for merely gay-bashing, after he himself acknowledged that Islam has no real punishment against homosexuality, but that gays are a disease; I hope more youngsters like these individuals pop up, and push you apologists and your extremist-clients into an impotent minority, then I'll finally have a reason not to refer to Pakistan as “Pansistan”, or “Pansia”.

...and, Misleading Nimrod/dumb-ass-with-head-up-his-ass; Christians are just one prong. AND ONCE AGAIN: YOU DETRACT WITH THESE USELESS CRITIQUES! YOU EVADE THE REAL QUESTION AT HAND! THE REST OF US DON’T CARE! TO US, GAY MARRIAGES ARE GREAT! USING THEM TO SWITCH ISSUES, IS FUCKING! STUPID! What's wrong with you? Early Alzheimer's? But I'll finish, regardless of your attempts to evade. Don't you forget, this world has groups from many other schools-of-philosophies, including atheists; it's not just a Christian-problem, you idiot. Ah, but of course, your dogma refuses to even acknowledge such individuals as beings with rights, and then you insist on getting along with a civil world. This is almost like the time when Christopher Hitchen’s confronted a member of the Islamic Council in America, on CNN after the cartoon controversy; remember what he said? “You neglect to consider the rest of us--a substantial majority--known as the atheists, who refuse to acknowledge any of this barbaric non-sense! You can’t force us to quell our free-thoughts in order to respect something that we don’t even believe in!” (Chris Hitchens)

This twit's bases for judgement and determination of human-values, was entirely dependant on some incoherent raves about how little the west is in practice of organised religion. Well, chump-Paki; they’re still far more virtuous of the value of human life and rights, than most of your air headed counterparts who pray five times a day! Besides, I don't give a damn who practices what; keep it to yourself. The bases for human-civility, here, isn't contingent on how many times you get down on your knees and beg to your god! Or how many times you trot off to some building with an esoteric preacher at its helm, denouncing even the most meagre of western freedoms at every nook and corner! It relies on how much you strive to preserve the individual volition and existence of every human being, despite their personal life-styles/faith/choices, which includes and doesn’t stop at: HOMOSEXUALITY! Thus, the point remains: Most Christians are less prone to executing atrocities, and then justifying said atrocities. The fact that they condemn homosexuality in mere words, rather than pursuing it like a cult of bloodthirsty, rabid hellhounds, is exactly the kind of constructive attitude that makes them adaptable to a changing world. By that very virtue; the mere fact that you condemn gay marriages as being "worse" than hadood laws and sharia-based control, proves just how inhuman (from a post-modern perspective) your ego is, as a whole, and how out of touch you are with the modern human-condition and needs of the modern world, just like the good little mindless apologist drone that you are. Seriously, people, take note: This is your -average- moderate; about five-percent of the general Islamic demographic, and even in his views gay marriages seem to be a bigger issue than blasphemy, adultery/rape, and religious treason laws - now tell me how this doesn’t qualify others like this individual, as butt-noids for the extremists? I can just see this guy, living inside the ass of an extremists; they're like lawyers for gangsters - just as vile, but only with presentation accumen.

To this shameless apologist, I had the following to say; but the message extends to all prospective apologists of this breed:

Please, just serve as PR for some extremist; it's all your feeble approach will ever mount to, and you’ll suck at the task, but when have we known Islam-o-fascists for being an attractive, and polite bunch? Now, I’m detracting… Just be the religious PR drone that you are for all the fanatics, and let the chips fall in/out of place, you blind twit. Your kind are almost as loathsome as the extremists; because you actually try to engage in dialog with your narrow-minded bigotry as the moral bases for the term “humanity”.

“MORE GAY MARRIAGES! LESS PRO-SHARIA/PRO HADOOD LAW TROLLINGS! LESS TABOOS ON SEX! MORE ACTIVE ACTION AGAINST ISLAMIC THEOCRACIES!” - Closure, because I am tried of having to read the list of individuals in these Islamic states, being monitored by Amnesty International as victims of unfair, and barbaric religious laws. I understand their bane; but why -help- individuals, when you have such an archaic system that’ll always result in more individuals in similar peril - BREAK THIS SHIT DOWN, NOW! GET RID OF THE ENTIRE SYSTEM!

Ugh! Stay cool, fuckers!


Saturday, September 02, 2006

...and the smacking continues.

Indeed it does; the same link from the prior rant is active with more follow-up comments, specifically from one Islam-O-Nimrod--a new term for those harmless, but very sappy apologists--really pouring his sold-out heart over the matter. His attack primarily consisted of attacking the western culture, and its lack of superficial morals. In order to defend all these bombings, female-oppression, death penalties for adultery, apostasy, and blasphemy, our apologist--under the alias: Misleading Media--attacked how the westerns indulge in premarital sex (big deal); consume alcohol (big deal); and, and, and... eat pork (mega gasp! BIG FUCKIN' DEAL!).

Yeah, all that really justifies punishing apostates by death; punishing adulterers by death; keeping Moslems at gunpoint from denouncing their religion; and other frustratingly retarded barbarianisms!

So I had the following to say to this idiot-fuck:

Bahahahahahaha! Oh, Misleading Media, you are the epitome of the Islamic apologist archetype.
Pakistan? You have the gall to bring up Pakistan? The country where they're still "debating" whether the burden of proof should be put on female rape victims, while under threat of prosecution for adultery (Refer to Hadood Laws)? You are sad, and sick, surely.

"Almost all of you drink" (Misleading Media) - So what? They don't blow themselves up!

"Almost all of you have intercourse before marriage" (Misleading Media) - Atleast they don't force women into marriage and then commit "sanctioned and sponsored rape"! Courtship in your culture is worse than prostitution; at least a prostitute indulges in his/her "business" through his/her own volition. ONCE AGAIN: SO WHAT? They didn't piss on your grave-sight! They had sex! BIG DEAL! GROW UP! Get off your high-horse you fascist sexo/homophobe.

"Almost all of you eat pig (which contrary to popular belief is prohibited in Christianity Also)" (Misleading Media) - Oh, so what? At least they don't slaughter human-beings like goats for EID.

Chill out, man! Go drink some beer, eat some pork, and have some sex! It'll help you! You may end up happier, and less prone to blowing yourself up, or defending other mindless drones who blow themselves up.

"This was started by America and Israel by not giving the muslims their right to free life." (Misleading Media)

And what about the fascism that's perpetuated by your religion? There's the rest of the world, within these third-world-populations, who suffer because of the stringent dogma that is this religion. Perhaps if you people could start dissecting that cancerous ideology out of your states, then people could look upon the matter from a civilised point-of-view.

Don't judge the religion by its followers, but by the Koran? Oh! Man! Sure! So basically, the world should ignore a billion-or-so psychopathic shmucks, simply because of an out-dated book? You should be concerned about your grasp on reality; get some psychotherapy.

Oh, and...

"So They started it and are keeping on it to eliminate the muslim race ( OH OH NO I'm and extremist for saying that). Idiots!!" (Misleading-Deluded-Media)

No. You're just an impotent apologist, who IS an idiot. You're harmless in the general picture, but your asinine idiocy is certainly harmful. This fuck-wad is proof of how a substantial number of moderates have become useless and counterproductive towards the essence of a civil world; always detracting from -real issues- with their incoherent tirades that are nothing more than picking straws - FRUSTRATINGLY USELESS!

Yeah! That was fun... sort of!

Stay cool, fuckers!


Thursday, August 31, 2006

Smacking the Apologists, Part - Unknown (lost count).

It just so happens that my compulsive nature for annoying, and quite honestly, unproductive debates, once again has me churning my cranium. I had quite a hefty rant after I read a certain link, which I shall post and explain in the following paragraph. My follow-up was dirty, but it was meaningful to me, just like most of my profanity infused rants on this blog, so I'll post that thick, maxim-of-doom, on this blog, because it is mine! ALL MINE! BAHAHAHAHA!

The link, which comes from a website known as "Civilisation vs. The Middle East (Ages, heeh!)"; the article linking users to a clip of Wafa Sultan - an outspoken critic of present misrepresentation of religion, and politicised oppression by fundamentalist Islam. Apparently, comparing this woman to Martin Luther King got so-called "moderate-Moslems" into a typically rabid mood, which they always deny, decrying the woman as--amongst many other ridiculing innuendos--a secularist, who by virtue of her secular stance, is nothing more than a minion who worships the white-man as her god. So, being a fellow secularist, I had to clarify that I have no such deity, and it's certainly not a white man! And what exactly does this imply about the god of secularist Moslems? It’s funny how easily this massive tribe of spiritual-slaves can revel in the “martyr complex”, now developing quite a racist sub-complex; anything to perpetuate self-pity and righteousness; and oddly enough, they can be pretty bigoted themselves.

Anyway, without further wait... I give to you (with great pity for most of you, because even I suffered with this rant, somewhat)... My response to the comments from the above-posted link.

Kade's tirade (addressed mainly, to the so-called moderates)...

Most of this banter is nothing more than evasive bullshit: Moslem-apologists picking at straws - Staunch Neo-Cons decrying one dogma in the name of another. Of course, right in the centre, there have been some very powerful sentiments, which not even a poetic sociologist could outclass (The Truth; Free Iran; Habib; Waheed - That took guts, dude; Sufu). I would've included Ibn Adam, if he hadn't gone out of his way to use selective memory to glorify his belief, while completely rejecting the barbaric ethos that has originated from the said belief; but at least he’s not an entirely self-serving sheep like Fatima, who’s basically the human equivalent of an ugly broken record from the early 50s.

It’s irrelevant, this entire apologist banter about how true believers would never resort to such barbaric trends; it’s irrelevant if in some sense of the critical-term, “Islam is being confused with Moslems.” So, fucking, what? It doesn’t change that fact that hordes of barbaric posses rally every time some civil notion challenges the fundamentals of their religious culture; apostate getting away with a free life; journalist/author/spokesperson/individual getting away with blasphemy through free speech. It doesn’t matter how you see the religion, until and unless you chose to take this religion, differentiate it from the spittle-mire that is spewed by fundamentalists, and then combat them with intellectual debate, which you’ll obviously fail at because there is no intellectual debates with savage minions who kill at the sound of an opinion of intellectual dissent.

Sorry, but you ought to stop getting defensive about this whole topic, because if you’re so naïve to believe that this isn’t your religion, then you could, at the very least, obscure your insecurities with a bit of rational logic, and not defend this extremist ideology, when you clearly believe that it doesn’t represent your faith. Seriously, this is an attack against all those crazy theocratic regimes and massive-slew of brain-washed, destitute masses from the developing world, who clearly--according to your innuendos--follow a perverted ideology as opposed to the supposedly “true message” that only you moderates follow; you wanna’ believe that, then feel free to, buddy… whatever makes your world go round! That’s all what we really want; for most to believe in whatever they wish to believe in, albeit, within such civic bounds as to not physically tread on, and or violate the sanctity of anyone else who deviates. Unfortunately, the popular conception of this Islamic religion promotes such sick, oppressive dogmas, where religion is the ultimate authority, and sanctions every bit of the state to do its dirty-biddings; if you “enlightened moderates” like to believe that this isn’t your real faith, then distance yourselves from this popular concept, and stop getting defensive like petulant children, every time someone attacks this perversion, because, kiddos, that is exactly the bear-trap that causes you to self-defeat your own claims and end up associating with the extremists; recall my last rant about how moderates still consider themselves part of the same twisted “brotherhood”. Stop bitching and defending, for once, and try fighting Sharia, go on, I dare you!

“I mean, to me, the concept is really quite simple! If someone likes to munch on dicks! And I dislike the idea of munching dicks, then how in the fuck can the dick-muncher, and the anti-dick-muncher, be considered a brotherhood? Fuck no! It doesn’t work! They’re quite the fucking opposite!” - My Resolution.

Such pitifully confused “moderates” are nothing more than self-defeating apologists, who despite boisterous claims, always end up resorting to evasive tactics when confronted with the ugly side of their cultural dogma. I can just scope the psyche of the typical apologist, and here’s a common mantra among the musings of such a rotting mind, when confronted with the barbaric nature of its creed: “Oh, fudge! They’re right! This religion has caused a lot of bloodshed! Yet I can’t help but defend it somewhat, because I was brought up with a spiritual tunnel-vision! And I can’t be an honest putz and condemn this, because that would take galls, which I really don’t have! So I’ll either distance myself from this shit, or… Oh! Oh! Oh! Or better yet, I’ll bring up talks about other bloodshed that had nothing to do with my faith! THAT’LL KEEP ‘EM DISTRACTED!” And then begins the broken-record references that we’ve all heard, and repeatedly debunked a thousand-times-over.

Thus, the initiation of all the twisted references to the crusades, the great war, the world war, the holocausts--which most Islamic radicals reject--and whatnot else. This approach can be criticised, shot-down, and demolished into oblivion through a variety of methods, but nothing quite matches the clause of irrelevance and the objection of detraction: Nothing like defeating a point by completely invalidating its bearings in a present-day context, or proving it to be nothing more than an evasive tactic. So yes, first off; WHO THE FUCK CARES? So, something nasty happened a few decades ago; is any sane majority of the civilised world justifying that heinous chapter? Oh, fucking hell with puss-smelling trout, NO! So, a religious brigade waged bloody wars in the name of moral-superiority and divine prosperity, HUNDREDS-OF-YEARS-AGO! Does anyone in the civil world condone this? Hardly! Fuck, the other day, Kellie Copeland was raving incoherently like the televangelist doll that she is, and even she sounded like a happy hippie as she condemned the crusades as very evil, and in her words, “horribly mean!” (AW! Dumb girl!) There, a Jesus lover and bible thumper - daughter of Kenneth Copeland, one of the most renowned televangelists and Christian apologists; dubbing the same act atrocious. Over and above all; so what if this happened? No one is contesting its existence, or justifying the fact then why do these people insist on bringing it up, everytime their religion's integrity is questioned? We all agree that we've had some bad chapters in history, but yet these shmucks use these examples as excuses every time the civil-fortitude of their religion is questioned? Do they want to simply have their go at bloodying the world a few more times? Is that it? DO YOU WANT TO REFER TO THE PAST - NOT LEARN A DAMN THING FROM IT - AND THEN BE ALLOWED TO REPEAT THE SAME BARBARIANISM? Get a fuckin’ grip; the enlightened world didn’t get enlightened for extremists to repeat the intellectually retarded atrocities of the past, and then be defended by so-called “moderates” who are even bigger hypocrites for having the face to defend such vile behaviour.

“No one gives a damn about you making such references, you monkeys! What happened, had happened, unfortunately, and it was widely condemned! Why refer to it now? Two wrongs don’t make a right! This doesn’t make what’s happening now, any more acceptable than it already is: Completely unacceptable! Do something about the now - the present! After all that has happened, what are you going to do about what’s happening now (and might happen in the future). Form a practical solution and conclusion for your endlessly half-baked refutes, you pathetic shmucks. From here on, any references to already-condemned, thousand-year-old atrocities, are invalid! Offer solution, and condemn what’s happening now, rather than defend! Give me a reason, not to call you apologists, and actually consider you true moderates!” - Urgent rhetoric.

Yes, I have yet to see proper condemnation for acts against innocent non-Moslem parties, because most of the Islamic-o-political paradigm’s busy, perpetuating this martyr indoctrination of self-righteous indignation for their lovely little conscience/volition-free drones. Pity yourselves - get mad - resort to reactionary tactics; while the suffering of other innocents outside your belief system is completely invalidated. Moderates turn into a complete mush of tears and brain-chowder over the murder of innocent Moslems; rarely is there a congressional protest over the similar murders of non-Moslems; what - one’s innocence is now contingent on your thumping of the Koran? You must belong to this religion to be considered innocent? There’s an example of esoteric perception for the viewing/and flabbergasted audience. Please! Get off your high-horses, and identify your own filthy double-standards; it might just decrease the frustration of your outspoken critics.

You can make a dozen references to the past; you can have your bodies tattooed with such references; your grave stones following suit. None of these evasive/detracting tactics will change or pardon the abysmally inexcusable negligence and persecution of human sanctity and freedom of conscience and speech in this day and age, all in the name of that hideous state-indoctrination known as the Sharia. This should be the new curse word for the millennium - “sharia”. Anything that embodies chauvinistic oppression and minimisation of female rape-victims; death penalty for apostasy; determining what anyone’s religion is, outside their own will/autonomy; death penalty against adultery; using state to control spousal relations; micromanagement--as many have already put it--of every facet of all citizens existence, couldn’t even be considered hell-worthy. You shameless duds make references upon references to past human-errors, while ignoring, and even condoning the aforementioned doctrine, which couldn’t even be considered suitable for Satan’s commode? Please, get back out there, confront your beliefs, reclaim your critical-intelligence--which was robbed from you since birth--and use that to finally develop a dignified, individual conscience as opposed to the pathetic little apologist-drone mentality for a fabricated moral authority that most still hone, out of fear, and psychological impotency.

Religion of peace, my ass! More like peace on archaic terms! “Shut up, and bow down, and nothing will happen to you! We like our maggots without spine; we don‘t want thinking, independent humans with will!” A better way of summing this up: “Our peace, just for us, or else… So nobody moves! No body gets hurt! *BANG BANG*”

“The deal is simple, for every single person on this planet! When something heinous and dehumanising is taking place, no amounts of past-references will help the matter. Wondering and pondering the beyond has nothing to do with this paradigm of mortals; no human can account for these factors to a scientific degree, and therefore, has no right to compromise other human life in the fear and belief of such spiritual hypothesis! Believe in whatever the fuck it is that you must believe in, but keep it to yourself! Stop trying to politicise the concept and earn it credibility beyond its objective state: Hypothetical Belief! Be honest to yourselves, and use your higher-intelligence to deal with what you can deal with! Unfortunately, certain dogmatic indoctrination has declared humanism a sin in the name of a given spiritual hypothesis, resulting in the archetype mentality of militant-drones, who refuse to deviate or tolerate, while the disagreeing moderates within their sanctum, get tricked by their own contaminated subconscious into picking the wrong side like idiots, and then defending these militant monsters! BREAK THIS DAMN CYCLE, YOU FOOLS! BEFORE EVEN THE MODERATE BRACKET ENDS UP GETTING CONSUMED!” - My conclusion.

I realise that a very small minority of these people, are indeed hardworking, progressive-minded individuals! But all that self-redemption is negated when you try to deceive the rest of us into thinking that the contributions made by the moderates should somehow overshadow, or eclipse the fascist extremism that is perpetuated by the barbaric fundamentalists, and pretty much engulfing this world; do I see you people taking proper measures -against- the sharia-touting in UK? Hell no! Bitch, and moan all you want: You moderates are a wimpy minority, period! Everyone else between yourselves and the extremists are just passive-bodies that still sympathise with the extremists, which basically leaves you people as the only deviating minority. Accept this reality, and then take some proper, affirmative action towards rectifying this reality - differentiate yourselves from the fundamentalists - create a moderate evolution in your religious protocols, and last, but not least: Stop defending scum.

Until next time! Stay cool!


Civilisation vs. The Middle Ages: Wafa Sultan, the Arab Martin Luther King

Sunday, August 13, 2006

UK's Islamic community, and their recent pleas for reform! (Pfft!)

Before I proceed, it should be known that I’m starting to despise the BBC website, especially for its fascist-like “Have your say” section. I was basically there, watching an entire population of divided Britons, voicing their thoughts on the Islamic Community’s plea for international policy reform in the UK. You can get the details from the following url:
BBC - Have your say: Is British foreign policy fuelling extremism?

I had some thoughts of my own, but I’d rather voice them fully in this hellhole as opposed to BBC’s utterly useless have your say section, where they’ll keep deleting my comments and rejecting them, despite certain monkeys getting away with comments like “u r da badz pplz!” (Not kidding; I think I saw something like that in this very discussion.)

Now, first off, I’m just relieved that this threat in the UK was averted in good time - well done on the part of the relevant authorities!

Now for the comments and this proposition by the fuzzy Islamic community in the UK (Yeah, right!).

C’mon. Can’t these people find common ground? I refer of course, to the BBC crowd. For a BBC website crowd, there’s a clear cut division in these comments, which is a disturbing omen. Some are bloviating warmongers, who’ve clearly developed concrete views about a very complex conflict that requires flexible analysis as opposed to stringent myopia. Meanwhile, the others are sympathisers with a martyr complex, basically devoted to the rectification of this foreign policy for the greater fuzziness of humankind - or so they believe. Of course, these apologists are the same dumb-asses who often end up defending extremists more often than offering concrete condemnation for the extreme actions; and then they expect to be viewed as different. Now is it just me, or are we missing some solid pearls of middle-ground wisdom? I think we are; therefore, I’ll take a crack at this one.

First off, the Islamic community’s demands are intentionally misconstrued by certain individuals, simply because they wish to justify their outrage at moment, which as justified as it may be, is still no cause for such blatant misinterpretation. What these leaders are saying, asking, pleading, is not for UK to change its laws; they’re not asking for religious indoctrination within Britain (maybe some of them are, but most of the moderates aren’t). They’re simply saying this--I’ll put in captions: “Dudes, these extremists are loco - crazy - nuts - drones with no value for life; let’s try to find a method that isn’t going to provoke them to such great degrees that either they go gung-ho, or this nation becomes bigoted against anything that is remotely linked to Islam or non-white/non-protestant-Christian ethos. We just wanna’ have a chance to live!” Perhaps a bit naïve, but that is the gist of these pleas from the Moslem moderates, I believe.

Seriously, I despise these capricious demons that we view as “Islamic Fundamentalists”, but this is no reason to go out of one’s way, and deceive oneself into poorly reading the Islamic Community’s requests and backing intentions. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way. I think moderates are spineless, for the larger part. Consider Pakistan, for an example; many moderates moan about democracy in this country, when the only shred of secular hope for that nation -is- its current regime - pardon the explicit expression, but screw democracy when a bulk of that nation might vote-in another group of Islam-o-fascists. They dub Pakistan a sham democracy, while ignoring the fact that the current regime might be the only thing separating a progressing state from purely archaic indoctrination. Do the moderates get this concept? Not really. They’re too occupied revelling in the ideal of fairness to realise the doom that looms in their democratic destiny. Therefore, it should be known that I am no big fan of the Islamic community’s worm-like notions, and completely childish belief that basic Islam could ever correlate with a progressive, secular world. They ought to consider an evolution of their religious programming, or create solid distinction in faith from their savagely extremist counter-parts. I hate to say it, but at the moment, they still serve the role of hippie apologists for the same, critically-stunted dogma: Same religion.

Having that said, I will also add that blatantly using terrorism as leverage against current foreign policy is nothing more than just the obvious wrong, bordering on forthright blackmail. The extremists execute their atrocities, followed by some very watered-down condemnation from the moderates, followed by twisted justifications, which pretty much defeat the purpose of the given condemnation; despite condemning these extremists, a good few moderates still seem to suffer from a compulsion to play apologists in this mess. Yes, it is fact that the foreign policy is motivating some psychotic terror cells to react; however, such policy is not entirely off, either - these cancerous manifestations against human progress need to be eradicated. At the moment, raving about peace, and relying on the ancient mantra of double-standards, while serving feeble justifications for a very archaic dogma, isn’t really doing much to arrest Islamic Fascism. This anti-progressive disease needs to be dealt with in an affirmative manner, but with a bit of logic rather than one-sided antagonistic tactics that put the common-citizens in greater danger, which is a dire fact, and very much happening.

Hell, during that entire comment-fiasco, a certain Moslem voiced his own thoughts that reinforce my belief that even these so-called moderates unconsciously come off as apologists; refer to the quote for details.

Excerpt from - Have Your Say:
"Islamic brotherhood is about 1/5th of the entire humanity and cannot be eliminited." -
Muhammad Saeed - (BBC - Have your say.)

Right there, people; this putz is acknowledging that extremists and moderates are siblings - one union, perhaps? Doesn't look very nice for the so-called pacifist moderates. I can name a handful of atheists who're forced to carry the "Moslem" title because of the archaic view of Islam on apostasy. Individuals who’re not really part of this brotherhood in spirit, and practice none of its dogmas; but still, individuals who’re trapped inside the demographic category because Islam--shitty popular concept that is has become--doesn’t allow freedom of religion if it entails leaving Islam. Therefore, it should be known that a handful of this 1/5th population, aren’t really relevant to the argument presented by Muhammed Saeed. Of course, the stupidity doesn’t end at this point; we've got a live apologist on our hands!

The same contributor had also stated:
"What well meaning and learned Muslims scholars explain on authority about real Islam,is to be taken seriously." - Muhammad Seed.

Perhaps these "scholars" can attempt justifying the execution of Islamic apostates. Or explain why they've avoided taking any steps towards circumventing such barbarianism. Seriously, Islamic interpretation, and state-sanctioned implementation needs to fuckin’ die!

As for the bottom line; yes, deal with Islam-O-Fascism! But please, do not alienate what remains of the moderate Moslems in-between--spineless as they may seem, to me--they’re an okay bunch, though I’m not really interested in digesting anymore of their hippie-like views of their creed, and of course, sham-peace. As adaptable as these pacifist moderate Moslems may seem; I wouldn’t want them to be determining foreign policy, or any policy, for that matter. Islam-o-fascism, and Islamic theocracies, need to go; this world doesn’t need religious militants, and nations that provide constitutional justification for esoteric religious glory and follow-up militancy - purge the world of this Islamic Fascism, and the theocracies within which it is bred.

The following from the same slew of comments sums it up best:
“Blaming Government is hiding from the reality, simply put, Muslims are confronted with a choice.” - Kamran - (BBC - Have your say.)

Once again, good job on the part of relevant authorities in circumventing this vile, and very recent threat.

So until next time, stay cool, fuckers.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bitter Irony: I defended Fox News' right to exist! WTF!?

“Why the fuck do I get into these things? I guess I enjoy them until the scenario gets messy.”

I recently ended up in this twisted argument--by no intent on my part - big surprise--and an argument it was, with an even deeper twist to follow. It was your average day; me having my average interactions with the average likeminded individuals, bashing the average likeminded notions.

The theme of the day: Fox News - The Bashing, part umpteenth. The twist: Kade leaping to the defence of their rights in a bitter-sweet tactic for the preservation of a certain principle that he holds dear. Yes, I was pushed that fuckin’ far, beyond the abyss that us meagrely neurotic humans like to refer to as, “The Brink!” It fuckin’ sucked, but it was needed, and I found no other choice on the matter. I’ve been known to bash the news channel, myself; but the notion of having the fuckin’ morons blatantly censored or blocked, just didn’t fly for me.

I personally agree with the common critiques about this sham of a news channel, where a handful of shows are explicitly known for promoting a very haunting, and esoterically rightist agenda. Hell, the stiff-fucks at “Faux”, have been known to bring on Ann Coulter onto their shows for the mental-conditioning err, edification of their viewing audience; and that white-neo-militant-Christian-supremacist is the bitchy epitome of evil, fascist, bigoted intolerance in an equally mind-boggling guise of beauty. Civil rights advocate, my fuckin’ ass! This coming from the woman who decries the left for being “god less”; civil-rights advocate? If this Hell-Mistress had her fuckin’ way, all of us “heathens” would be shackled down by our balls and being forced to profess a dying allegiance to the holy spirit, or otherwise, face her wrath, both in this world, and the so-called “here after.”

This example of Ann Coulter was just amongst one of the many painful lacerations of intellectual misery that Faux has induced upon me by virtue of its disgustingly polarised programming. Therefore, my displeasure for this sham-cum-news channel should be fully acknowledged and fathomed by each and every one of your maggots and shrewd fuckers, before I explain as to why I was defending their right to exist (annoying shmucks).

My acquaintance pointed out how such a hate-breeding outlet of the new-age media, should altogether be barred from the face of this planet, because it’s doing nothing more than illicitly sexing up the naïve perception of Americans, while simultaneously demonising entire bulks of generally moderate populations of “other religions” - a folly that some have accused even my arrogant-ass of practicing, and I acknowledge that I tend to slip down that path. And that astoundingly long sentence is only the half of it; because my acquaintance also pointed out how this might become the launch pad for some twisted neo-con militant agenda of the future - another hypothesis that I decided to avoid challenging, or acknowledging for that matter. Though I do know that people like Ann Coulter are a sign of some very nasty elements that exist in the west, at the moment.

Anyway, I had to step up to their defence, for once, and it was fucking annoying, because all this while, I had the mug-shot of Sean Hannity, firmly mounted in front of my mind’s eye - my mental thoughts at that very moment. I don’t think any of you free/independent thinkers could possibly stomach defending Fox News when you picture this twisted spastic at the same time - it just brings out so much hatred. Anyway, my impulses successfully stoked my conviction, thus paralysing my innate inhibition at that point - I continued to defend Fox News.

My defence began with the mere point about how, regardless of their anal nature, Faux/Fox should be allowed to exist as an accessible media outlet. It pained me to make such a declaration, but it had to be said. My acquaintance began to assume that perhaps I was, finally, jumping ship and heading off to a far more darker place. I assured this person that he/she could not be more wrong, and that I wasn’t defending Faux/Fox so much as I was a mere principle that hold dear: Right to exist and profess, regardless of the asininities of the contentions in question.

Believe you me, people; Fox is shit - not THE shit… just plain shit; a piece of year-old, dried-up, bull excrement that has probably fossilised a swarm of house flies within its hardened faecal confines. To me; Faux Noose/Fox News has been nothing more than a guilty, and rage, inducing high that I would consider nothing more than commode grout from a random public toilet in Sudan. Is this, however, a strong enough reason for them to be denied existence as the collective morass/entity that they currently are? Does even a popular opinion warrant such a notion? Such questions raced through my mind as I considered while simultaneously defending.

I personally saw a glaring red flag beyond my critique; I hated them, but I still didn’t feel that they, despite their hate breeding content, deserve to be absconded into the nether regions of the media-oblivion. All of you bastards should know, but not for future reference, that I suffer from a mild degree of obsessive compulsive disorder; I usually have trouble making direct contact with certain things that gross me out, and gutter crud is one of those things. Of course, no sane fucker likes gutter crud, but most can muster the intestinal fortitude to make direct contact when the moment commands. I, on the other hand, lacked such gall when it came to gutter crud - no direct, hand-contact for me, biatch! I thought this to be true, until I watched Hannity literally spew pure right-wing crap on television. I was for once, craving the desire to mix shit-ridden sewage with strong cement, before running my fingers right through the concentrated mire of excretion and cement, and then taking another additional step towards grand-grossness, and sticking the given fingers into Hannity’s mouth, and shutting him up, once and for fuckin-all! Indeed, that is just how bloody motivated I was to see this putz, shut the fuck up, for the greater good of humanity.

Unfortunately, this was still something that the philosophical trace inside me would deem as plain “wrong”. In today’s world, with all the shit that’s going on; acting upon such a domineering desire would leave me with a lot of self-loathe. I do not regret having such a desire, but I don’t believe I need to exercise such a desire into actual actions. Hannity, the cock-sucking twit that he is, should continue to relish his right to abuse and misuse his dialect for the better or the worse; it is his right, especially by his country’s culture and constitution. And why does Sean Hannity get this free pass? Because all of us are entitled to such a free pass; it’s just that most of the sane bracket of humanity use utilise their expressive talents with a bit more class.

To me, dear fuckers, such a disgusting compromise is essential, because I find myself defending the existence of something repugnant, in lieu preserving an even further sacred, and fundamental principle: Free expression. It is just down-right wrong; fucking wrong! The few fascists on Faux/Fox, who desire to spew pure horse shit right out of their mouths as though fitted with an actual horse anus, doesn’t mean that anyone else should get to silence them; not you, not me, not anyone! These fuck-tarts are free to make public asses of themselves, and also free to desecrate their intellectual credibility - their loss! If you don’t like the spewed garbage that projects from their assholes, err, mouths - then spew some rebuttals, right back at these monkeys, and awaken them from their atrociously misleading phantasms! I guess in a twisted way, even trashy debate can exist when one side spews shit in the form of opinion, and the other decides to do the same in return. It’s a trashy debate, but a debate no less; a far more acceptable alternative to curry-smelling shmucks, burning down entire buildings like a bunch of ugly, devolved apes, high on testosterone, simply because someone mocked their religious god-father. I see this as a quintessential value in a degenerating world of spiritual hypocrisy, and utterly unneeded assertion of taboos in light of bigger, less-trivial issues that remain untouched. Let us at least overcome fundamental intolerance by allowing the intolerant-cockscukers to express their intolerance in civil speech as opposed to forcing them into a zone of belligerent action.

Let us exude our true commitment to expression, by biting our own tongues and the insides of our cheeks, while we allow idiots like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, to continue their utter disgrace of all civil progress and social evolution with their archaic opines of zero wisdom, and practically negative empirical value. After all, very seriously, it is utterly useless to silence people; you might as well kill them--also unacceptable, of course--because paralysing their tongues and hearts--black hearts, even--is really no better. It’s really pointless, anyway; stifling free speech will only add pressure to a potentially explosive concoction of pent-up human thoughts, both the virtuous, and the plain asinine.

All the progressive beings need to band together; remain committed towards preserving free-expression without any contaminated regulation. Don’t commit yourselves to paving a disgusting path for an even darker future than the currently developing obscurity that we’re seeing culminate before our very eyes, you critical fuckers! It’s not worth it, because in that obscure nightmare of a future, this right to express and debate, might be our only needed vent and ray of light. We should struggle to preserve this concept, even compromising our own desires in the process, because it will be a darkness beyond any mythical hell, if this regulation of expression eventually turns free-expression into a scorned vice for future generation to fear and loathe without a single dignified rhyme, or reason, for that matter. Seriously, if we kill this, even by shutting up bastards like Sean Hannity and Hell Whores like Ann Coulter, then we effectively immolate ourselves, and our metaphorical souls! We might as well be dead, because by initiating a silence of mere opinion, we’ve taken a step towards becoming biological drones, and that is a miserable a death from how I see things, people.

“I fuckin’ hate fox, but I am not gonna’ slaughter what remains of my tattered soul to deprive them of a right that I value and protect with such pride.” - Closure.

So until next time, which could be a while; stay cool, fuckers.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Roasted by Mr. Anonymous.

Recently, a certain critical-thinking anonymous attempted to instil a bit of ignominy in me by addressing my last post about the shit that’s brewing in the middle-east, mainly the Israel-Palestine conflict. Of course, this person, stated that I am not much better than those individuals who kill innocents for having ties to a certain race, or religion. I was basically declared “not much better” for apparently dishing out profanities against a group of individuals who deny humanity its autonomy and peaceful existence, if the same humanity shuns their esoteric ideals.

Conclusion: The critic claiming that I am not much better than those inhumane, extremist bastards, because I dish out profanities and ill wish against them on the grounds of their very barbaric conditional willingness to allow humanity to barely exist at the cost of having no independent spiritual volition or essential rights over their own being. Therefore, I am a bad, bad little ranting shmuck for apparently standing up for what remains of progressive humanity against a completely, and utterly uncompromising counter-progressive element! And that I am not much better than that counter element.

Woah. I never knew that touting a profane conjecture, of -mere words- against enemies of progressive humanity, makes me “not much better than them.” Does anyone else see the inconsistency? Well, either way, I got bored, I had time to kill like the useless fuck that I am, so I decided to address this reply in a proper post.

I shall quote our anonymous: be blunt, you're not much better. I understand your anger, but still. Wishing them extreme bodily harm makes you a part of this stupid cycle. But hey, it's just another internet rant. See, that's what I get out of this. Just another internet rant. Find another medium. Things never get done on the internet, and in the end, the profanity-loaded things you say will just be dismissed. Just another fuckin' internet rant.Your indignation is warranted...but civic discourse really has a purpose. I say you stick this energy to a more productive medium, and get the word out. Because the internet is dead. Plain and simple. Even intellectual debate simply goes to the vacuum. Nothin' out here, just one big digital wasteland we created to try and fill
up...and nobody cares, anymore.Get up, and talk out somewhere. And keep the
hate-talk in this big black-hole we call blogging...Cheerio!

" be blunt, you're not much better." - Anonymous. One more time for the good guys who seem to enjoy indulging in such myopia.

“Bloody hell! I feel an epiphany dawning on me. I feel, frail and weak; the state of my morale, unhinged from some much needed stability. Oh, no, I am really not much better than these individuals who I describe as extremist enemies of humanity. I mean, I sit here and banter away with some verbal profanity, which even a remotely thick-skinned baby could laugh off, while the extremists are ready to basically sever anyone’s head off for even looking at their religion funny, or being related--by no intention of their own--to a Jew or Western lineage. Yes, I can see how the two defined mentalities are so brilliantly similar--not--and also how mine might be, perhaps, a tad bit better, though still falling short of a satisfactory job at retaining some form of distinction. I am virtually the same as them, on the basis of condemning the boners that they get from desecrating human life, and spilling blood. Oh, and also for spewing verbiage about testicular leprosy in the process of the given condemnation, which I still feel that quite a few of these extremist/fascists deserve. And that’s what doesn’t make me much better than them - shit!

Yeah, and here I thought clumping good-natured illegal immigrants into the category of rapists and murderers was the epitome of stupid generalisation.” - Urgent sarcasm, because that was a fuckin’ hoot! It’s amazing to experience the lengths to which certain apologists will go--blatantly bordering on pure hyperbole--just to make a rhetoric resonate in the most negative manner possible. Whatever it is that you were trying to summon, good person, you’ve failed by virtue of my own experience with such tactics.

You see, Mr. A, I very casually disagree. I am completely different, and if we really need to use a poor choice of words, then yes, I am better. . . a mother-fucking load better! Now you can contradict that as many times as you desire, but that would just reinforce my knowledge of you being... what's that one word that I desire here... ah, yes... wrong. It would strengthen my perception of you being wrong, despite the justification of my indignation, which is nothing more than a very bland consolation prize after your condemnation. Me, being not much better than them = you, painfully wrong + me laughing and blowing out one of my lungs. And yes, I realise that the rhetoric was used to appeal to my political correctness and instill such an attitude within me, but on the whole, it failed. I am sensitive about cultures and humanity's diversity, but I've just severed any tolerance for the competely sub-human.

Now, spiteful gestures aside. You are clearly knowledgeable about proper tolerance, etc. However, you also, very clearly, dismiss me so aptly because of the fact that you’ve probably had no first-hand experience of the fundamentalist archetype. You are critical, but your somewhat lecturing tone makes me realise that there's still a rather young and inexperienced mind driving these multiple chains of assumptions, though I might be wrong on that count, and I really don't care. You feel that despite all the atrocities, there’s actually a human conscience to appeal to within these individuals, these extremists, thus earning them a shot at some leeway for human-sympathy. You do know that unlike most moderate believers, these individuals actually surrender their conscience to their so-called higher-authority? That’s the brutal reality of the extremist archetype: No critical conscience holding ‘em back from violating the rest of us. If there's one class of people who easily sleep at night, it is them, dude!

To these people, your appearance/stance, or mine for that matter, is irrelevant. One could be a godly saint, and actually show them the doors to a so-called heaven, and they'd most likely mutilate the given individual, or use him/her as a hostage, on grounds of any potential ties to the west or Jews.

The dichotomy is so wide that some of these people just cannot be integrated into a remotely tolerant paradigm. The mere fact that so-called moderates from that side of the fence were demanding that Abdul Rahman be executed for converting to Christianity, speaks volumes about the infinite hellfire that one must overcome before the two paradigms can find some kind of common ground. Unfortunately, the two realms--the fundamentalists and the progressives--just cannot coexist.

Though you do make a couple of very valid points; one of them being that this was just another rant, and that profane ill wish shouldn't be taken seriously. Especially when it comes to my case, one would be wise to take my profane conjectures with as little seriousness as possible. However, I still take exception to being put on a parallel to actual, psychotically motivated militias who celebrate spilling innocent blood - individuals who are anything but innocent, themselves.

Just to name a few of the charges:
- Guilty of intellectual laziness.
- Guilty of using their faith as a defence for the atrocities they commit.
- Guilty of harbouring virtually no personal conscience, which they falsely substitute with a so-called higher moral-authority, which in turn’s an actual fallacy construed by other, equally human individuals for their own gain/purpose/political goals, etc.
- Most of all, just plain guilty for having the cheek to violate innocent human beings by virtue of the aforementioned follies, in this typically archaic marinade of zero-judgement, no critical thought, and backward stereotyping.
- Finally, an inability to break out of this psychotic mould by virtue of the fact that they’ve been taught to fear without question from the day that they were born. There are actual, humble, down-to-earth moderates who’ll say the word “toba” when you get critical of their religion, even in a graceful manner. Do you not see a potential hell when the same philosophy is patched onto an untrained and poorly nurtured mind?

I don't know about you, sir, but I can confidentially say that a nutty-ranting profane shmuck (such as myself) does not even fall within the same universal category as an empty mind, with an appetite for murder, driven by some ancient group mentality of a barbaric ethos, and the need to get an easy ticket out of life’s struggles at the cost of innocent lives for some empty promise of eternal prosperity.

Now, regarding your condemnation of my approach, and how I should stick to a civic tone, and tackle the matter from a more effective medium:

Yes, the internet is largely a useless medium these days, though you should know that you generalise. I have seen some aspects of this digital wasteland, actually accomplish - actually serve a solid purpose! Your point, on the other hand, remains valid with regards to this scenario; -this- blog, is virtually impotent (no real visits - nothing, so yeah). However, I am really not in the position to care about the effectiveness of this literary eyesore - I get my thought out--profanity ridden--and hope that the rare browsing folk get the gist of it, and manage to digest a point with the raw content.

On the other hand, it appears as though you seem to care about taking proper and reformed initiative. Hell, you may’ve already taken initiative, so I suggest you keep at it - continue promoting this... proactive ideology. I am just not a part of the graceful and grand movement, unfortunately.

“Oh, and while we’re on the subject, Mr. A… There’s a very good chance that if I do, as you put it, “get out and speak out,” even in a civil manner, I would most likely be mutilated by a public mob within the coming week, followed by the authorities, intentionally burying the murder under a bureaucratic morass. Not that it would matter, but I thought I should inform you a bit more about my logistics while addressing your progressive preaching. You see, I don’t entirely mind the idea of death, but I have serious aesthetic concerns about the state of my body during and after the given death, and mutilation or visual bastardisation of any sort, are -not- acceptable. Heh.” - Closing comment.

- The roasted Storm, and enjoying every moment!

Friday, July 07, 2006

The painful news from one-year-ago!

I thought I wouldn't post this up, but I need to see this posted to get some closure on the matter.

Last year, around this very date (a few weeks earlier, actually), I was far too riled up to make any cohesive comments without going into a maniacal diatribe. I returned from a very horrific meeting with some very horrific life forms that I’d hardly consider human, only to find some very disturbing news and footage on television. The idea of London facing such grief brought me pain; one of the explosions took place very close to a friend’s place, and he was actually out at that time, which had me concerned for days on end. Closing fact that the entire horrification left me with a vile sensation for some kind of closure on a matter where closure was just not attainable. As you can see, it’s one thing to hate an ideology with the passion that I hone, but it is another degree of rage to have minions of that very savage ideology, hit you somewhere close to home! I was ticked to a degree that I couldn’t fathom at that point, and I really desired to piss on the graves of those that were responsible for this sheer inhumane act, driven by monotheistic stupidity. If there is a hell or a heaven, I hope those responsible for that tragic event--the minions included--do rot inside that very hell!

A lot had happened around that time of the year, both personally and politically. No soon after this tragedy, the brutal execution of Jean Charles de Menezes took place at the hands of the police, under suspicion of being a bomb-carrier or something. Yes, a major bungle by the British police. I was personally flabbergasted by the entire scenario, and Menezes death didn’t reflect well on the matter. I had to put up with a young colleague of mine, actually attempting to justify the killing while citing StarTrek by referring to the quote by Spock that went something like, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” That is like probably one of the most pathetic rationalisations under a bad and overly simplified excuse. It’s the same excuse used by far-right scum in America to justify very contrived profiling - guess they haven't seen Jihad Jack yes; how do the pansies keept track of the caucasian Jihaists? Well, digressing aside; the aforementioned quote, -is- stupid. To top it all off, further investigation proved that Menezes was innocent, and he wasn’t even acting as suspicious as he was initially accused of, along with the fact that the cops actually allowed him to board a bus before just shooting the poor, seated-man inside one of the underground trains.

It was a sad time indeed, and then I had to put up with another British citizen--one, that in my opinion, falls just a hairline short of being a shameless Islamic apologist--exude his views on different aspects of the British media; expressing little-to-no remorse for the seven-seven bombings, and then using Menezes situation to further decry the situation in the United Kingdom. Yes, I speak of Yamin Zakaria; a very outspoken British Moslem, who’s known for being articulate, but very pro-Islam in his views, garnering mild popularity through a series of media interviews. Hell, even I managed to interview the man, and during a word association game, his response to the word “religion” was, “only and only Islam!” Yeah, and of course, it couldn’t be complete without a rant about the intellectual martyrdom of the Islamic name and reputation in international view, along with citations of follies along the lines of the Menezes murder. It was just a time that had me pissed off and bitterly divided; there was no fuckin’ way that I was ever going to agree with Yamin Zakaria. In addition to that, there was no fuckin’ way that I was going to attempt rationalising Menezes’ murder, especially after all the new facts that had come to light. Of course, I had a pre-programmed bias of sympathy in his favour, but fortunately, the follow-up facts that were revealed, did contradict the initial claims about his so-called “suspicious” and “evasive” behaviour, effectively reaffirming my moral high-ground on the matter.

I still maintain to this very day that I am just fuckin’ sick and tired of this shit. Seventh of July, 2005 was a day of great sorrow, and hit me in a personal way that burned me almost as badly as 9/11, perhaps even more by virtue of my lifelong bond with the city of London. Of course, the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes exacerbated my dismay, but this is the level of deterioration that this fair world has reached. Really, I no longer desire to hear crap about how people should view shit like this world as a gift; not when you have psychotic shmucks blowing themselves up, and then counter-forces, ready to shoot the innocent before questioning, simply for honing a remotely similar ethnicity - something that is beyond anyone's control. (It's not like they sat there in the fuckin' foetus, filling out an ethnicity form; "hmm, I think I'd like to be Chinese.")

“Yeah, no simple answers here. So go ahead… shoot me.” - Closure.

May the souls and memories of those innocent bystanders that were mortally violated because of this tragedy of the London bombings, rest in some kind of resolve, and peace; this also goes for Jean Charles de Menezes. And shame on any bastard who tries to ignore or justify their deaths, right-wing fascists, and especially Islam-o-fascist-fucks included! I despise these monsters, because they are the irrefutable enemies of life itself; they are the champions of inhumanity, and a living reason to fear and loath a world that most of us were raised to view as a canvas of freedom and opportunity. As for London, I never knew I could empathise with the mindset of a patriot, but that day, I truly felt what it was like to experience the violation of something that one would consider a true home.

Until next time.


The sad moment in London's recent history.
Jean Charles de Menezes.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Elihau Asheri's brutal execution: One more nail in the world's coffin because of these savage extremists!

I came across a piece of news that has left my liver overflowing with bile; I can taste my rotting bodily fluids on the tip of my lips because of the extended irritation brought on by the following excerpt from Yahoo News.

“A Palestinian militant group said early Thursday it killed an 18-year-old Israeli settler kidnapped earlier in the West Bank.” – Yahoo News.

Just great; the cock-sucking bastards, strike again! And then I have to put up with these wet-blankets, sobbing about the misery that the Palestinians endure, with the ultimate goal of offering some kind of twisted justification for the fuckin' execution of a mere, innocent, teenager. Not to mention, this pathetic ordeal, and completely barbaric murder will initiate another chain of issues; not that the soldier kidnapping isn’t already a problem. Y’know what? I can understand wrong, but that is the point; wrong is wrong! These fucking whores, who call themselves freedom fighters, are nothing more than wastes of human reproductive resources who should be forced into oral sex with the barrel end of a fuckin’ loaded shotgun.

To all of you, I can bet a dead Arab aristocrat’s fortune, that these shmucks will use the tainted history of Palestine as a twisted excuse for this execution – a justification for this murder, and how all Israelis deserve the same treatment. The evil, dumb, whores! These bastards should bite on a fuckin’ hand-grenade, and pull the pin while they’re at it; I’d like to see these apologist heads explode into a bloody spew, simply to compliment their disgustingly large, yet irrational egos.

Yes, stereotype all the Israelis and even their army-men; oh, but the same can’t be done for every Palestinian, right; despite the fact that they usually gather in the masses – majority – to celebrate all western misery and horrors. Irrespective of the slew of retarded, yet painfully damaging suicide bombings, the entire group shouldn’t be judged on such conception. Palestinians shouldn’t be stereotyped, when nearly a bulk majority of their populace, overtly condones such barbarianism; celebrates terrorist attacks; votes in theocratic bastards like Hamas as their leaders, and then roots on for these savage motherfuckers. What the fuck, man? I SAY FUCK ANYONE WHO ASCRIBES TO THIS POLICY! YES, TEH KADE IS TEH PISSED!

The politically correct world, expects observers not to stereotype the bland, linearly Islamist mindset of the Palestinians; I can actually understand the progressive philosophy that drives such an approach. However, I will declare today that even the most passive of these simple-minded shmucks, usually sit back and do nothing at the least; otherwise, they actually defend their terrorist counterparts – even celebrating their vile acts. Oh, and these very morons expect not to be stereotyped, and to be treated as passive humans – sure! What about the Israelis all this while? Oh, stereotype ‘em all! As far as the morons are concerned, the entire Israeli populace is nothing more than variety of Ariel Sharon clones and hybrids, at best. Oh, and we can bet that they’ll use their bloodied history to justify the death of this meagre eighteen-year-old; I hope the apologists of this vile act, bite the curb over this matter, because this is what really burns me up – defending one wrong with reference to another wrong.

“When will you motherfuckers get it? Two rights don’t make a fuckin’ wrong! It isn’t like multiplying a negative by a negative! It’s adding a negative, TO a negative, at best! Oh, don’t like me berating your culture, ideals, and history? Well fuck you! I don’t wanna’ minimise these peoples suffering, but it’s about time someone grew up, rose above their pettiness, and identified the wrongs, regardless of their group allegiance/social conditioning. I’d like to see nationwide condemnation over the death of this Israeli – I’d like to see a majority of Palestinians, rise above their petty, childish religious martyr complex, and identify the objective wrong in this situation! Only then will I detract these comments! And each of you readers can bet your sweet little g-spots that such an ordeal will never come to pass! I know that idiot-mentality, and I despise it with reason! STUPID FUCKIN’ MORONS!” – Closure.

May Elihau Asheri’s untimely murder serve as a reminder, and legacy for the future fucktards to glean some common sense out of; there is an idealist within me, and there is a lesson in this poor, young, innocent teenager’s death by cold-blooded murder. After all, I do hope that one of these days, these morons abrogate the idea of avenging one another by killing more innocents in between. Thus far, we’ve just had one idiot, kill another innocent, then another idiot, kill another idiot in the opposing camp; I can bet that this’ll go on till all that’s left of humanity is the politicians and malicious leaders. We can bet our life blood that it will boil down to the cockroaches and malicious political puppet masters after the apocalypse; hell, they’ll even outlive the cockroaches!

I used to idealise about the mass-public, rising above this mundane cycle of “murder and be murdered” and realise that they only punish other bystanders in lieu of their hatred for certain leaders – victims of lazy thinking and excessive generalisation (Those evil masterminds still live, while a poor nobody dies, you fuckwits!). However, the nihilist within me is starting to prevail, as I watch more of these moronic bystanders, continue getting engulfed in their petty chains of vengeance, while the actual strategic, idealistic corrupters, stand behind the frontlines, watching the fire works! It’s almost like watching a bloody videogame, where the laypersons are the game content; being controlled and continuing this mindless droning and killing over issues that they ought to rise above; but of course, being petty videogame content, they’re unable to exude true intellectual volition. This world’s not going to hell – it is hell, a burning ball of mud, corrupted by immense stupidity and a negative need for vengeance while the puppet masters are the only ones that walk away unscathed from this cataclysm… perhaps the morons deserve such a fate for being this blind!

Elihau Asheri – may your legacy rest in peace, despite your terrible and unwarranted ordeal.

Another excerpt:
“Palestinian militants say they have killed a kidnapped Israeli settler in
retaliation for airstrikes by the Israeli army and increased military pressure
in Gaza. No word on the fate of an Israeli soldier held hostage. (June 28)” –
Yahoo News.

Someone had better realise my dark desires by kidnapping one of these so-called militants; torturing them profusely; dicing open their scrotum, and abandoning them in leprosy contaminated chamber, open to contracting testicular leprosy! I want their fuckin’ nuts to sizzle, burn, rot and then fall off! The vile bastards deserve nothing short of demonic suffering for their disgusting values, and inhumane myopia.

- The enraged nihilist, Kade.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fox News: Bad for blood-pressure!

It’s official; there’s a prominent correlation between the increase in my blood-pressure and the act of watching Fox News. I am not kidding -- this coming from an individual who has very low blood-pressure -- that when I watch Faux, I get splitting headaches, followed by an intense case of television-rage.

“Kade, you crazy ranting bastard! We get it! You hate Fox News, simply because it doesn’t pander to your extremely secularist ego. At least they’re not biased!” - Rhetoric.

That is correct; but not being biased? Please, get out, and get bent; I didn’t know what a bias was until I managed to watch Faux News. For over five years, I have heard morons bitch about CNN and other news broadcasting networks, harbouring this innate leftist bias. Now, I’ve been watching this shit for a long time, and many would know that I have robust experience with each news service; I find them dull. Do you know why I find them dull? Because all I see are very bland, dispassionate recitations of facts; I rarely hear any kind of bias, left or right.

“I see the news piece about George Bush choking on a pretzel. There’s nothing remotely hilarious about how the tale is told; however, watching a video of Bush trotting about with a bruise under his eye was fuckin’ hilarious on its own, because he is Bush! CNN didn’t have a damn thing to do with that! That’s Bush’s innate gift that shines through his eccentric-grey-monkey looks, and I’d be damned if the humour value of the story is attributed to CNN’s so-called leftwing bias, when its clearly Bush’s funny little mug! I don’t want the damned CNN dullards to get credit for the fuckin’ slapstick connotation behind President Monkey-Boy’s face! And mind you, I don’t have a major problem with Bush himself… just don’t believe things are turning out the way they ought to be. Guy should’ve just liberated Iran - now that’s a country in need of some dire liberation and constitutional reforms.” - Immediate point.

I am not sorry when I say that I don’t see any leftwing innuendos; the only place where I see leftist innuendos, is fuckin’ Comedy Central, and that stuff just rocks. However, in all fairness, I did decide to put this belief to test, because as you know I started to subject myself to a bit of Fox News from time to time. Should we care to ponder my immediate reaction? I was actually excited, for once. For the first time; I wasn’t laughing at the actual clips of politicians, but also laughing at the hosts of the various quirky shows that forge the twisted Fox News talent palette.

I shall acknowledge wholeheartedly that Fox is in a league of its own; it doesn’t come off as a standard news channel. Want to know why? Because it’s the first channel where there’s a very dead-fuckin’-obvious spin on virtually everything. It’s like being subjected to a video-rant version of a series of childish columns; conjectures that support rightwing ideals, and not recitations and plain reports. CNN and BBC are informative; but they bore me because they recite what’s happening, period - boring. With Fox on the other hand; I have to watch all these uptight shmucks, soiling themselves on live television, while popping multiple veins in their heads from the immense excitement brought on by their rightwing disgust against our so-called immoral world.

“It’s irritating, it’s annoying, it’s asinine, it gets me riled up, and fuckin’ hell… it does excite me, doesn it!? It burns me! Even if I don’t enjoy it; I can’t deny the irritability that’s brought on by just thirty-minutes of fuckin’ faux news!” - Contention number two.

Therefore, it is no myth; news channels can be biased. The only delusion that most of my rightwing buddies in the US of A suffer from; Fox News is the only true shining example of an unbiased source - the ultimate oxymoron. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the cheap slogans that are just becoming a tired old joke. “Fair and Balanced” they say? If it was fair and balanced, it would lose its only appealing factor: the endless and psychotically hilarious raves of rightwing incoherencies. It is biased, because rather than getting frustrated with the news, I am more busy developing intestinal ulcers over the fuckin’ news casters; show hosts; and of course, the endless shams upon shams that mean squat in the bigger picture. Watching Hannity and Colmes has probably become the bane of my life; yes, just the ideal example of fair and balanced - a rightwing zealot, paired with a leftist sissy! Every single day, I feel like bitch slapping Hannity with something hard, while harbouring the urge to use Colmes’ body as the item to bitch-slap with, simply because of his wimpy nature. Oh, and not to mention, Bill O’Reilly; because I can’t count how many times Billy Boy’s gotten on my bad side; I tried to agree with him, but he just pisses me off to no ends! I mean, just recently, he decided to bash Sweden for its secularity, and that’s really going too far in my books.

“You know what, Billy Oh-shut-the-fuck-up! That was a shot that hit me close to home! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; America rocks, but there’s nothing you and your cronies can do to hold even a remote candle to the Swedish paradigm. Here’s to true freedom - here’s to secularism! And if you don’t like it, you can move your ass out of America -- reducing its fundamentalist index -- and settle in Saudi Arabia, where the government gets to decide your religious protocol! Stupid fuckin’ Bill, and his completely incomprehensible take on reality! Moron blatantly ignores and contradicts the very elements that made his America the free nation that it is today!” - Closure.

Two points there, Billy.
A - You're biased.

A crisis of perception is rotting in our hands like the dying body of someone or something significant; one specifically driven by a poor comprehension that emanates from the voices in rightwing media. The ideal highlight coming a few days ago, when Bill O’Reilly basically defecated on-air about the sad misfortune that befell two, young US troops. According to him, he wondered whether CNN would touch on this; CNN did do repeats of the story… they actually gave more information than Fox News. As a matter of fact, Fox decided to completely leave out a little fact that it was the local citizens that drew the attention to the bodily remains, and that the same citizens professed suspicions about the bodies being rigged with explosives. Of course, it was not the duty of Fox to be truly informative; what, with all the majority of politically charged opinions, who’d have time to offer a full report? “Oh, Mr. Storm, does that mean that Bill O’Reilly’s wrong?” asks the little kid; and to that I give a hearty “hell yeah!” However, Mr. O’Reilly offered more anomalies in his tirade, from which, one could harvest more critiques. You see, while challenging most of the international media to draw attention to the story of the two deceased soldiers, which they did, Billy-boy also implied that most of these media outlets are in fact, only capable of highlighting stories that demean the integrity of the military; alluding of course, to the plethora of controversy following civilian-killings in Iraq, and the infamy surrounding Guantanamo Bay.

Oh, and just to address O’Reilly’s retort about the outrage of one viewer on his comments on BBC; yes, the comment where he condemns BBC as a network that indulges in American bashing:
“Well, Billy boy… Any honest news source that is actually committed to just giving out news, will sometimes project news pieces that don’t paint your country in good light. Wanna’ know why, Billy Boy? Because, nothing’s fuckin’ perfect; not even your America and its very distorted international image, and its own, equally distorted perception on the globe’s opinion on American matters. Your country has some model concepts with regards to freedom, but it also revels in a considerable bit of infamy when it comes to quite a few international blunders… I mean, c’mon; you guys whine about a fuckin’ national anthem being sung in another language! The world laughs at the pettiness of the matter, and hence, it’s a product of BBC’s perverted agenda? What a load of shit! Please, no need to get defensive about it; because BBC is just stating the truth, and you ought to learn to start handling the truth. Hell, even some of your commentaries could be interpreted as American bashings!” - Urgent contention.

Therefore, it’s not an issue about being fair and balanced; Bill O‘Reilly‘s emotional tantrums support such an opinion. After all, Billy -- in his politically and emotionally charged contentions (the man was using his squeaky voice, for fuck’s sake) -- himself, basically wants the likes of CNN and BBC to serenade the two soldiers, while completely laying off stories about civilian killings. In essence; controlled stories, geared towards projecting a very myopic point-of-view that is clearly polarised towards stroking the conservative American culture. What the fuck, man? That is not true and free media! CNN and BBC bore the fuck out of me, because they largely recite everything that they can cover - everything possible; rarely do I hear a political opinion, other than the crap from the nutty freaks they invite on Hard Talk. Of course HardTalk in itself lost its spark after that dude, what's his name... yeah, Sebastian Spence, had his departure (damn, he was cool). Anyway, point being that news-sources like CNN and BBC don’t really make passionate contentions. In the case of the two deceased soldiers, and their remains; both channels offered full reports, without making it sound passionate per se; but they did give a wholesome report. Of course, they also dispassionately mentioned the dynamics of the stories behind the civilian killings, and the human rights issues of Guantanamo Bay. Why is this notion occurring? Because they’re a fuckin’ news service; a media outlet dedicated to reporting news and not regulated information, which is intentionally filtered to nurture a specific mindset and political paradigm - that, dear fuckers, is a bias and a political agenda. Those two channels bore me, because they report everything; Fox News amuses me, because it reports very little; discusses issues with an energy that clearly favours rightwing agendas, followed by a myriad of raving lunatics, spewing rightwing ideologies under the intellectually insulting, shameful commandment, that goes something like “Fair and balanced.”

Fuck it! These people don’t wan’t fair - these people don’t want balanced. It burns their crotch to know that other channels dispassionately announce everything while keeping as much of their political polarities to themselves. Meanwhile, idiots like Bill and Hannity continue bitching about how these media outlets are biased, while clearly ranting on and on about idealisms alluding to a media that only gives the viewers one, strong side of the story, coupled with a watered down version of the other. Yes, very polarised; very politically partisan -- to the right -- and very balanced in the sense that the other side of the same story is so weak that one could consider it non-existent. Fox is hence, Faux; for it isn’t interested in reporting when it wastes my time with its politically polarised opinions, while further boiling my blood by declaring itself the sole source of actual news, when it can’t dispassionately report to save its own dignity.

“Get this shameless fuckin’ sham off my television! Oh… -there’s- the remote!” - Closure.

Indeed, there’s a number of reasons as to why a person in my position can suffer from high blood pressure; what with all the rage that Faux brings out of me. Therefore, I am going to be doing myself a favour, by going on a sabbatical from Faux News; it’s just better for both my physiological and mental health.

Until next time, stay cool, fuckers.