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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Star Whores

A long time ago...
In a galaxy far, far away...
There existed a breed of devolved organisms...
The core of their devolution was a little philosophical retardation, known as religion...
And so the pain began for the few mavericks, who found their intellectual fortitude melting away at the hands of this dumbfounded race...
They now desperately strive to hold on to the last fragments of their sanity, while subsequently trying to combat this vile threat...

Y’know, of all the nerds and dill hole geeks, one would expect the fucking Star Wars fanatics to have a better grasp of reality. I don’t believe that logistically speaking, one would be asking for too much; but is that the case though - Hell NO! Well all right, I am not sure my self. However, I’ve had my share of bad luck with this sordid breed; sorry but that is all I can say about most of ‘em that I know personally.

A few months ago, I was on an anime website’s forum where a hot debate about the much-anticipated Episode III was taking place; this debate transcended the actual movie though. Yeah, we all expected something from this movie; however, what I saw in that thread - I had not expected. One of the members, known for being politically conscious, made a casual conjecture about how Star Wars is principally, a very naïvely black and white concept, yet very insightful in highlighting the personal justification given for individuals that undergo the transitioning from one side to the other -- basically, it’s black and white, but they still do well to justify the stances - interesting observation. The person also went onto compare the idea of a massive empire seeing no other way than its own, to another obvious nation of the real world; no I ain‘t givin‘away any hints! Figure it out yourself... For now.

Of course, out of the intellectual cesspool, a faint stench of bullshit would soon take over and have me blinded by my own tears. A geek would surface out, claiming just how real this whole conflict is, and how the Star Wars series is the ideal package to symbolise the good strife, while instilling nationalism and motivating the need for religious values (ICK!). The initial creator of the thread tried to reason with this chump, and actually pointed out how the “rebels” would appear like the terrorists in the arena of the story irrespective of their intentions -- basically highlighting how intentions are subjective and how it isn’t about wrong or right, but difference of opinion; why else would the naïve soldiers of the empire succumb to the notion of slaughtering the rebels? -- IT’S FUCKING COMMON SENSE! Oh, but could the geek shut up to comprehend this one? Oh no! Because what’s worse than a fanatic neo-con? An incoherent, geek-o-fanatic neo-con. The shill argued that all vile acts stem from infidels, and that with a sense of religious values, youngsters would stray clear of such a path and also identify the wrong; oh and did I mention, the annoying nugget, after taking a thousand misinterpreted references to Star Wars, went on to claim that good will always triumph - thought I’d mention that.

After all, to fight the wrongs in this world, human beings must set aside their personal conscience, and embrace organised religion (YEAH RIGHT!). What better way to avoid bad, then to obfuscate one’s own sense of good and bad -- the fundamental device known as a conscience that haunts us eternally for our wrongs; and embrace a faith that could motivate violence, and or otherwise justify mass murder. OH FUCKING HELL! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE MORONS? WHAT THE HELL DO THEY THINK IS MOTIVATING TERRORISM!? IT WASN’T AGNOSTICISM OR ATHEISM, THE LAST TIME I CHECKED! It’s not as if a terrorist woke up one day, and began musing to his/herself, “Oh! I believe in no god, no book, nothing! So I think I’ll just go kill everyone to express a very political contention! All in the name of nothing, and I’ll justify it, using NOTHING!” Another thing our little Star Wars fanatic (whom I am ashamed to have to evaluate as a mature writer, which he poses to be;) is guilty of, is the fact that he, the obnoxiously deficient moron, seemed to clearly ignore the fact that for the large part, it’s just people like him on the other side of the fence who create problems for him. Remember the chessboard analogy? Well it applies. Same fucking ideology; same disgusting hatred; same use of the word ‘infidel’ as a means of justification! It is just an unfortunate twist that puts them on opposite sides of the board -- unfortunate for the rest of us sane fuckers who are caught up in the middle.

Let’s get one thing straight: Star Wars does in large part, embody the struggle of so-called virtuous rebels, who’re fighting a very dogmatic, and officious empire, that is not just expanding its territories, but also firmly dealing with those that digress from its ideology -- it’s not just a fight of good vs. evil, but a fight of good in a time where evil has the masses spellbound. Now, does anyone else see the obvious glaring similarity that this skit bears to the real world politics? Yeah? Big, massive, powerful empire, up against a little, ferocious force of rebels? And here we have a fanatic making a reverse comparison! All right! “Perhaps he meant to compare just the frame of mind -- the spirit of their motivation in the fight as opposed to their actual strategic positions! Perhaps in the real world! The empire are meant to be the good guys!” some might say, and I’d fully accept that (FUCK THE FANATICS!). Problem here isn’t the explanation! Problem lies in the fucking application! I don’t give a shit, which side is good or which side is bad! My problem comes up with the cheek some of these coots develop, to make such haunting conjectures, to justify their territorial religious nature; not to mention screwing up talk about a sci-fi flick. What the fuck, man! Must have god! Must have direction! That is the crux of the whole problem at the moment, because if either one of the sides were to fucking ease out a bit! The problem would fade! That can’t be allowed to happen though.

Therefore, basically, at the end of the day: you have a sad, incoherent Star Wars fan, who thinks infidels are evil, as are the terrorists! Meanwhile, the terrorists, who are in fact: followers of a creed, god, and conservative values, feel that the infidels should be butchered up because they’re impure and evil! Haha. Quaint similarities, no? Does anyone else find this funny? The two would make great bedfellows - wouldn’t they? After all, one cannot overlook the same disgusting obsession with zero humane passion! The same disgusting obsession with a male dominant society and courtship (Okay that was a bit off-topic)! The same need to trade in the fundamentals of human sacredness for the relevance of God and creed over and above all! Oh, and the same broken record, playing the “anti-infidel” mantra repeatedly. Perhaps the two should get together! Overcome their differences, or acknowledge their glaring similarities over some milk and cookies; all this while watching Star Wars, and using its principally maverick message, to justify their extremely conservative beliefs; foaming from their mouths while stroking their genitals -- jerking off like sad depraved animals to the conjured imaginary prospects of purging this world of us “infidels!” The savagely sordid fucks!

Fuck ‘em all! They’re all a problem! Moreover, I am now done trying to seek out a sizeable majority of sane Star Wars fans who could admire the spirit of the movie, rather than use it to justify a neo-conservative totalitarian agenda. Bastards! So, you’ll throw each of the fucking holy books at me, will you? Fine -- Thanks! Now, I have surplus toilet paper!

May the 'chill' be with you, fuckers!


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