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Thursday, September 29, 2005


NOTE: This is coming in very, very late! Furthermore, this is long, but much needed! So bear with it.

Outrage of a passionate deject!: The Iron Maiden controversy at Ozzfest, and Zakk Wylde's reaction!

Many predicted OZZfest to be an utter failure this year. I was actually on a path of disagreement, because I thought that it was half-way okay, as always. Unfortunately, it was the recent events that got a good bout of controversy going. Yes, that little ‘controversy’ that has created a fucking war within the metal camp, one that ascends the childish bickering of metal purists and labelling children, aching to call whatever they can’t digest, ‘Nu’. This, was a fucking tragedy, that had the following divided over two of the vintage roots of the metal ethos: Camp Sabbath, vs. Camp Maiden.

If people could not join the dots by now, then I shall simplify bluntly: the fucking controversy surrounding Iron Maiden’s set at the August 20th Ozzfest concert at Devore, California. In short, the legendary giants were immediately pelted with eggs bottle caps and whatnots: defiled upon making their entrance on stage. For fans to pull off such a stunt, I’d fucking laugh so hard, blast a lung, and then choke to death on it; this is Iron Maiden we’re talking about. Anyone who read through the details, would realise that there was great disgust attached to this event, and many believed that some ‘higher power’ had a hand to play in this.

Of course, the travesty continued, as Black Label lackey, Big Dave decided to claim partial ownership of the stage by chanting ‘Ozzy Ozzy’ time-and-time again over the P.A, I fucking hang my head in disgust for what’s happening to the ‘Stoned Drunk Mother Fuckers’ crew, I used to actually respect these guys. Then during the performance of ‘The Trooper’, more Black Label lackeys were sighted, one of them waving the American flag when Bruce Dickinson was waving the British union jack, which he’s known to do to support the ambience of the song (Blabbermouth).

Unfortunately, the bull shit went another mile, as the sound system would be cut off on Maiden repeatedly during the set; yet Big Dave's ‘Ozzy Ozzy’ chants would not seize (Blabbermouth). Bruce being Bruce, had something to say about all this, and we all know he isn’t the kind of man to sit there and take shit. The guy made an inference that this was probably an intentional sabotage ploy on the part of the “Ozzy Camp,” and went on to make some bold statements every time he’d get the chance. The enraged front man slammed ‘Corporate America,’ main stream radio music, and many other commercial mediums including reality television, claiming that Maiden would never end up on any of them, or succumb to that ‘corporate’ structure.

Iron Maiden continued to retaliate, and kept getting more and more aggressive under positive light, rallying a strong bit of fan support during the whole ordeal. Upon completing their set, Sharon decided to make her irrelevant presence on stage, felt, as she commented on the Maiden crew. The Ozzy bitch-mistress(TM Kade) went onto pay the Iron Maiden crew a very sterile and typically corporate and formal compliment, before suddenly getting emotional and calling Bruce Dickinson a “Prick,”; of course she was heavily ‘bood’ off the stage by the angry crowd, which was now throwing its own batch of goods at Sharon.

Therefore, a lot of controversy soon followed, with both the good and the bad press; and of course, Sharon, milking her additional minutes of fame, which have now run into the thousands. She slammed Dickinson for basically appearing like some kind of a snobbish rock star with an oversized British arrogance, waving his national pride in the face of the fans, slamming their country, and slamming Ozzy.

This is where some background research had to be done, and it is true that Bruce had in the past, made some sensitive comments on Kerrang with regards to Ozzy. So how does the bitch-mistress and crew deal with the whole ordeal? By making a public shenanigan out of Iron Maiden’s set. It is even learnt through anonymous sources for; that Sharon and Kelly were actually loitering around backstage, rallying the camp of second-stagers and whatnots to join in the ‘egging’ of Maiden. It is also reported that most of the egg-yoking nimrods, were wearing laminated passes, and that normal fans were not permitted to carry in such ‘armaments’ (Blabbermouth: Hang your heads in shame).

Now where does my opinion fit into this whole chorus? It doesn’t. I am right now, speaking on a completely different level. The internet press, and fans have done a fine job in supporting Maiden and I need not get back into that area. I've thus far, only provided my rendition of a summary of events--a poor summary; the real shit starts on the behaviour of one particular act that has always been part of the Ozzfest experience, and one that I shamefully respect.

My outrage stems from the Ozzy lackeys that were pretty much jacking off about the set, and then also having the audacity to voice their opinions. Yes, the Black Label Society, and their antiques throughout the entire show, and even in the recent past. I used to pride myself on listening to their music, despite what anyone said about their rather anal, and fascist neo-con nature. I now realise the truth, because as much as I liked the music, my growing awareness started to develop a disliking for the ‘creator’ of that music: the man known as Zakk Wylde. I used to respect this man for being strongly opinionated, but now I just view him as a mutated fucking caveman, who behaves like a fucking shallow idiot; and one who is completely oblivious to this reality and fact.

“This is fact and this is reality. It's not the guys in MAIDEN and their crew. They're a beautiful bunch of guys. Bruce Dickinson every night would be saying 'Ozzy sucks,' 'Ozzfest blows,' 'Corporate America sucks,' 'America sucks,' and all this other crap. He was bagging on America and bagging on Ozz. Ozzy's the godfather of my son. It wasn't like Bruce said those things one night. This happened every night on the 'fest. If you got signed by George Steinbrenner to play for the Yankees and every day you say, 'Steinbrenner sucks,' 'Yankee Stadium blows,' 'I can't stand playing for this team — it sucks ass,' then why are you playing for the Yankees? Shut your fuckin' pie hole. All he had to do was go up there, play for an hour, whoop some ass and go home. The only thing Ozzy's ever done was given MAIDEN a stage to come over and play to the biggest audience in the summer.” - During Zakk Wylde’s interview with

First off, Mr. Wylde demonstrates with full articulation of his utter raw and poorly educated ‘wit’, that he knows not the difference between the terms ‘Corporate America’ and ‘America’; there’s a big fucking difference you intellectually stunted creep! Bruce never insulted America, or Americans. During his rants on the August 20th show, he even referred to the part about “We the people” in the American constitution, to then praise the people supporting them during that chaotic set. How stupid is Mr. Wylde, exactly? Does he think the fans would continue cheering a man who’d get on stage; whine day-in and day-out, and then slam America and Americans? Hell no! So, basically Zakk! Must assume that all that moral support from the fans during the 20th of August, must’ve been coming from a horde of nimrods, perhaps a horde of Stoned, Drunk, MOTHER FUCKERS!?

Bruce Dickinson never insulted America, or Americans for that matter, and his negative conjectures about Corporate America were directed at the commercialisation of music on the fundamental levels, and how even the sacred of metal acts are turning into shills for the corporate media to feed off of - a very grimly truthful opinion. Now for some gutter-shmukh to step up and claim semblance between that, and the general American people, or spirit, is probably the stupidest fucking ‘assumption’ by a man who likes, and is renowned for running his mouth into territories far beyond the reaches of his rather lima-bean-sized intellect.

I hang my head in shame for lauding this guy’s opinions once; for actually looking up to him as a man who didn‘t just spew words, but valued them somewhat as well. It is clear to me now: He’s just a big mouth who grunts a bunch of strong opinions, seasoned with curses and of course, little-to-no real thought put into the shit that spews forth from his mouth like a projectile of doom from hell’s gutter. The entire Black Label crew have proven themselves to be a bunch of loud mouth bastards, who serve to the whims of the Osbourne camp, while pretending to be more than mere shills by making pathetic public contentions, and waving a paper flag of personal values and character, which only go on to reflect poorly on the intelligence of their front man cum brain-chowder, Zakk Wylde!

What happened to Zakk’s so-called sense and pride when Ozzy took shots at Bush, eh? That was rather sore by Zakk’s so-called standards. This feeble pinch of stupidity is the prime example of uneducated people who go around running their mouths off, making deductions that if someone doesn’t support war, then they HAVE to be against America and the troops. Or that if they’re against Bush, that they must be in favour OF everything undemocratic: These are people who’re not enlightened enough to realise that there are deep individuals, who may hate both sides! Who might be divided!

“Oh! He hates capitalism! So he must be a fuckin’ ANTI-FREEDOM Nazi! YEAAH! STONED DRUNK MOTHER FUCKERS ROCK!!!”

There can be individuals who’re against the war, but still believe in supporting the hard working troops. There can be individuals who hate Bush, but agree with the general American spirit. There can individuals, who fucking hate the corporate American monster, but still like America (Dickinson). For Zakk to make such a bold claim that Dickinson went onto slam America when he was slamming ‘Corporate America,’ over-and-over again, makes me sick to my gut. It shows me what a narrow-minded, self serving ego Zakk has. After all, when it comes to supporting Ozzy, or blowing the Osbourne camp’s kazoo, the Black Label Society are fully sold to the concept from the get go; they'll use any petty excuse to rationalise such a travesty. Perhaps Zak should recall that little reference to the US constitution that Bruce Dickinson had made, using it to explain how they were there for the people, prior to inferring the so-called "US bashing".

I can already see the maggots crawling out of your ears, Zakk! They’re famished from feeding on your pathetic little brain matter! You oversized, obnoxiously loud, and fucking arrogant twit!

“AAAAH! Doomsday Jesus ma’ brain’s fucked now!” - Black Label Society’s NEW SINGLE: Doomsday Jesus Part Deux.

Do I desire to hear more of Zakk Wylde’s incoherent spewing drivel?
Answer: “GOD NO! GOD NO! -- GOD NO! GOD NO!” - Counterfeit God by Black Label Society.

Link (s): (Blabbermouth References) (Zakk Wylde’s Interview with

Ending notes:
I apologise to any of the potential Zakk Wylde and BLS fans who may’ve been angered by this column. I myself underwent a lot of personal struggle, before breaking past the threshold and embracing the truth: All of the above is pretty much true. Unfortunately, despite the brutal stoner tunes that BLS have provided for us; their personal character and humility, are far below even being considered substandard - sad, but true!

Kade: Well then, Zakk. What do you think about drugs?
Zakk: Umm uhggh! Let me go ask Ozzy! See, Ozzy knows best!
*Returns from Ozzy*
Yeah yeah! He's free to make a public ass of himself! And I'm free to point that out! GO FREEDOM!
Bleed fuckin' coolness! FUCKERS!

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