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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Nature’s cruel dissolution and the administration's poor solution!

Hurricane Katrina: The bitter aftermath!

Perhaps the main title's a bit cruel, but I'd just like the satisfaction of ignorantly assuming that it's just offensive to a bunch of uptight cons. It cannot be refuted that many feared Hurricane Katrina, and many feared the potential outcomes of this disaster well before it came to pass. Unfortunately, the outcome turned into a bigger mess, but not because of the natural aftermath. Yes, all the outrage over the government response has also received criticism from many. Perhaps they weren’t as sloppy, and perhaps not everything can be perfectly handled. However, it cannot be denied, this was poorly dealt with, and the critics thus far, have supplemented some good reasons to support that premise.

Of course, if there’s one thing George W. Bush is good at: it’s taking flack from all sides. The man has very thick skin, the thickest being the region around his cranium, obviously. This is not a political contention, but a very humane one at it, which is why it’s going to be simple and not as long, because there’s nothing to argue here per se. Bush is out there, raving about dealing with this matter, and dealing with it right. Yet he cannot over look the fact that it was government response that had people ‘frustrated’ for the most part.

The Katrina disaster opened up and exploited a wound within America, and that would be the vulnerability of the unfortunate individuals of the New Orleans region. The fact that anarchic activities are now slowly engulfing the region, while the general victims are suffering an unfathomable frustration, goes to show that perhaps Bush’s arrogance to estimate and channel his nation’s resources, has gotten the better of him. Perhaps he’s not prepared to take on the world, when the country it self is in more need, when a portion of its regional population is in going into a desperate state of affairs both physically and psychologically.

Individuals can sit back and ramble as many facts as they wish, but they’ll only obfuscate the point and purse essence of it all. Fact remains that Bush has sanctioned the National Guard, to help make a ‘theocracy’ out of Iraq, which Bush still keeps confusing with the term ‘democracy’ by the way, while the less fortunate and affluent victims of Kartina are suffering a daunting ordeal and are in dire need of such help, but are left short handed. All the out come of an ill prepped response to a well pre-empted disaster; the potential of which -- most were cognizant about.

Unfortunately, not only does Bush lack the knowledge of difference in implications between theocracy and democracy, especially in the ‘Islamic’ context. Apparently, he also lacks the implications of running the most powerful nation, where oddly enough the bulk of the affluence is restricted to a minority percentage of its populace. It is about high time he tends to the needs of the people that make the nation, rather than some international political agendas that tarnish its name. Even though he’s reasonably desensitised to critical dissension, he still could value learning a thing or two from this ordeal.

Some argue that the matter should be dealt with swiftly - that New Orleans be restored to its prior glory: that the whining and fuss be set aside. Meanwhile, others contend that all measures are being taken within practical capacity. Meanwhile, a few are just mourning for the immense loss, and the lack of initial action that could’ve prevented that: yes, a matter of hindsight, in a matter where prescience was already present much earlier. I would be in agreement with the last of these groups - nature has done what it had to do, and the natural factors going against New Orleans could not be toppled. All one would comment on brutally, would have to be the lack of immediate, and sometimes poorly managed response.

It is a sad time indeed. Condolences go out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, as well as additional sympathies for their oblivious leadership. While Bush continues sparing resources for the rich, sparing the verbal moniker “God,” for the other, less fortunate of the victims; one can only hope that Lady Luck tends to their needs and dire predicament! At least they’re getting help now, though a bit too late.


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