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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Star Whores

A long time ago...
In a galaxy far, far away...
There existed a breed of devolved organisms...
The core of their devolution was a little philosophical retardation, known as religion...
And so the pain began for the few mavericks, who found their intellectual fortitude melting away at the hands of this dumbfounded race...
They now desperately strive to hold on to the last fragments of their sanity, while subsequently trying to combat this vile threat...

Y’know, of all the nerds and dill hole geeks, one would expect the fucking Star Wars fanatics to have a better grasp of reality. I don’t believe that logistically speaking, one would be asking for too much; but is that the case though - Hell NO! Well all right, I am not sure my self. However, I’ve had my share of bad luck with this sordid breed; sorry but that is all I can say about most of ‘em that I know personally.

A few months ago, I was on an anime website’s forum where a hot debate about the much-anticipated Episode III was taking place; this debate transcended the actual movie though. Yeah, we all expected something from this movie; however, what I saw in that thread - I had not expected. One of the members, known for being politically conscious, made a casual conjecture about how Star Wars is principally, a very naïvely black and white concept, yet very insightful in highlighting the personal justification given for individuals that undergo the transitioning from one side to the other -- basically, it’s black and white, but they still do well to justify the stances - interesting observation. The person also went onto compare the idea of a massive empire seeing no other way than its own, to another obvious nation of the real world; no I ain‘t givin‘away any hints! Figure it out yourself... For now.

Of course, out of the intellectual cesspool, a faint stench of bullshit would soon take over and have me blinded by my own tears. A geek would surface out, claiming just how real this whole conflict is, and how the Star Wars series is the ideal package to symbolise the good strife, while instilling nationalism and motivating the need for religious values (ICK!). The initial creator of the thread tried to reason with this chump, and actually pointed out how the “rebels” would appear like the terrorists in the arena of the story irrespective of their intentions -- basically highlighting how intentions are subjective and how it isn’t about wrong or right, but difference of opinion; why else would the naïve soldiers of the empire succumb to the notion of slaughtering the rebels? -- IT’S FUCKING COMMON SENSE! Oh, but could the geek shut up to comprehend this one? Oh no! Because what’s worse than a fanatic neo-con? An incoherent, geek-o-fanatic neo-con. The shill argued that all vile acts stem from infidels, and that with a sense of religious values, youngsters would stray clear of such a path and also identify the wrong; oh and did I mention, the annoying nugget, after taking a thousand misinterpreted references to Star Wars, went on to claim that good will always triumph - thought I’d mention that.

After all, to fight the wrongs in this world, human beings must set aside their personal conscience, and embrace organised religion (YEAH RIGHT!). What better way to avoid bad, then to obfuscate one’s own sense of good and bad -- the fundamental device known as a conscience that haunts us eternally for our wrongs; and embrace a faith that could motivate violence, and or otherwise justify mass murder. OH FUCKING HELL! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE MORONS? WHAT THE HELL DO THEY THINK IS MOTIVATING TERRORISM!? IT WASN’T AGNOSTICISM OR ATHEISM, THE LAST TIME I CHECKED! It’s not as if a terrorist woke up one day, and began musing to his/herself, “Oh! I believe in no god, no book, nothing! So I think I’ll just go kill everyone to express a very political contention! All in the name of nothing, and I’ll justify it, using NOTHING!” Another thing our little Star Wars fanatic (whom I am ashamed to have to evaluate as a mature writer, which he poses to be;) is guilty of, is the fact that he, the obnoxiously deficient moron, seemed to clearly ignore the fact that for the large part, it’s just people like him on the other side of the fence who create problems for him. Remember the chessboard analogy? Well it applies. Same fucking ideology; same disgusting hatred; same use of the word ‘infidel’ as a means of justification! It is just an unfortunate twist that puts them on opposite sides of the board -- unfortunate for the rest of us sane fuckers who are caught up in the middle.

Let’s get one thing straight: Star Wars does in large part, embody the struggle of so-called virtuous rebels, who’re fighting a very dogmatic, and officious empire, that is not just expanding its territories, but also firmly dealing with those that digress from its ideology -- it’s not just a fight of good vs. evil, but a fight of good in a time where evil has the masses spellbound. Now, does anyone else see the obvious glaring similarity that this skit bears to the real world politics? Yeah? Big, massive, powerful empire, up against a little, ferocious force of rebels? And here we have a fanatic making a reverse comparison! All right! “Perhaps he meant to compare just the frame of mind -- the spirit of their motivation in the fight as opposed to their actual strategic positions! Perhaps in the real world! The empire are meant to be the good guys!” some might say, and I’d fully accept that (FUCK THE FANATICS!). Problem here isn’t the explanation! Problem lies in the fucking application! I don’t give a shit, which side is good or which side is bad! My problem comes up with the cheek some of these coots develop, to make such haunting conjectures, to justify their territorial religious nature; not to mention screwing up talk about a sci-fi flick. What the fuck, man! Must have god! Must have direction! That is the crux of the whole problem at the moment, because if either one of the sides were to fucking ease out a bit! The problem would fade! That can’t be allowed to happen though.

Therefore, basically, at the end of the day: you have a sad, incoherent Star Wars fan, who thinks infidels are evil, as are the terrorists! Meanwhile, the terrorists, who are in fact: followers of a creed, god, and conservative values, feel that the infidels should be butchered up because they’re impure and evil! Haha. Quaint similarities, no? Does anyone else find this funny? The two would make great bedfellows - wouldn’t they? After all, one cannot overlook the same disgusting obsession with zero humane passion! The same disgusting obsession with a male dominant society and courtship (Okay that was a bit off-topic)! The same need to trade in the fundamentals of human sacredness for the relevance of God and creed over and above all! Oh, and the same broken record, playing the “anti-infidel” mantra repeatedly. Perhaps the two should get together! Overcome their differences, or acknowledge their glaring similarities over some milk and cookies; all this while watching Star Wars, and using its principally maverick message, to justify their extremely conservative beliefs; foaming from their mouths while stroking their genitals -- jerking off like sad depraved animals to the conjured imaginary prospects of purging this world of us “infidels!” The savagely sordid fucks!

Fuck ‘em all! They’re all a problem! Moreover, I am now done trying to seek out a sizeable majority of sane Star Wars fans who could admire the spirit of the movie, rather than use it to justify a neo-conservative totalitarian agenda. Bastards! So, you’ll throw each of the fucking holy books at me, will you? Fine -- Thanks! Now, I have surplus toilet paper!

May the 'chill' be with you, fuckers!


Saturday, October 15, 2005


Today was quite eventful, and in a rather personal way. I was driven around, and then over the bend at the hands of someone I know quite well. I was pushed so far beyond the fucking brink that my heart felt like a Bridgestone tire about to explode; while my head felt like it weighed a thousand fucking pounds.

Apparently, I was so far into my own psychosis that I chose a little bit of preparatory self-immolation tactics to alleviate the stress. I decided to scrape and carve my forearm with a paper cutter. I was rather peeved, because the damn things are meant to be excellent at cutting, yet I was at it repeatedly before I had any signs of blood show up. As it turns out, I was a bit hasty; because by the time I had a proper bloody line carved out; I noticed that the prior scrapes had also begun to bleed.

I now had an arm riddled with scrapes and cuts, combining to spell the word, "HATE". I had basically carved the word “HATE” onto my forearm. Chaos soon ensued, as I had quite a few cuts, even though they weren’t that bad; my last tetanus shot was over ten-years-ago. Another concerned party had a look at my arm before I was taken to the hospital, and wondered what the hell was going on, even though this person was briefed. It was obvious to everyone that I had committed this act out of sheer spite, and psychotic contempt. However, the person was having trouble reading the “H” in the word, and kept asking me time and time again, “Did you write HATE, or LATE?” -- FUCKIN’ HELL, MAN! I’m pissed off! I carve a word onto myself out of bitter contempt! It’s a slightly illegible “H”, get it? I ain’t gonna’ carve the word “LATE” onto my forearm, in lieu of further pronouncing that contempt. It’s hate! Moreover, it’s bloody fucking obvious! DAMN IT! What kinda’ question is that anyway?

Therefore, at the end of the whole ordeal, I didn’t feel too bad at all. As a matter of fact, the massive stinging from the fresh set of small multiple wounds was pretty fucking refreshing. I had the word “HATE” bleeding out of my forearm, which was a kick in the ass in its own way. Of course, I had to get the damn thing disinfected, along with a tetanus shot. So all in all, my time was wasted, though a little alleviation was attained; well, I did get another tetanus shot, so I am good for another ten-years of abuse. BAHAHAHA!

Yeah, right. I don’t recommend this! I recommend that instead, children burn holy books to alleviate their frustrations as opposed to self-abuse. See, it's productive in two ways; one being stress alleviation; the other coming in the form of ridding this world of chaotic, hatebreeding garbage!

Bleed cool, fuckers!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Taking a piss on courtship!

About a month ago, I came across an esoterically oozing mass of gutter shit, which was being wrongly passed off as a conjecture. It really got my stomach in a few knots; so I decided to defame it in grand fashion on one of the forums that I visit. I would like to share the whole rant, and the comments that follow up.

Kade’s Post:

Link that got all this started:

I implore readers to read through the final comment on that blog entry. I personally don’t read such garbage but incidentally I was lead to this source while researching “monogamy.”

The moment that comment started; so did a massive twist at the depths of my gut. I was wishing more than anything to take out that ‘knot’ in my stomach, tear out my intestines, and then wrap them around this cock-eyed motherfucker from the dark ages, effectively aiming to choke the bastard. It is moments like these that I realise that conservatism has no place in the modern world.

“Ohhh, science is bad! It goes against teleology!” implies the hellacious cunt of a spokesperson. Knowing very little that most of the ‘logies’ stem from science -- the study of the ‘logic’ behind various subject matter. Then the question would rise: how does this numbskull get the cajones to declare a dichotomy between science the teleology? I mean clearly he must have some kind of profound groundwork to substantiate a claim of such contentious proportions. So where does teleology, a study of natural phenomena -- design -- purpose, differ from science? Nowhere, really. Oh yes, but it does differ greatly with conservative principles of ‘moral higher ground’, because it doesn’t always whine about how people and organisms should live, but instead, it simply tries to understand ‘why’ they live the way they live. Yes, because the Bible says so, because the Quran says so! Bloody hell! Because Science says that it's okay to explore sexuality and sexual limits, because 'teleologically' we're not too different from the animals in terms of our sexual side! Oh wait? So teleology does get along with science, it's just the holy books for the dolts that seem to have a problem with that! Yeah, fine, it isn't procreative - accepted! Could this cunt stick to a simple point rather than running off into a tangent on teleology? Oh no, that would just not be obfuscating enough.

Yes, this entire bullshit initiated over a conservative blog, and rants about how present-day freedoms; both sexual, and spiritual; seem be causing a decay in the system. They’ve had the audacity to classify this as a culture, while demanding a revolution. How ironic, because last time I checked, ‘freedom’ was a norm of flexibility: a principally ‘uncultured’ or ‘polarised’ concept. Also, last time I checked, the only culture that existed, was that of the conservative idealists; that is, all the religious traditions that plague this world today: the only anti-progressive entity that has humankind shackled down by its genitals! To top it all off; now we have the fucking conservative, obnoxiously stubborn and insidious breed of whining whores! Mongering a blunt force assault against a flexible ideal, intentionally and consciously depicting it as a false ‘monolithic’ culture, while clearly the only bungholes submerged in the monotheism of a culture are these particular religious cunts themselves.

Perhaps after all the wars against autonomies and theocracies are over, (which they won’t be, because Bush has now turned Iraq into an effective theocracy;) they could also continue this war for freedom, and abrogate these fascist book thumpers, who justify their dogma using a synthetic moral compass as their ‘political’ trump card -- the bastards!

I personally don’t care. Seriously, monogamy is a perfectly fine thing. If people can commit; if people can preserve a marriage; and in the end it does work well -- then fine and dandy! However, is this for everyone? Should the entire trend be painted over every fucking organism that has a chromosome count of 46? “YOU ARE HUMAN! YOU MUST BE MONOGOMOUS!” -- Yeah!? Fuck off! Jump inside a meat grinder! And then let the flies feast on your remains while their maggots can nest inside!

As stated, the beauty of freedom of choice shines in its ability to liberate the group from becoming a hostile and polarised dynamic: everyone can get what they want within their personal space. So long as one ‘logic’ or ‘law’ dominates, those against it will rave and bark. Unfortunately, with these extreme ‘neocons’, there is no arguing, because it’s their way, or the fucking high way! -- To hell!

Those that want monogamy can have monogamy. Those that don’t want it, can fucking abrogate the book! Use its pages as toilet paper; and then burn its remains! Doesn’t matter! It is fine, dandy, and harm free as long as they’re satisfied living their own lives and minding their own business without critically harming anyone. Oh, and before I close this session, let me add that divorce isn’t pretty! Nevertheless, in certain cases, it’s needed. Let’s not forget, a physically abusive marriage between two people can turn the children into relatively abusive individuals later on; individuals naturally prone to ‘replicating’ the same control issues in their own environments when they’d reach scenarios of self-control.

If these are the people that’ll overpopulate the heavens; then I want hell! I DEMAND HELL!

Signing off, a very bitter; angry; and dejected Kade.

Zombie’s response:
You opened and killed the topic .

I totally agree with you on all that. These close minded people don't have a place in the civilized world, I feel like choking them for their machism. It's hard to belive there are still people who think like that.

Kade’s response:
Thank you for taking the time to read. This was more of a 'rave' than a topic. See, these fascist scumbags! Believe that they hold power over the tenets of 'humane morals'. Of course, they have their religious legacy to back that up; each book has it's melodramatic 'tales' of religious heroes conquering the vices of the given times! Saving a suffering 'tribe' of people from the abuse of a 'conformist', 'CONSERVATIVE' autocracy! Hell, even if these tales are true! Nothing can compensate for the massive bloodshed and ignorance that has followed in lieu of these creeds! I don't care if they made a bunch of dark-age barbarians a bit normal! These are the modern times! And now, in present days instead of being progressive towards the changing cultures and needs: they seem to be fundamentally dogmatic, making barbarians out of people! "Oh oh! We're the roots of all the moral good in this world! Because remember about a zillion-years-ago, we fixed one person? Yes, we know that you probably don't remember; and of course, a billion people died in the name of our religion later on; and still continue to kill and die! But we fixed that one person a zillion-years-ago, so we get dibs on being the 'father creed' of all that is good!"

These people exist; ironically, the strongest movement is on the rise in America these days when it comes to 'Christian' fundamentalism. Of course, then there's the middle-east/asia and far-east for the Islamic rendition. I can't speak first hand, but I'm well into the news and reading up, and I think it's an educated estimation. It's shocking how so many Americans are actually prone to this psychology! (Though the best rebels against that very psychology are also Americans) I have another rave ready as a follow-up to this one. I'll post it later.

Sicarius’ Post:
QUOTE (Kade @ Sep 16 2005, 04:33 PM)

what the fuck!!!??

just, what the fuck people!!!???

I agree with Kade, yes, Hell....

Puppet’s response:
same here...that is fuckin stupid shit...i mean look where the world is going. we're going fuckin down-hill man...

i bet its only we that understands this bullshit.

CrypticOrchid’s response:
it's going downhill both ways...

you've got people cheating on loved ones and having multiple sex partners... and on the other side you have people who feel the need to over correct this decay of society by resorting to the "old fashioned" men-control-all ways...

and me, i sit in the middle where i feel i am best. i love my boyfriend, he loves me... i'd never cheat on him, and he'd never cheat on me. i dunno... my head's whizzing around right now.

i think you get my opinion

Kade’s response:
I am sorry, but quite frankly, dubbing this a tie in between a real clash of two degenerating ideals would still be too naïve a deduction. These guys on the other side; y’know, the religious conservatives/rights? They’re not out to just restore some male dominant order; "order" is not part of the package in reality. They promote monogamy against the state of modern times. They use the low moral outcomes of the modern day “sleep and dump” concept, to substantiate their outdated and overstayed presence. Ironically, most of the elitist males in this union of marriage: cheat their way through, anyway.

Anton LaVey, the author of the Satanic bible had just this very notion that pushed him to create his own cult. He spoke of how these typically uptight christian men would spend their Saturday nights getting drunk and adulterating, then showing up at church the following Sunday, seeking redemption. One could even consider the eastern paradigm where you still have conservative Islam; the men can cheat all they want; an open ticket basically -- bang all you want, then pray and put up the face of a good virtuous person! While the women just stay at home with their heads burried between their legs, covered in fucking cloaks that would make them look like giant shuttle-cocks. I would still respect these ‘holier than thou’ scumbags, if their utopia weren’t some ugly truth tainted by a pathetic deception of an exterior.

So between the two sides; one being the modern day low moral cheats, and the other being the archaic male dominant cheats/cheaps/drunkards! I’d still favour the modern day scum for their relatively lack of theological hypocrisy. Yes, the modern day scum are immoral vermin, no doubt; but at least they don’t try to justify their ways and their moral handicaps through monotheistic logic. They just do their shit, and then walk about without shame; while the book thumpers do their shit! Then pray for it! And walk about without shame in firm belief that they've jumped the loop hole in the system! -- BASTARDS!

Hellraiser’s response:
"I was wishing more than anything to take out that ‘knot’ in my stomach, tear out my intestines, and then wrap them around this cock-eyed motherfucker from the dark ages, effectively aiming to choke the bastard." - Kade

I find this attractive. Should I be worried? 

But seriously...that is one of the dumbest articles ever created. I mean, my brain feels like a god dammed baked potato.

Kade’s response:
I find this attractive. Should I be worried?

If that was the case! You would've been worried a long, long time ago, baby!

Spiral Exit’s response:
fuck, I'm angry again..

ignorance is what drives me fucking crazy.

HauntedBella’s response:

QUOTE (Kade @ Sep 17 2005, 03:33 AM)
If these are the people that’ll overpopulate the heavens; then I want hell! I DEMAND HELL!

You wouldn't be the only one!
It's just all fucking wrong..!!
Just reading this makes me want to do the exact thing that you said at the start.
Religion creates ignorance to people, to see the truth in this world.
I can't say any more..
Just... people are the ones killing this world.
No-one else.
Pretty hard to save everyone now... from all the ignorance that has been created.
Just pisses me off!!

QUOTE (Kade @ Sep 20 2005, 12:13 PM)
"So between the two sides; one being the modern day low moral cheats, and the other being the archaic male dominant cheats/cheaps/drunkards! I’d still favour the modern day scum for their relatively lack of theological hypocrisy. Yes, the modern day scum are immoral vermin, no doubt; but at least they don’t try to justify their ways and their moral handicaps through monotheistic logic. They just do their shit, and then walk about without shame; while the book thumpers do their shit! Then pray for it! And walk about without shame in firm belief that they've jumped the loop hole in the system! -- BASTARDS!"

There's no words to describe how I agree.
i'm practically speachless because I have so much to say!!

QUOTE (Kade @ Sep 20 2005, 12:13 PM)
"Anton LaVey, the author of the Satanic bible had just this very notion that pushed him to create his own cult. He spoke of how these typically uptight christian men would spend their Saturday nights getting drunk and adulterating, then showing up at church the following Sunday, seeking redemption. One could even consider the eastern paradigm where you still have conservative Islam; the men can cheat all they want; an open ticket basically -- bang all you want, then pray and put up the face of a good virtuous person! While the women just stay at home with their heads burried between their legs, covered in fucking cloaks that would make them look like giant shuttle-cocks. I would still respect these ‘holier than thou’ scumbags, if their utopia weren’t some ugly truth tainted by a pathetic deception of an exterior. "

That's all that the "religious" people are.
It's annoying to see that there's something that makes a person so weak, that they have to follow something... But then go off... Do what ever the rest of the world is doing.. and then pretend that nothing has happened because they had prayed. And their sins are "forgiven" and so such bullshit on.
What about the times before jesus had even existed?
What did they follow?
How did they survive their lives?
Or does it just show to us that you don't need to have god by your side to fogive any "sins" that you had created... Or so you can go there... get your sins forgiven and then next week go out and do the same shit.
I'm sorry if I begin not making sense. Or I already don't but there's so many thoughts running through my head about this. It's impossible to write it in a couple of sentenses.
Also... where is it possible to get the Satanic Bible?
I would love to read it. Or maybe read more reality apart from all the things that you read in the "Bibles".

QUOTE (Kade @ Sep 17 2005, 11:24 AM)
"Oh oh! We're the roots of all the moral good in this world! Because remember about a zillion-years-ago, we fixed one person? Yes, we know that you probably don't remember; and of course, a billion people died in the name of our religion later on; and still continue to kill and die! But we fixed that one person a zillion-years-ago, so we get dibs on being the 'father creed' of all that is good!"

I hate religion at times.
With a serious PASSION.
Hate is a strong word, I don't ussually chuck it around.
But i HATE people who are so narrow-minded to even stop or to think about what they are doing, or what the are following etc.
And I agree with you Kade, with such a passion it hurts!!
It even more hurts to see OUR world be THIS way.
Or ANYONE in it.
People have become so blind in our society,
they might aswell poke their eyes out.

Kade’s final thoughts:

The officious pricks can stick this one in their pipes and smoke it! Before choking on their own religious reactionary nature! -- BASTARDS!

Many thanks to the input from the cool batallion of satanic twats, courtesy of The Cursed Pentagram;

Stay monogamous... err... cool... fuckers.


Thursday, September 29, 2005


NOTE: This is coming in very, very late! Furthermore, this is long, but much needed! So bear with it.

Outrage of a passionate deject!: The Iron Maiden controversy at Ozzfest, and Zakk Wylde's reaction!

Many predicted OZZfest to be an utter failure this year. I was actually on a path of disagreement, because I thought that it was half-way okay, as always. Unfortunately, it was the recent events that got a good bout of controversy going. Yes, that little ‘controversy’ that has created a fucking war within the metal camp, one that ascends the childish bickering of metal purists and labelling children, aching to call whatever they can’t digest, ‘Nu’. This, was a fucking tragedy, that had the following divided over two of the vintage roots of the metal ethos: Camp Sabbath, vs. Camp Maiden.

If people could not join the dots by now, then I shall simplify bluntly: the fucking controversy surrounding Iron Maiden’s set at the August 20th Ozzfest concert at Devore, California. In short, the legendary giants were immediately pelted with eggs bottle caps and whatnots: defiled upon making their entrance on stage. For fans to pull off such a stunt, I’d fucking laugh so hard, blast a lung, and then choke to death on it; this is Iron Maiden we’re talking about. Anyone who read through the details, would realise that there was great disgust attached to this event, and many believed that some ‘higher power’ had a hand to play in this.

Of course, the travesty continued, as Black Label lackey, Big Dave decided to claim partial ownership of the stage by chanting ‘Ozzy Ozzy’ time-and-time again over the P.A, I fucking hang my head in disgust for what’s happening to the ‘Stoned Drunk Mother Fuckers’ crew, I used to actually respect these guys. Then during the performance of ‘The Trooper’, more Black Label lackeys were sighted, one of them waving the American flag when Bruce Dickinson was waving the British union jack, which he’s known to do to support the ambience of the song (Blabbermouth).

Unfortunately, the bull shit went another mile, as the sound system would be cut off on Maiden repeatedly during the set; yet Big Dave's ‘Ozzy Ozzy’ chants would not seize (Blabbermouth). Bruce being Bruce, had something to say about all this, and we all know he isn’t the kind of man to sit there and take shit. The guy made an inference that this was probably an intentional sabotage ploy on the part of the “Ozzy Camp,” and went on to make some bold statements every time he’d get the chance. The enraged front man slammed ‘Corporate America,’ main stream radio music, and many other commercial mediums including reality television, claiming that Maiden would never end up on any of them, or succumb to that ‘corporate’ structure.

Iron Maiden continued to retaliate, and kept getting more and more aggressive under positive light, rallying a strong bit of fan support during the whole ordeal. Upon completing their set, Sharon decided to make her irrelevant presence on stage, felt, as she commented on the Maiden crew. The Ozzy bitch-mistress(TM Kade) went onto pay the Iron Maiden crew a very sterile and typically corporate and formal compliment, before suddenly getting emotional and calling Bruce Dickinson a “Prick,”; of course she was heavily ‘bood’ off the stage by the angry crowd, which was now throwing its own batch of goods at Sharon.

Therefore, a lot of controversy soon followed, with both the good and the bad press; and of course, Sharon, milking her additional minutes of fame, which have now run into the thousands. She slammed Dickinson for basically appearing like some kind of a snobbish rock star with an oversized British arrogance, waving his national pride in the face of the fans, slamming their country, and slamming Ozzy.

This is where some background research had to be done, and it is true that Bruce had in the past, made some sensitive comments on Kerrang with regards to Ozzy. So how does the bitch-mistress and crew deal with the whole ordeal? By making a public shenanigan out of Iron Maiden’s set. It is even learnt through anonymous sources for; that Sharon and Kelly were actually loitering around backstage, rallying the camp of second-stagers and whatnots to join in the ‘egging’ of Maiden. It is also reported that most of the egg-yoking nimrods, were wearing laminated passes, and that normal fans were not permitted to carry in such ‘armaments’ (Blabbermouth: Hang your heads in shame).

Now where does my opinion fit into this whole chorus? It doesn’t. I am right now, speaking on a completely different level. The internet press, and fans have done a fine job in supporting Maiden and I need not get back into that area. I've thus far, only provided my rendition of a summary of events--a poor summary; the real shit starts on the behaviour of one particular act that has always been part of the Ozzfest experience, and one that I shamefully respect.

My outrage stems from the Ozzy lackeys that were pretty much jacking off about the set, and then also having the audacity to voice their opinions. Yes, the Black Label Society, and their antiques throughout the entire show, and even in the recent past. I used to pride myself on listening to their music, despite what anyone said about their rather anal, and fascist neo-con nature. I now realise the truth, because as much as I liked the music, my growing awareness started to develop a disliking for the ‘creator’ of that music: the man known as Zakk Wylde. I used to respect this man for being strongly opinionated, but now I just view him as a mutated fucking caveman, who behaves like a fucking shallow idiot; and one who is completely oblivious to this reality and fact.

“This is fact and this is reality. It's not the guys in MAIDEN and their crew. They're a beautiful bunch of guys. Bruce Dickinson every night would be saying 'Ozzy sucks,' 'Ozzfest blows,' 'Corporate America sucks,' 'America sucks,' and all this other crap. He was bagging on America and bagging on Ozz. Ozzy's the godfather of my son. It wasn't like Bruce said those things one night. This happened every night on the 'fest. If you got signed by George Steinbrenner to play for the Yankees and every day you say, 'Steinbrenner sucks,' 'Yankee Stadium blows,' 'I can't stand playing for this team — it sucks ass,' then why are you playing for the Yankees? Shut your fuckin' pie hole. All he had to do was go up there, play for an hour, whoop some ass and go home. The only thing Ozzy's ever done was given MAIDEN a stage to come over and play to the biggest audience in the summer.” - During Zakk Wylde’s interview with

First off, Mr. Wylde demonstrates with full articulation of his utter raw and poorly educated ‘wit’, that he knows not the difference between the terms ‘Corporate America’ and ‘America’; there’s a big fucking difference you intellectually stunted creep! Bruce never insulted America, or Americans. During his rants on the August 20th show, he even referred to the part about “We the people” in the American constitution, to then praise the people supporting them during that chaotic set. How stupid is Mr. Wylde, exactly? Does he think the fans would continue cheering a man who’d get on stage; whine day-in and day-out, and then slam America and Americans? Hell no! So, basically Zakk! Must assume that all that moral support from the fans during the 20th of August, must’ve been coming from a horde of nimrods, perhaps a horde of Stoned, Drunk, MOTHER FUCKERS!?

Bruce Dickinson never insulted America, or Americans for that matter, and his negative conjectures about Corporate America were directed at the commercialisation of music on the fundamental levels, and how even the sacred of metal acts are turning into shills for the corporate media to feed off of - a very grimly truthful opinion. Now for some gutter-shmukh to step up and claim semblance between that, and the general American people, or spirit, is probably the stupidest fucking ‘assumption’ by a man who likes, and is renowned for running his mouth into territories far beyond the reaches of his rather lima-bean-sized intellect.

I hang my head in shame for lauding this guy’s opinions once; for actually looking up to him as a man who didn‘t just spew words, but valued them somewhat as well. It is clear to me now: He’s just a big mouth who grunts a bunch of strong opinions, seasoned with curses and of course, little-to-no real thought put into the shit that spews forth from his mouth like a projectile of doom from hell’s gutter. The entire Black Label crew have proven themselves to be a bunch of loud mouth bastards, who serve to the whims of the Osbourne camp, while pretending to be more than mere shills by making pathetic public contentions, and waving a paper flag of personal values and character, which only go on to reflect poorly on the intelligence of their front man cum brain-chowder, Zakk Wylde!

What happened to Zakk’s so-called sense and pride when Ozzy took shots at Bush, eh? That was rather sore by Zakk’s so-called standards. This feeble pinch of stupidity is the prime example of uneducated people who go around running their mouths off, making deductions that if someone doesn’t support war, then they HAVE to be against America and the troops. Or that if they’re against Bush, that they must be in favour OF everything undemocratic: These are people who’re not enlightened enough to realise that there are deep individuals, who may hate both sides! Who might be divided!

“Oh! He hates capitalism! So he must be a fuckin’ ANTI-FREEDOM Nazi! YEAAH! STONED DRUNK MOTHER FUCKERS ROCK!!!”

There can be individuals who’re against the war, but still believe in supporting the hard working troops. There can be individuals who hate Bush, but agree with the general American spirit. There can individuals, who fucking hate the corporate American monster, but still like America (Dickinson). For Zakk to make such a bold claim that Dickinson went onto slam America when he was slamming ‘Corporate America,’ over-and-over again, makes me sick to my gut. It shows me what a narrow-minded, self serving ego Zakk has. After all, when it comes to supporting Ozzy, or blowing the Osbourne camp’s kazoo, the Black Label Society are fully sold to the concept from the get go; they'll use any petty excuse to rationalise such a travesty. Perhaps Zak should recall that little reference to the US constitution that Bruce Dickinson had made, using it to explain how they were there for the people, prior to inferring the so-called "US bashing".

I can already see the maggots crawling out of your ears, Zakk! They’re famished from feeding on your pathetic little brain matter! You oversized, obnoxiously loud, and fucking arrogant twit!

“AAAAH! Doomsday Jesus ma’ brain’s fucked now!” - Black Label Society’s NEW SINGLE: Doomsday Jesus Part Deux.

Do I desire to hear more of Zakk Wylde’s incoherent spewing drivel?
Answer: “GOD NO! GOD NO! -- GOD NO! GOD NO!” - Counterfeit God by Black Label Society.

Link (s): (Blabbermouth References) (Zakk Wylde’s Interview with

Ending notes:
I apologise to any of the potential Zakk Wylde and BLS fans who may’ve been angered by this column. I myself underwent a lot of personal struggle, before breaking past the threshold and embracing the truth: All of the above is pretty much true. Unfortunately, despite the brutal stoner tunes that BLS have provided for us; their personal character and humility, are far below even being considered substandard - sad, but true!

Kade: Well then, Zakk. What do you think about drugs?
Zakk: Umm uhggh! Let me go ask Ozzy! See, Ozzy knows best!
*Returns from Ozzy*
Yeah yeah! He's free to make a public ass of himself! And I'm free to point that out! GO FREEDOM!
Bleed fuckin' coolness! FUCKERS!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Nature’s cruel dissolution and the administration's poor solution!

Hurricane Katrina: The bitter aftermath!

Perhaps the main title's a bit cruel, but I'd just like the satisfaction of ignorantly assuming that it's just offensive to a bunch of uptight cons. It cannot be refuted that many feared Hurricane Katrina, and many feared the potential outcomes of this disaster well before it came to pass. Unfortunately, the outcome turned into a bigger mess, but not because of the natural aftermath. Yes, all the outrage over the government response has also received criticism from many. Perhaps they weren’t as sloppy, and perhaps not everything can be perfectly handled. However, it cannot be denied, this was poorly dealt with, and the critics thus far, have supplemented some good reasons to support that premise.

Of course, if there’s one thing George W. Bush is good at: it’s taking flack from all sides. The man has very thick skin, the thickest being the region around his cranium, obviously. This is not a political contention, but a very humane one at it, which is why it’s going to be simple and not as long, because there’s nothing to argue here per se. Bush is out there, raving about dealing with this matter, and dealing with it right. Yet he cannot over look the fact that it was government response that had people ‘frustrated’ for the most part.

The Katrina disaster opened up and exploited a wound within America, and that would be the vulnerability of the unfortunate individuals of the New Orleans region. The fact that anarchic activities are now slowly engulfing the region, while the general victims are suffering an unfathomable frustration, goes to show that perhaps Bush’s arrogance to estimate and channel his nation’s resources, has gotten the better of him. Perhaps he’s not prepared to take on the world, when the country it self is in more need, when a portion of its regional population is in going into a desperate state of affairs both physically and psychologically.

Individuals can sit back and ramble as many facts as they wish, but they’ll only obfuscate the point and purse essence of it all. Fact remains that Bush has sanctioned the National Guard, to help make a ‘theocracy’ out of Iraq, which Bush still keeps confusing with the term ‘democracy’ by the way, while the less fortunate and affluent victims of Kartina are suffering a daunting ordeal and are in dire need of such help, but are left short handed. All the out come of an ill prepped response to a well pre-empted disaster; the potential of which -- most were cognizant about.

Unfortunately, not only does Bush lack the knowledge of difference in implications between theocracy and democracy, especially in the ‘Islamic’ context. Apparently, he also lacks the implications of running the most powerful nation, where oddly enough the bulk of the affluence is restricted to a minority percentage of its populace. It is about high time he tends to the needs of the people that make the nation, rather than some international political agendas that tarnish its name. Even though he’s reasonably desensitised to critical dissension, he still could value learning a thing or two from this ordeal.

Some argue that the matter should be dealt with swiftly - that New Orleans be restored to its prior glory: that the whining and fuss be set aside. Meanwhile, others contend that all measures are being taken within practical capacity. Meanwhile, a few are just mourning for the immense loss, and the lack of initial action that could’ve prevented that: yes, a matter of hindsight, in a matter where prescience was already present much earlier. I would be in agreement with the last of these groups - nature has done what it had to do, and the natural factors going against New Orleans could not be toppled. All one would comment on brutally, would have to be the lack of immediate, and sometimes poorly managed response.

It is a sad time indeed. Condolences go out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, as well as additional sympathies for their oblivious leadership. While Bush continues sparing resources for the rich, sparing the verbal moniker “God,” for the other, less fortunate of the victims; one can only hope that Lady Luck tends to their needs and dire predicament! At least they’re getting help now, though a bit too late.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


This issue is a review that I did of an excellent independent metal project I had came across not so long ago. As you can tell from the vagueness of the profile, Kade likes his metal! Especially in raw form!

I am not just highly honoured to have experienced this project during this phase, but also proud to know its creator, an individual who goes by the name Fowler. I was also honoured to have communicated with him via email, and gotten first hand insight into his rare knowledge on ‘do it yourself’ home production.

Without further delay, I present to the readers an amazing culmination of old school cocktail of death/thrash and instrumental heavy metal! MetalWorx.


The Metal Workshop Of the Gods!: A review of MetalWorx.

Excellent material, in terms of quality and innovation.

The journey through these three tracks is like a tale of metal dominance and progression to new grounds and levels through aging sands of time.

We start, with the very first track of this holy resurrection of classic metal. The track almost pays homage to its title, with its relentless thrash rhythm. However, the brutal impact of the metal shattering riff-work was not the only and TRUE shinning point of this track. This track is blessed to its core with a melancholic ambience of some of the most classic and inspiration lead guitar layers, topped further with some brutal shredding.

This track truly symbolises the retaliation of old-school metal, almost like some national anthem for the metal militia. The impact this track with will make, should suffice enough to define the term “retaliation” for most.

From the thrashing introduction, we are taken into the grove tempo of some of the finest progressive licks merged with the never ending passion of thrash. The atmosphere in this song is captured best by the epic yet steady tempo of the song, which almost sings out its own atmosphere in most part, from the start, to its sour-sweet end.

Of course then you’re suddenly hit with the steady interlude, of course, the steady introduction isn’t even a prelude, but a deception, as it’s swiftly layered over by a grinding shred session. The killer pace of this solo also lives to compliment the slow grove of the rhythm and tempo, giving the listener the best of both worlds.

A never-ending ocean of killer riffs and leads, which then moves on to its real end, an end that embodies a smooth and confident conclusion to the sturdy progressive roots of this track.

Heavy, dirty, and pure thrash, is the final chapter to this saga.

Pharoah captures the essence of the low-ends appreciated by the wielding artist. However, the heavy rhythm and slow tempo aren’t the only two elements in this cocktail, which soon blared into a full on classic old-school thrash anthem of speedy riffs, backed by the percussive raves of the drums, topped with some dandy lead work.

Of course, going through the previous two-tracks, one would expect another epic solo. Well would the listeners get one? Most certainly, one would, seeing as the shredding and speedy solos would make their wielder’s mark, signature and or stamp of approval on this track.

As stated earlier, this track is heavy, it’s dirt loaded with distortion, and chaotically held together with the classic thrash element.

Words are sometimes not worthy of being used to define one's opinion on such exhibits of art. The tracks speak for themselves, there is no analysing them; one can only be left in a positive kind of awe from hearing these tracks, which uphold their own glory.

The gods just fell to their knees with the shattering impact exuded in each of these tracks.

It is my honour to be amongst the first few to watch the promotion and growth of this project. I look forward to seeing more. They should keep it up, for their minions, myself included, yearn for more!

However, Mr. Fowler did have an important comment to make about his music, which went something like, “Compensation Issues have forced me to remove the Vocals! I think the music stands on its own.” Well, to that little contention, one would devote a small additional paragraph.

If there is a voice behind this greatness, we think it would do great coming with the tracks. However, one can understand the wishes of the artists, and also the purpose behind such a philosophy. Yes, the tracks do speak for themselves and the music does stand, indeed, it does.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Perverted interpretation? WHAT?!

Islamic Fundamentalists: Are they a minority following a ‘perverted’ interpretation, or a majority following the ‘purists’ perspective?

“We can add to that an extremist and perverted version of Islam which seeks to shoulder aside or overthrow moderate counsels;” - Excerpt from the speech by the Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair, at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet, Mansion House, London; Dated 12th November 2001. (The British Embassy, Tel Aviv)

People have stepped forth and questioned the basis of Mr. Blair’s distinction and classification of different ‘versions’ of Islam. However, this was not to stop him from using a similar degrading statement in reference again after the tragic events of 7/7/05.

“An extreme and evil ideology whose roots lie in a perverted and poisonous misinterpretation of the religion of Islam.” - Excerpt from ‘Understanding London’s Bombings’ by Mohammad Abed (TheBadgerHerald).

It is apparently clear now that Prime Minister Blair, and many moderate representatives of the religion of Islam, seem to be firmly under the impression that they’ve identified the ‘true’ essence of this Islam.

Perhaps we should step back a bit from identifying the root cause of the problem for a moment, and try to verify our own collective identification of the interpretations that drive such problems. Mind you, this has little to do with what the majority of British Muslims feel; but rather, what the true essence and interpretation of Islam. Of course, in the present context, it’s quite a clash of ideologies, which stem from a number of various interpretations; headlined by two primary parties.

On one side, you have the so-called ‘moderates’, who Prime Minister Blair, and most of the west, insist on acnowledging as the true ambassadors of Islam. While on the other side, you have the firm believers, the fundamentalists, or the ones who according to Mr. Blair, seem to be following a ‘perverted’ interpretation of the same ideology as their moderate counterparts. Who gets to wear the label of ‘authenticity’? Clearly not both of them, considering the clear-cut conflict that exists in their respective stance towards current events; one side wants to wage a war against the infidels, while the other wants to take the proverbial chill-pill of living and letting live.

Prime Minister Blair, along with his entourage of supporting moderates, steps in to wave the flag of authenticity in favour the moderate Moslems, which isn’t exactly the best seal of approval to begin with. President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf--an avid ally in the war on terrorism--is also caught wagging his finger at various gatherings and events, while making speeches about ‘enlightened moderation’; a clear-cut condemnation of both Islamic extremism and the global stigma against Islam. In reality, General Musharraf's on an unrealistically idealistic mission to prove that Islam can be moderate, without any real moderation or reform, because his own country still hones the stance of a relatively staunch theocracy with its dark-age theme on religiously sanctioned penalties for exercising the most basic of human rights.

This concept of 'enlightened moderation', introduced by the Pakistan President, aims towards sprouting a tolerant, and enlightened democratic state out of the shell that is the present Islamic republic, and failed state, known as‘Pakistan’. Any of the readers should take note, despite what the ‘official’ line states, by general atmosphere and definition, Pakistan has always remained a struggling Islamic state with a tendency of general regression in recent decades. However, it is apparently clear that Pakistan’s proud president wishes to turn Pakistan into the model state for the ‘moderate’ Islamic ideology, which is both ironic and laughable, given his country's shaky history with the institutions of human rights and democracy.

The subtle answer:
So many fancy terms seem to be coined for the moderates, while very bitter and derogatory names for the fundamentalists. Little do these critics realise that the verb ‘fundamental’ itself, bears a very strong answer to this whole question about who represents the true essence of the ideology. Similarly, very few bother to realize that the verb ‘moderate’, also pretty much completes the answer.

The obviousness:
Very obvious to the literate person, a fundamentalist is exactly what the dictionary states: A fundamentalist. To say that a fundamentalist is following a ‘perverted’ or ‘incorrect’ interpretation of an ideology: is like calling an ‘unrefined’ entity, ‘processed’. Therefore, in simple terms, the fundamentalists, pretty much follow and honour the Koran and Islamic doctrine to their respective cores; though many moderates would argue that extremism would not exist if the Koran were to become the sole source to follow, as most of the savagery stems from the Islamic doctrines as opposed to its holy book. So why are the fundamentalists slammed for actually probing the complete fundamentals of their holy book and doctrine ordinance? Why are they ‘wrong’ for following the text to its fullest? Because in reality, their ideology does conflict with most ‘secular’ norms, and the fundamentalists make no excuses about that. Of course, they have their own argument about attributing most of the recent tragic events over the last decade or so, to most of the manipulations of ‘western capitalism’, which is another issue altogether, because economic philosophies have little to do with the demonisation of a savage ideology, when its own economic policies aren't all that different from modern capitalism.

Moderates on the other hand, get a pat on the back, because they pretty much condemn the events, and the fundamental mentality as a whole. Should this earn them the rights to hoist the flag of authenticity, when clearly slamming those that treat the text very seriously, albeit to degrees of almost blindly following every single word without thought? Answer is simple, and in objective terms, a very straightforward “No!” This is not saying that their ideology or interpretation of an ideology is non-productive, but by fact, and in empirical terms, it is just not fundamentally as ‘Islamic’ as that of the extremists and the fundamentalists. It's preferable... It's better... It's moderate... It's progressive... but by those very virtues, it is a refined ideology, not one that's an authentic re-enactment of the creed's ethos. Sorry, but puritanism isn't the same as perversion.

A pending realisation:
Both the West and the Moderates will have to get their heads out of the sand and acknowledge the bare facts. Authenticity of a religion is not contingent on the general interpretation that a majority of its followers in a given region assign to it; neither is it established by what the west views as globally progressive and better yet, ‘democratic’. It is in fact those that follow without question, the fundamental elements of the text-based concept, who could be considered ‘true’ or ‘complete’ followers. If anything, it is the moderates who’re actually refining and somewhat changing the religion, by emphasising more on a very lax, secularised, abstract interpretation, and less on the text. An interpretation that is always open to expansion; an interpretation that allows every individual to explore and consider the text for themselves rather than having a state of scholars determine it for them - a philosophy that sprouts growth, and thus, potential deviation from key elements and dogmas.

One wouldn’t be disagreeing with the moderates’ ideology, not at all, even though they still inherit some of the bigotry against many ‘modern’ issues, such as homosexuality to name one - to which, frankly, no real ‘humane’ attitude has been offered from a majority of the religious quarters. However, at the very least, they can relatively play nice with the global community, and acknowledge the enlightenment while retaining the ‘healthy’ philosophy in the Koran’s text. Fact remains that the moderates are out there, introducing something ‘new’, which customises a lot of something ‘old’. By fact, it is those that follow the fundamentals of this religion: the fundamental elements of Islam, which could incite extreme reaction, who need to be considered. This is a fact that most of the moderates and the west are evading without giving solid consideration to the additional implications.

Speaking based on the fundamentals of the Koran:
- A true Moslem can never condemn the act of suicide bombings by another Muslim, when committed under the guise of ‘Jihad’. (About Islam)
- A true Moslem will not tolerate those that invade his/her land, and shatter the religious sanctity by occupying it. (Jihad Verses in Koran)
- Jihad will be sanctioned against any force, alien to the Islamic creed, on any level, if Islam is under any kind of ‘threat’ by this force, which unfortunately in modern times, is best articulated through the coalition's invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. (Jihad Verses in Koran)

Therefore, considering some of the above-mentioned facts, especially the Koran-based information on Jihad, one would make a sound deduction that the fundamentalists aren’t really all that off when it comes to practicing the concept, as it is preached in the book and doctrines.

On a somewhat related note, the Koran contains a considerable bit of negative references to the Jews as well, which can explain the irrefutable anti-Semitic bias that exists across the Islamic-paradigm; even moderates can often be cited, speaking ill of Jews and ranting in paranoid fits about some Jewish conspiracy for world domination. While it should be noted that by certain interpretations, the scriptural references can be non-discriminatory, the misleading potential for generalisation is still something that cannot be overlooked (Militant Islam Monitor); a trend that we see festering in today's Islamic world. Most Moslems, even the moderates and harmless nominals, seem to harbour a natural grudge against Jews by proxy of the Middle East politics of Israel and Palestine, which often results in the culmination of some of the most absurd conspiracy theories, and a very unsympathetic attitude towards anyone with a Jewish heritage.

Another fact followed by dark clouds of conclusion gathering on the horizon:
We also hear a lot about how the fundamentalists are a small minority, and how a majority of Muslims, especially in Britain are moderates. Well, in global terms, the moderates are in fact, NOT the majority, but rather, a ‘sizeable’ minority. The extreme fundamentalists are also pretty much a sizeable minority in a very similar respect. So where does this leave the majority? The majority are not just a general mish-mash of various values and mild overlaps in the middle, but rather, inactive as well. Quite a few of these individuals are not in direct conflict or active participation per se in the political disagreements. These are dormant individuals, and some of them could very well be bearing a ‘fundamentalist’ seed within themselves. It is often the case that quite a few of these people watch the evening news, just to celebrate any remote chaos taking place in the 'corrupt west', though they themselves wouldn't personally resort to violence. These are a confusing and muddled majority, made of the rather not so well off individuals who are usually overwhelmed and locked away in a dead-end life of economic and social struggle in third world nations. They serve as a potentially ideal demographic for Jihadist recruitment. When the time comes, when the awakening dawns on these dormant individuals, they’re more than likely--due to lack of exposure; lack of enlightenment; and cultural stagnation--to be drawn towards the fundamentalist ideology through very appealing propaganda. After all, it is the rather purist rendition of ‘Islam’, which they’d already be familiar with as opposed to any other alternative. It is only but natural in a time of irrational chaos, struggle and fear, to run for the side that one could be most familiar with and relate to in very direct terms. Thus, the natural inclination harboured by a large sub-section of these so-called neutral Moslems, would be some degree of sympathy or agreement for the extremist agenda.

To add to that, this so called War on Terror is more than likely going to serve as a catalyst in any transition processes for the young and impressionable minds at risk of Jihadist propaganda; sending them on a fast track from dormancy towards ignorance of all options and head-on into fundamental extremism. With the vision and dreams of eternal reward keeping them under spell and check, there is little chance of a complete turn-around. After all, is it not interesting, how most of the latest ‘soldiers’ so-to-speak, are youngsters, some even in their early teens? If they can emerged as dismayed and misguided youths from the first-world privilege of nations like England, ready to unleash chaos on their own fellow citizens, then one should be mindful of the chaotic potential within an unenlightened, linear-minded youngster from third-world Islamic conditions. This is a rather important point considering the massive population of ‘raw’ and impressionable minds available. In addition to this cascading and somewhat daunting potential, one should also consider the fact that there's a general lack of counteracting agents that could dissuade these young minds in these developing nations. After all, even the moderates strongly disagree on this whole debacle that we know as “War On Terrorism”. Whose terrorism, exactly? When it's in the name of their God or their King, it's a noble endeavour, even when carried out with terrorist tactics.

"Fuck gods and fuck kings! I only answer to my fellow humans!"


- Prime Minister Blair’s speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet; on 12th of November 2001.

- Editorial: Understanding London’s bombings, by Mohammad Abed; published by THE BADGERHERALD; on the 8th of August 2005.

- Jihad Verses in Koran, by Yoel Natan

- Answering Islam

- Militant Islam Monitor: Koran banned from schools for anti semitic hate speech being given away by CAIR and pushed for use in North Carolina courts

Personal Notes:
This particular note will have to go to any of the potential moderates who maybe reading this entry. Do your selves a favour, spare your aching fingers the additional cramp of posting a response that I am sure many of your are so eagerly itching to voice in the form of a refuting opinion.

I am not making these posts for the sheer and personal gratification of tainting any given faith, no. That is a given prerequisite, so spare me a moment to laugh. These are facts, and one doesn’t need to master theology as an art to decipher the connotation, which builds up like mildew between these facts.

To the moderates:
Get the hell off your high horses; you’re not the true representatives of anything. Again, this would not be implying that your rendition of an ideology is bad in any way. However, claiming rights over truly recognizing that ideology is an excessively bold statement, especially when it comes from people who’re willing to overlook a considerable bit of text, and apply more of their own mind to the matter. Is that a bad thing? Hell no! Just stop claiming to follow the ideology in its authentic form, which clearly: you’re NOT doing. As a matter of fact, distinguish yourselves from the savage culture of Islam, and I might even serenade the courage!

Staying and concluding on the topic, I will still reiterate my true point, which is that besides the fact that you’re trying to soften the Islamic interpretation, you still lack many answers to modern issues. You offer some rather dumbfounded assumptions, which you justify by making links to religion. Fact remains; your ‘version’ of the faith, your ‘ideology’ still lacks a great deal of flexibility to tolerate a number of very harmless, yet socially important issues.

To the fundamentalists:
Please, look the other way. Go open your holy book and find reasons to mutilate my body, and make decorations out of my entrails; I really couldn’t give a shit, so sod off. Fact remains, that you people are still following the true essence of the statements in these barbaric doctrines. Unfortunately, your zeal stems from a dark age, which is now manifesting fourteen-hundred years too late in an era where it isn’t exactly needed in my honest opinion. However, bigotry and disgusting elitist collectivism has been the cultural foundation of this cult-like mentality in the ethos of this faith, so I couldn’t really expect your lot to think like intelligent and enlightened individuals.

Therefore, once again, I ask you, the extreme lot, to just walk the hell away; for there’s no ‘reasoning’ with you and similarly your western counterparts, known as the ‘evangelical neo cons’. There’s no real difference between you lot; you’re merely the same basic mental framework, borne into strategic conflict because you’ve been placed on opposite sides of the conflict spectrum. You’re nothing more than the black and white pieces on the chessboard; your functions, objectives, and mentalities are the same. One would REALLY shudder to image if the two forces would unite. It'd be hell!

To all three groups:
Let’s not overlook a little commonality that both of you share on a general level. Despite acting like virtuous individuals, void of bigotry, you lot seem to be the ones coming up with your endless and absurdly nauseous conspiracy theories on Jews.

- Skid marks? "Because blah! Blah! Blah! Was backed and propagated by the Jews."
- Wild sex-dreams? "Oh you didn't know?!? Succubus and Incubus are Jews!"
- Why do these moronic anti-jew theorists emerge, sinking their twin fangs of bullshit into my rejecting mind? "We were actually cursed to be annoying, monotonous, over cultured bungholes, because of the Jews."
- Why was Daniel Pearl executed in such brutal fashion? Because he was a Jew, and they 'suspect' CIA ties, which meant that a DVD had to be made out of his execution, which is still being sold in the underground video markets of Pakistan - DISGUSTING!
- Why do even the most relaxed, and moderate of the community, constantly point to the star of David everytime something goes wrong? Because there's an undeniable, and irrefutable negative projection of the Jews in the Koran, and that's that. Even if it wasn't the original intention behind the text, one cannot refute the fact that it is that very text that is breeding more of this disgusting discrimination.

"We don't like to discriminate! We're not 'backward'!": MY ASS! Save for a few of 'em, whom I know! A majority of the moderates and of course the fundamentalists are one and the same in this anti-Jew bias! Hell, I even once met a fundamentalist, who knew how to keep a consistent, respectful, and humble opinion! Could the rest of the flock learn from this tradition of being humble and not acting as extensions of some godly entity? Fuck no! That would just pretty much solve half the problems in the world now, which would just be too damn easy!


To the rest of you lot:
My gratitude as always, and of course, I would not expect you to hold much regard or care for any of this bullshit any way! Hey! That’s how it should be!


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

So it begins...

The wandering few!: Hardly wandering! So leave 'em alone! Damn it!

The humid winds blow in the realm, lost between heaven and hell. Yes, this blog entry initiates from the forefront of an undisclosed locality, somewhere in the south-middle-eastern region. Ponder not, for it is not the chaotic region of Afghanistan, or the recently strong and ongoing religiously conservative techno plains of Iran. Nope, the locality will not be revealed, for the mere fact that many territories still have a so-called "dummy democracy," which is actually a concealed theocracy; therefore, a lot of religious laws. Clearly, the following will be considered somewhat blasphemous, so until I, Kade, don’t develop a death wish; or the general theocratic undertones don’t phase out for good, I will keep that information on reserve. However, this blog it self, will be as liberal and individualistic, as it gets.

Hell, this blog, is devoid of any regional ideology, or theological bullshit that a small but significant minority of the global population must have its face smudged into all the time. This is where the winds pick up pace, along with a massive rise in the unbearable humidity. This computer, this jurisdiction, is my jurisdiction, and the laws here, are those of my own conscience. Some may call it a hell, which I don’t take as an offence; but this, is a hell, that’s under positive initiative.

How many of you out there feel entrapped these days? You know, not quite here, not quite there. How many of you find your selves, floating nicely in your own orbit, when suddenly a massive fucking group of heavenly bodies surround you, slowly tearing you apart by their opposing gravitational pulls? I can bet a majority of you lot will feel that way when it comes to facing the different polarities in the real world. Of course, why the hell do many sociologists view the concept of “Pigeon Holing” in such bad light? Fuck, despite feeling a general way about things, one would not want a certain orthodox set of their preferential facets, painting over their entire profile. Yes, yes, generalisation is weak.

“Get to the point god-damn it!” some of you must be saying now, and I’ll apologise, but insist that this is in a very incoherent way, getting somewhere and perhaps this blog entry alone may not offer a productive conclusion.

As we return to the topic, we find out that not many of us like being boxed straight away, of course. However, sadly enough, there are three groups, that we’re dealing with in this rather general scenario. Yes, once again, a flawed grouping approach is taken, but it is the only option here. People generally; see two boxes for each allegiance: the moderates and the fanatics. I believe one significant, but rather strong minority is missed in this analysis, and that would be the damn “no bodies” in between.

Some of you may want to know how significant this group. Hell, it could very well unite with others of its kind from foreign cultures. Why? Because this group frankly, could not be arsed about one side or the other; one group or the other; one political/social movement, or the other. They don’t give a damn about anything, other than their own life-spans and getting the fuck along with anyone else they fancy a bit, and leaving alone those with whom there is no common ground.

Such a group “appears” to be having a ball of a time, taking on what many would consider a ‘simple’ approach. That is where a major “bullshit” subtitle comes into play, because it is anything but simple. This is where the moderates and the fanatics come in; they both support the same archaic following, but they claim to have completely different takes on that scripture. One argues that their interpretation of the script is accurate, and that there is no second-way to it, other than eternal damnation. While on the other hand, the other group claims to have an evolved an enlightened take on the scripture, making it worthy of being ‘imposed’ yet again. A quirky distinction without much of a difference. Therefore, with this deviation, the conflict between the two groups begins. So which side should one pledge their soul off to? One could cower in fear and back off; or try to box their personal observation and conscience, about the script. What the fuck? Is this for real? No it isn’t.

Do these two sides ever consider the fact, that some of these neutrals actually don’t want any of the scripture to begin with? That perhaps they’ve developed their own interpretation of it, and instead of accepting it to be fundamentally correct; they’ve instead, chosen to evaluate it against their own conscience that they decide to rely on far more? Do they consider that perhaps to some of these people, the scripture must compare well, and compliment their own moral conscience? Perhaps some of the individuals out there would much rather think for themselves, thus exude proper critical thought, a concept that has existed to bring about enlightenment within the human thought process. Why the hell do people forget about that? Why do they overlook the fact that a human mind doesn’t always follow a single manual set of instructions, and that it could very well piece together various aspects of its own past experiences and interactions, to forge its own custom perspective? Yes, I realize that this must feel like a barrage of rhetorical questions, and would very likely be getting on some of your nerves by now, patience please.

If there’s a perfectly healthy specimen of a human being, who fits a certain size of clothing, and that person were to end up with a larger size of clothing. What the hell does the person do? Gain weight to fit the clothes, or find a better size? Yes, yes, a poor analogy, but one that can apply. I see cockeyed book thumpers out there, claiming that innate moral conscience is only there because of archaic scripture, because of healthy religious values, and based on that premise, one cannot deviate from the script. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Can one not evolve, PAST the script? Even if scripture has played its part in initially restoring order to a once savage time, doesn’t mean that humans cannot utilize the much capable and competent, critical thought process to take the spirit of that very order, and evolve to levels beyond.

It’s part of evolution, of science, mind, and philosophy. Critical thought has always existed, and yet people find the idea of some few, relying on self-tailored judgement - dumbfounding and flawed. How so? Because the script claims that, there can be nothing beyond the script? Bull shit! Human psychological potential is radical and one void of any real practical limitation. One cannot tell a modern thinker that they’re incapable of thinking and conceiving for themselves; when clearly they’re demonstrating quite the opposite; exuding the most era relevant and current issues tolerant approach.

Is this an attack on the conventional fanatic religious right, vs. the moderate religious left? Perhaps, in a sense it is. However, it goes a little beyond that, because even the moderates, still abide by the script, with a mild view of social evolution, coupled with some needed thinking to somewhat accommodate that social evolution. Neither of the groups can ever truly satiate a truly individual mind; a mind that seeks to filter, splice and assimilate all forms of wisdom for its own self. Those wandering few in between don’t want any part of either side, because they don’t want to have external thought thrust onto them at gunpoint. For that matter, they don’t want a sugar coated, sober version of the same external through, trick-fed to them. They don’t want external script and thought imposed on, because they thrive on experiencing their own thoughts and growing to forge their own beliefs and conscience based on those experiences.

Look at the real world goddamn it. Agnostics, atheists, and dejected no bodies; are hardly pissing around. One hardly finds any of them creating ideological quagmires now do they. It’s funny how they seem so to go about their business in an archly fashion, yet cognizant to the greatest degree about their personal awareness towards the world. So let’s accept it, perhaps by scripture principle, which cannot change, because words on paper don’t transform with time; such individuals may be on the wrong path, but that they no longer desire, or need the guidance of any such script. If the static text condemns such people to hell, then they should be allowed to. Many of them are already aware of what’s on the paper, and have already embarked on that journey for their own personal reasons.

“We’re confident doing our own thinking. We don’t bank out composure and life span on some archaic manual of life. Despite these facts, we don’t seem to be committing any moral atrocities; so therefore, in our modern judgement, we’re doing just fine. Fucking fine, and dandy! Leave us the hell alone! Think we’ll go to hell? We’ll have a blast then, and be sure to send you a post card! Until then, Fanatics! And Moderates! LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE!”

Note: Stay tuned for the next rant, which will take place at a random time. Next time we’ll move past the internal ideological conflict between moderates and fanatics of the same ideology, into conflicts between different ideologies/cultures. Of course, as always, the neutrals, the agnostic nobodies, will be sitting back and laughing, while begging to be left the hell out of it on a cross-cultural level as well. Cheers.

Friday, April 29, 2005

No human values.

"Alright, people, I would like to give everyone a hearty welcome to volume 2 of the facts that just prove how swiftly this world is descending into Hell's anus." -- Opening statement.

Our nerve shattering news piece today, comes from the middle-eastern/central Asian depths, of Pakistan, or a place that I spitefully to refer to as ‘Pansistan.’Yes, this sick piece originates from this rather degenerating nuclear power's elite sector of Karachi, its commercial capital. After all, deep within the poverty stricken darkness of this struggling developing nation, exist a batch of very rich, extravagant, capitalist whores. This is not to say that capitalism is bad, but rather, to imply that our focus is on the elite manipulators of the system.

These so called enlightened people, seem to be the root source of the rapid spectrum of inequality in this poverty ridden country. Some of them have enough money to easily buy and sell millionaires in the west. However, having money in a third world nation, almost gives people the fucking assumption that they'd be enlightened. Oh, but that's not even the story yet, this is just a warm up, and now we'll prove just how meaningless wealth and resources are in reflecting true "enlightenment".

Inside the thriving commercial capital of Pakistan, Karachi holds a special sector known as the DHA. A sector populated with the most jacked up real-estate that only millionaires could afford, almost the spitting fucking image of Beverly Hills. One would clearly assume that people with residences here, would clearly have the backing of massive bank accounts, political stroke, and education.

Of course, they do have the best of everything, including the upbringing and the most expensive private schools. However, being locked down with that male dominant mentality; the religious favouring of the male gender; the boys coming from such rich homes, seem to believe that the world is, but for their taking, and int he most literal sense. There are no human-rights, no respect factors for other fucking human beings; just their status and their status alone. So much so, that four such boys, actually formed an initiation squad in their private snobby school.

The purpose of this squad, was to simply establish the unquestionable male dominance of these individuals. And how would these rich bastards go about establishing that dominance? By calculatingly invading the rich girls schools, antagonizing a target every now and then, before tricking that target into a situation where they would gang-rape the frail soul till she wouldn't be capable of even screaming for her last shred of dignity. How any one in their right mind would resist the urge to have these bastards decapited, is beyond intelligent comprehension.

On the other hand, who're common folk to question? After all, if these punks can virtually waltz anywhere and commit any sick crime, they must be hold some powers from beyond; perhaps a little power stemming from a system called being spoiled silly. Being given a material education, with no internal enlightenment, does not qualify these heinous bastards as individuals with grace and class. Taught to only cling to and or abuse their status, these cut-throat thugs, know nothing more than the superficial power of things; expecting the world to fucking roll over at their command. It only shows you a bunch of out of control punks with a big background, paper work, and no understanding of any values -- fucking elitists.

Well, one of them certainly learned a lesson recently, when this posse of four, initiated their latest target. See, as a rule of thumb, these bastards would take turns, but not in front of each other. The process would involve restraining the girl inside a class-room after school, from here on they would each go in, individually, and unravel their animal urges, which even a small brained primate can honour and control from time-to-time. These boys took their turns on their victim, the first three rather proud of their latest target, why? Who knows, because none of them even knew who she was; to the extent that only two of them had seen her. Meaning that two of them didn’t even know who or what they were going to meet when it would be their turn to storm into the room, a fucking sick notion. This last punk's turn, is the focal climax of this entire story, and not in just the sick sense, but the most tragic sense.

The last boy, readied himself, hyped up about living up to the squad's reputation of being a bunch of soul-less, cowardly, samples of demon spawns, or rather, demon waste. The last boy took a breather before going in, hearing his other two comrades rave about how godly they felt after their little thrill, and how much this would push them in the hierarchy of getting to do whatever they want. Then out came the third, and in went the fourth lad, much eager after his wait.

Looking to really score the last shot, but not as the least, our final bastard, entered the chamber, to find a girl, almost motionless on the desk. He could not see her face, seeing as she was turned slightly to the side, and he only had a view of her back, her clothes half torn from the actual initiation of the rape. The boy began tossing out some sick, sexually demeaning gestures at his soon to be prey, swiftly, rushing towards the body, and turning it over violently to get in her face. It was that action, that sent this rich, arrogant, and quite honestly, IGNORANT young man, into the biggest shock of his life.

Upon turning the body over, he discovered, that his prey, the person he was looking to ravage, was in fact, his sister. Unable to comprehend much of anything at the time, the boy had a major head-rush, and collapsed. Not too pleasing when you realize that you’re actually hurting another human being. Because it’s these rich fucks, that seem to see no one else as human beings, other than those close to them. Now the pain, the sorrow, the shame, begin to kick into this vile, ignorant, mentally devolved bastard's head. Being a victim of shock doesn’t exempt him from being on the hate list here, for he went in there, knowing full well that he’s about to brutally violate another human being; the so called educated creep’s humanity kicked in, AFTER discovering the identity of his prey; that’s when he realized, that it was a person that he was aiming to violate and hurt so deeply on so many levels.

I don’t even have anything else to say, really. This is what separates enlightenment, from merely having resources. It is this fact, that proves that usually, contrary to popular conception, resources diminish the individual’s ability to acknowledge and recognize others. If it all anything, it turns them into heartless fucking morons, the sick bastards.

To the parents:
Stop spoiling your fucking kids; stop merely institutionalising them in so called education, and enlighten them with real wisdom rather than a fucking cashed up handshake. As for these young lads mentioned above, they are not human beings, but rather, a bunch of callous nimrods with resources, background, and only one true right, and that would be the right to having their entrails pulled out; their bodies burned; and left suspended on steel pikes for all of the elitist fuck-tarts to observe and cower over, that would be a lesson well learned.

Fear makes the world go round, it can be abused, but it can also play very important parts in shaping us as true beings, and allowing us to acknowledge values, and as a result, learn to value. Let the young ones have a mild, and controlled taste of fear; install a yearning and respect for human value inside of them as opposed to a granted approach. A set of values beyond the contradictory and often misinterpreted, commercialised paths of main stream religions, and into the true essence of recognising others.

Stop sugar coating them with money and power, stop securing them in so many wrong ways, that they start assuming that the world is their personal toilet bowl. Put the resources to more relevant and better use in shaping these young minds, rather than spoiling them into sick fragments of Satan's turd. You have cash? Use it to buy your child some common sense rather than some status. You have cash? Use it to execute a taming of your spoilt brats. You have cash? Stop fucking flaunting it, and present your selves for the human beings you are. Your money only decides your price; it is your character and humanity, that determines your “value”. Without true enlightenment, you’re just a primitive, disgusting, monster, with resources. Stop insulting true grace and class, by automatically associating material wealth with human enlightenment and condition; they’re two very different and non dependant entities, and the above eyesore of a story, backs that thesis.

"They talk about their fuckin' education; better living conditions. Hell, they bitch about the wrongs themselves; yet these are the lowly wastes of sperm that one might find acting about like bergeoisie scum! And then their cultural apologists condemn highlighting some issues under the logic of preserving honour! These bastards think that there is honour in being ashamed to confront one's own violation! Sure, it's shameful, but lacking honour? So being a silent whore is preserving honour? Bastards! Y'know what, these apologist mother fuckers are bad in their own way, and should be beaten silly for the fact that they intentionally use facesaving under the moniker of honour, and then use their religious dogmas to justify their own rotten, inhuman stance! These guys are nothing more than a bunch of subtle apologist cocksuckers, perpetuating this bullshit on the intellectual level!" -- Bitter conclusion.

Stay humble, and stay cool.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Royal Wedding--Royal Pain!

Very well then, it’s about high time I have a bitching rant session, myself. Our subject of the day, yes, you guessed it, the fucking wedding. Prince Charles, finally formalising his ties with Camilla Parker Bowles. Of course, this isn’t just an event, it’s a live televised phenomenon that seems to be capturing the hearts, eyes, and half-wit brain cells of many, as though it were the fucking moon landing all over again.

Bloody hell, it’s just a wedding; thousands take place each day. There’s nothing new or groundbreaking about them, or even the concept. It’s a ceremoniously formal acknowledgement of traditionally exclusive spousal relations between two parties. Now could someone tell me, why the fuck is every moment of this shit being televised live? Why is so much TV time for the normal, uncaring folk, being messed up? What purpose do the fuckin’ news segments serve? Why are so many people actually glued to their sets, watching this event as though a few steps down the wedding isle for a couple of middle-aged adulterers were some sort of giant fucking leap for the cave dwelling Neanderthals, classified as human fucking beings.

Surely, there must be more to this wedding than meets the eye, otherwise what would separate it from the rest? Why would so many observe the event like a group of cave-folk, fresh out of the Stone Age? Ah yes, royalty; in this day and age, if having monarchy and glory in over a billion dozen stories wasn’t enough, we still have to have a cheesy version spewing out of our idiot sets. “Oh but do you realize the significance of this event, Kade? It’s a dream, a pending fantasy, finally being realised. A fairy tale even,” some might argue. Well you know what? I apologise, you’re right, there is something significant, charming and mystical even, about a couple of people who’ve been involved in the act of infidelity for nearly two decades, finally legitimising their union - conventionally; oh yes, it’s a fairy tale in the making alright.

“Oh don’t be such a moron! There’s also a lot of controversy behind that entire saga of Charles and Camilla, don‘t forget Diana... So don’t be so shallow and judgemental, people can have other reasons for watching this event,” argue some of the gossip addicts. I am glad they bring up that argument, because where I am given a chance to take shots at the morons who seems to be enthralled by a fucking wedding, I would also like to take the time to thrash the gossip mongering whores who’ve played a part in promoting and making a big deal out of this whole ordeal.

“Oh I wonder what Diana would have thought, had she still been alive, what do you think?” would be a common question. Well, seeing, as Diana’s legacy is all that’s left of her, let’s introspect a bit. Hey, you wanna’ know what I think? I think we should stop beating the dead fucking horse. “Oh, no no no, we cannot over look this question, it’s so important, let’s have yet another documentary on Diana, with this marriage as a spin-off theme, where we repeat the same garbage that we’ve repeated in fifty other documentaries, all over again… Won’t that be fun?” propose and argue these moronic gossip whores. Y’know what? Let me fucking finish; yes, stop beating the dead fucking horse. Let Diana rest in peace for once, god damn it; just when I thought that finally, after seven years down the line, they’ll slowly allow the entire tragedy to rest, the media gets another refreshing excuse to resurrect the tragedy, without even a progressive spin for the apathetic moronic masses. Nothing like hosting more sick alternative spins, on the same fucking tragedy, the same fucking history, the same marriage that we all know never worked out. “We get it, damn it!” However, now we’ve got yet another pointless saga, that will server towards the resurrection of the same dead analysis, all over again; the media necromancers are gathering now.

Every time something happens to Charles, or to Camilla, or their dead fucking dog, TV news and time is riddled with more pointless opinions; the same documentaries are fucking repackaged and jammed down the throats of those of us, who quite frankly, have grown stiff and TIRED of the whole fiasco. We would much rather bite the fucking curb, and go to hell where we get to suffer, watch five-star porn, and listen to heavy metal while Satan kicks our collective ass for leisure… Hey, that actually sounds better, than having to watch a completely bland, annoying, pathetic wedding, between two people, who already have a notoriously well-established relationship. What do the people think about that relationship? Bloody hell, it's been debated for decades now; can the bored mindset of the metro-masses find something better to boggle? It’s sad if this is the sauce that tickles the fancy of modern folk.

Does this entire bitch session insinuate some kind of personal grudge against the couple - hell no, it’s all good. I just couldn’t give a damn on the greater level of wasting my life span on this bullshit. It’s all fuckin’ fine and dandy; just don’t beat it into me. "Oh but Kade, you fucking evil hypocritical bastard! You disrespect us for having a different taste on certain things! How dare you? And you claim to have an open mind," some might argue. Well, does this mean I directly loathe or look down upon those that are interested in this wedding? Not really, actually, I don't mind; you could like it, love it, hate it, or do whatever else you want with it. It’s those common grounds--those domains that we must share, where I start having issues; for example, the news channels, which most of us must share as audience. This endless jabbering about something so fucking trivial, being shoved down my throat--being televised in its BORING entirety is starting to induce repulsion within me against all of this bullshit. It’s just a wedding; they’ve been in relations for decades now; it doesn't matter what the rest of us think; it's a wasted debate that never leads anywhere, and is a waste of good media time; let this case be, just let it fucking rest. I don’t have a problem with what happened, which would be the wedding and even the coverage--I’m merely protesting where it was glorified, which would be the main news.

Now can we talk about something else now? Perhaps an expose on ass-less leather chaps would make for a better discussion in contrast. Point has been made, so can we please put this case to fucking rest? Give me back some real "news" or some worthwhile TV shows. I am not going to sit there and watch every single insignificant second of this bullshit while resisting the urge to take out both of my eyes with a pitchfork.

"Oh look, here we have the grass for the garden, where the ceremony is being held. It's been perfectly cut, and as you can see, bares a symmetrical pattern on both sides of the isle, something analysts claim is being done to reflect on the bond between the Prince and Ms. Parker Bowles." - …no shit!

No more! No more!

Stay cool, and boycott this bullshit, fuckers!

A very screwed up Kade